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Review #1, by Jay Hermoine's Power

27th October 2012:
Get your facts correct. Hermione doesn't have blue eyes and this chapter was plain sick.

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Review #2, by Dude When the bad out weights the good

7th July 2011:
You have ruined the story. Honestly, harry didn't make seeker? Done reading this gay ass story.

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Review #3, by .neemo... From the Ashes

7th May 2009:
OMG OMG OMG!!! y didnt u finish ryting this story up!?!?!? shame this was/IS an xcelet story. o well.

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Review #4, by sinwillys822 From the Ashes

30th November 2008:
well at least he protected her

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Review #5, by harry From the Ashes

31st January 2008:
this is a great story but again every story i read they very rarely get finished why does it take so long to update when you said at the end of your last story that it was written and only needed to put it on the computer hope to read the ending really soon

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Review #6, by De_mocker Trial and Tribulations

14th January 2008:
nice chapter, was sorta hoping for more with the courtcase scene...that's alright beggars cant be choosers, guess I just gotta wait for the rest...

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Review #7, by De_mocker Underage no more

13th January 2008:
nice cliff-hanger mate, leave us all hanging haahahaha...

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Review #8, by De_mocker Summer Woes

13th January 2008:
nice mate nice, just outta curiousity dudley was dead or a captive of voldemort...just feel like i missed a part of the story???

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Review #9, by De_mocker Summer Woes

13th January 2008:
nice nice...i must be missing part of the story, so dudley died? than came back from the dead? or was he a captive somewhere?

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Review #10, by dsclocks From the Ashes

3rd November 2007:
What has happened? This was a great story so far and would have given you a 10 except for the spelling errors and such. I have to ask though, did you fall of in a hole to China??? Next update is way over due.I'd even offer to beta for you .ds

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Review #11, by elenapotter From the Ashes

20th April 2007:
ok... today is april 20th 2007... now that the date is clear, would you please enlighten me why you didn't update in the last... 4 MONTHS ? really, we're waiting. I AM WAITING! and one last thing... the story, even if I don't how it started, is good, even if took it another way enterily differrent.

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Review #12, by Lopie From the Ashes

1st April 2007:
Thank god you've returned! I've truly been dying to read more of this since chapter 23. It's great as always. I can't wait for the next bit of it.

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Review #13, by dissappointed From the Ashes

1st April 2007:
barb's stories were MUCH better...and speaking of i think i'll go read them, i don't have to wait 6 months for a new chapter that way

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Review #14, by Orbital From the Ashes

16th January 2007:
omg amazing story personaly i like it better than the originals by barb, please please please finish the story :D

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Review #15, by Thom From the Ashes

27th November 2006:
Thanks for this story! I enjoy it quite a lot! ;)
Please continue posting! :))

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Review #16, by HP King09 Raging war...Bloody End

3rd November 2006:
DAMN this story is amazing but you should complete it. You should check out my story when I put it online. its going to be called Harry Potter and the Dawn of Reckoning.

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Review #17, by jay Raging war...Bloody End

1st November 2006:
maybe since its been almost 6 months... maybe you can update and finish the story? is that too much to ask for?

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Review #18, by revolpathon Raging war...Bloody End

28th September 2006:
great story
bad typo's
good plot
bad grammar

but like any accomplished english able reader we can read them over and correct them in our head

plz have a beta reader to correct the grammar and get a spell check done or something

over with the flaming
your story has intrigued (srry dutch here so hard english words are difficult) me you kept me up for almost 35 hours reading both story's you wrote now it has come to an end and i can get some sleep (reluctant though) can't wait for the next chapter leaving a cliffy when the final battle is beginning is just foul and crewl i hate you i hate you i hate you now i can't sleep well because i don't know how the battle will go (got myself to blame really for starting on this story while i knew it was WiP) but still..... keep up the works you are going good (except ofcourse for the known issue's) 7/10 for me (would have been a 9/10 if you had it beta read)

huh owh yeah "submit review button" *click*
damn marshmallows are attacking again

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Review #19, by minaa Raging war...Bloody End

18th September 2006:
write faster I wanna read end

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Review #20, by Ruth Raging war...Bloody End

9th August 2006:
well, i have really really enjoyed reading these two stories i think they are very good and i hope you will continue them thankyou very much

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Review #21, by LiraPotter Raging war...Bloody End

3rd August 2006:
I don't get it. Sorry. The end is totally unsatisfactory.


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Review #22, by skn Raging war...Bloody End

28th July 2006:
what a kool chapter. that cliffie is evil. so plz update

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Review #23, by mystical Raging war...Bloody End

27th July 2006:
great chapter... keep updating

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Review #24, by mystical Raging war...Bloody End

20th July 2006:
great chapter now hurry n update

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Review #25, by harry4all Raging war...Bloody End

17th July 2006:
hey this is one amazing story so far man i wish i had creativity like u u get a 10 on 10 4 this u kno and one more thing is that the english grammar and spellings are just plain amazing crap and more crap and dont take this seriously but i felt u needed 2 know and it will be waste if such a good an large story is not enjoyed due to misplaced tenses an grammar an crap english and i apologize if i hurt u with my statement merci...

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