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Review #1, by Leafscar chapter seven, whish is five, which is four, which is the magic number.

23rd June 2006:
i think that might have been the last chapter for my story. i've kind of left the whole fanfiction writing behind me.

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Review #2, by Virginia Summers number uno

13th December 2005:
Wow that was really good it is so weird about the Hermione imposter/twin person

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Review #3, by mairead chapter cinq

11th November 2005:
thats really sweet and sad. i feel sorry for draco. keep going. you should turn draco into the misunderstood bad guy, and really make him into a good guy. but i'm sure you'l do great coz its been really good so far.

Author's Response: i don't really know what will happen to draco. he might become a misunderstood bad guy, or he might die, or he might become friends with the others or something. not sure yet. puppy is annoying me.

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Review #4, by mairead quadruple chapter

11th November 2005:
i really like your author's notes. but that might just be because i know you and it sounds like its really you talking. i didn't realise fred and hermione were together. it was pretty obvious that it was going to be draco, but its still realy good.

Author's Response: fred and hermione????? no. they are not together. and it was obvious it was draco huh. anyway, its not going to be fred and hermione, though that was what i was originally thinking when i first started writing the story. but not anymore.

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Review #5, by mairead tri-chaptered

11th November 2005:
i love that bit where you have to explain what a bun is! classic. its really good

Author's Response: yeah, i like that bit too. i also find it funny, though i'd find it funnier if no-one knew what a bun was.

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Review #6, by mairead chapter duo

11th November 2005:
hi sarah its a pretty cool story.

Author's Response: why thankyou.

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Review #7, by mairead number uno

11th November 2005:
sarah rocks. your writing is really good. do you remember at the start of last year how you got me to read through your stories, like the one about that blue butterfly. i love your writing.

Author's Response: yeah, i remember. thanks, i love your writing too.

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Review #8, by flutterby quadruple chapter

24th August 2005:
yay another awesome chapter! grr...cliffhangers lol. i don't mind the authors notes. ahahahaha, oh monopoly, the never ending game.

Author's Response: yay, another chapter should be up soon, but i have a lot of homework at the moment and SACs and tests and things, and monopoly is almost as much fun as Mau - a card game.

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Review #9, by Ishtar chapter duo

7th August 2005:
Shutup Sarah im busy reviewing you... this is the most random story i've read so far... (yes i have read it all im a fast reader... ok i skipped that one line) I LIKE IT, FOOLigan

Author's Response: well then, i betta finish reading yours, like your new chapter.

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Review #10, by flutterby tri-chaptered

6th August 2005:
your storys getting really good. update soon. and it better be longer lol! poor draco...though he's had it coming. keep up the good work!

Author's Response: i'll try and update as soon as i can, but i have three sacs this week, and a busy schedule of school and after school activities, so i'm sorry if you have to wait a bit, i'll try as soon as i can.

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Review #11, by Mambosnowchick chapter duo

2nd August 2005:
AHHHH! You gotta add like, now!!!!! This is crazy! If I were ANY of them, I woulda punched the fake-ione in the face. lol nice eh? Well, add soon!!! ~Jess

Author's Response: okay, i will, i did, but then it wasn't over 500 words, so it didn't work, so i have to add more, and try again. annoying. anyway, thanks for your review.

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Review #12, by flutterby chapter duo

1st August 2005:
haha, this was funny. i liked it. ooh, who's the other hermione? i have a guess, but i'm gonna keep it to myself, because im probably wrong. update soon!

Author's Response: thanks again for your review. new chapter is on its way, sometime tonight maybe, because of homework and other commitments. maybe tomorrow.

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Review #13, by Leafscar number uno

31st July 2005:
yeah, its good. its mine

Author's Response: haha, internet is a great thing, i can talk to myself, and still feel like an idiot. lol

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Review #14, by flutterby number uno

30th July 2005:
good start to your story, update soon i want to see what's gonna happen. check out my story Learning: Life and Love by me, flutterby! ;)

Author's Response: thanks so much for your review, here comes the next chapter, and there is still more to come, just got to get it out of my head, and onto the computer...thanks again.

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