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Review #1, by Karkaroff The Battle Begins

20th October 2008:
Cool idea and please update soon as I am enjoying your series. Thanks for writing.

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Review #2, by lulu The Battle Begins

30th April 2008:
SO are you going to finish this story???

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Review #3, by trouble_twin The Battle Begins

10th July 2007:
wen r u going 2 continue the story? can u plz hurry up!! i cant wait!1

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Review #4, by phoenix_potter The Battle Begins

11th June 2007:
YES!! Finally a new chapter! Update soon! I LOVE this trilogy and want to read more!!!

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Review #5, by HJPForever The Battle Begins

20th April 2007:
This story is great! Please update! Pretty please...:)

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Review #6, by neomatrixj2 The Battle Begins

9th April 2007:
cant wait for this last chapter

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Review #7, by Stacey The Battle Begins

25th November 2006:
Are you EVER going to finish this? I read these stories a long time ago and keep checking back to see if you updated to no avail. I think I am going to give up hope and stop looking!

Author's Response: I know it has been forever... I really need to get serious about this again and just finish it.. I don't understand why it is so hard to just end it... but somehow it is. I will try to work on it a little more today... I mean its the LAST CHAPTER... all I have to do is finish it... please don't give up hope just yet.. I'll just have to try harder :-(

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Review #8, by Firia Voldemort's New Weapon

26th September 2006:
WOW!!! that was soooo good, I can't wait to read what comes next. :) I'm kind of backward in my reviewing, as I reviewed Secrets Revisited on chapter 26 and now I have to review this story in chapter 25. Sorry if I confused you . Anyway, it was REALLY good, but I do think that there is a little bit too little a reaction toward Ginny arriving in the astronomy tower. Unless there's something funky with Lupin and ALL of the other Order members, they should have been more suspicious because they should be expecting that anyone could be under the imperius curse. ANYONE!!!
If there is something funky with Lupin and all them, then that's understandable. :)
Anywho, i really, really like these and I would very much like to read more in the very near future. So please continue SOON!!!!

Author's Response: Yeah I thought the same... i think i kinda got really lax with this chappie tho... it was late, i was tired, and i just needed harry to be able to talk to ginny before the battle... and that was the only way i could get her up there lol... i guess it just worked better for me to do things this way... sorry if that disappoints you-- there is nothing "funky" going on with the order memebers... i dont think... i cant really remember, its been so long since i started working on that last chpt lol

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Review #9, by Firia The Battle Begins

24th September 2006:
Bloody Brilliant!!!! I loved the last story, and I'm sure I'll love this one too, I suppose I'm kinda going ahead of myself since I haven't read this one, but I'm sure it'll be good. I like your writing style. It was kinda hard to stomach Snape's house and such at first, but I got used to it and it kinda became expected. I was expecting the unexpected where that was concerned, but I think my unexpected was a little different from you unexpected, but I think I like yours better. ;) Anyway, not sure if that rally made since, but I like these stories a lot and I look forward to other stuff you've written, including this story.
Keep writing!!!

Author's Response: LoL... I think I know what you mean... maybe... *shifts eyes* Anywho-- what's important is that you liked it!! Please keep reading... I hope to update soon... its all a matter of when I get some free time... senior year has definitely been my busiest :-S

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Review #10, by HP_Fanatic The Battle Begins

3rd September 2006:
Please hurry and update

Author's Response: I know... I have the last chpt to write and yet I just can't bring myself to do it. Everytime I sit down to start, something comes up. I know exactly what I want to happen, its just a matter of typing it up-- I know its been forever, but dont give up on me just yet!

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Review #11, by Xfactor The Battle Begins

18th August 2006:
Ack! Need more. Update soon please!

Author's Response: I know! Everytime I start to write the next chapter something interrupts me... I think I just haven't gotten the right motivation to finish it just yet... this next chpt will be the last chapter you know!

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Review #12, by Thia_capricorncutie The Battle Begins

10th August 2006:
sry i haven't been reviewing i love all three stories and i just want u to update this story is fantastic!!!

Author's Response: I know! I have to keep going! *hangs head* I must try to get back to that soon as well... I've just been so distracted!!

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Review #13, by Harry Potter Fan The Battle Begins

3rd August 2006:
Just a quick note to let you know that I've really enjoyed your story and it's been on my bookmarks list since your last chapter was posted. I'm anxiously waiting for the next chapter. It's taking so long!! When are you going to update? Hope it's soon.

Author's Response: I know I know... I must continue... I hate to keep people waiting and I know that everyone is waiting anxiously... I can't promise when but know that I'm trying my best and trying to make sure that everything is perfect for the final chapter!!

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Review #14, by dreamer The Battle Begins

29th July 2006:
can u pppplllllleeeeaaaassseee update this story soon secondincharge coz i check everyday and im starting to lose hope :( please put the smile back on my face by updating ur wonderful story(even if it means killing off some good guys)

wuv ya~dreamer

Author's Response: Awwww... dreamer! You know I love your feedback because you're always so sweet and courteous... and I really would love to put a smile back on your face and finish this story-- just completing it would put a smile on MY face as well! I will keep working as hard as I know how-- I just have so many loose ends to pull back into the end of this story so no questions are left unanswered... I don't do this just to torture u, I promise! Don't lose faith-- but don't check everyday... trust me, you will see it when its updated lol

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Review #15, by missing_u A Headmaster's Hunch

26th July 2006:
dude. PLEASE. UPDATE!! this is a really REALLY good story and i just read one i didnt approve of very much...i need an antidote!! and all ur readers are being held in suspense! UNCOOL! lol. pweez update ^_^. im sure ur fans'll agree with me!

Author's Response: Thanks loads! I will try not to let you guys down... thanks for the continued support! It really means a lot! Awesome review!

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Review #16, by missing_u Vanished

19th July 2006:
ok so i found out the hard way that i cant review the same chapter twice lol.

in response to YOUR response, if the ending includes the deaths of ppl we dont want to die, so be it. im sure itll give the story the finality it needs and honeslty, id be more mad if u had TOLD me the end than i wud be cuz of how it ended haha =P. and i mean your story is awesome mate, even if it has a bittersweet ending itll be worth it to get to the end! i know we all got pissed when sirius n dumbledore died, but im pretty sure nobody likes the books any less cuz of it. its a great series, thus, we readers are happy. same goes for u =). BRING ON THE END!!! =D. were eager!

Author's Response: Ok... wow, first of all lol.. that really makes me feel better tho... cause I had planned on killing a certain character... but I know its a character I like, and who other people like too, and its just hard for them to kick the bucket... I know when Dumbledore died at the end of JKR's story I went on rampage and hated her for weeks :-p I didn't want to have the same effects here...

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Review #17, by missing_u The Battle Begins

18th July 2006:
YAY u updated!!!!!!! and eeeeee im so hyped now. i love your writing. honestly. its like a hella good book. well done to u for trapping your readers into your own wonderful world of hp!! so much love!!

cant wait for the next installment =D.

Author's Response: Yea *sigh* the next installment will be the last... i know I had a LOT planned... but after I've tried to test ppl's reactions to a few of my plans (without them knowing it of course) some people got really mad... so I'm afraid to go through with it... I don't wanna ruin the end after everything I've put into it... but if I don't do what has to be done, then the whole last chapter is going to be cliched and basically all wrong with the rest of my plans... so idk what to do :-(

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Review #18, by dreamer The Battle Begins

17th July 2006:
ooo goodness Whats gonna happen next!!! arggg u better update really soon or i'll hate u forever(dont worry i dont have a gun lol)

soz i havent been reviewing to ur stories...i'v been on holidays but im back now so i gotta go and read all the new chappies of ur stories :)


Author's Response: lol i wondered what happened to u :-p awesome to have u back! i hope u enjoy!

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Review #19, by Death2Muds The Battle Begins

9th July 2006:
Cheers and update. And kill the lot of 'em.

Author's Response: We're looking at a grandscale bloodbath erik... you know my history... you know everyone who we already talked about dying... ppl will hate me.... but it just has to be done.

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Review #20, by dreamer Voldemort's New Weapon

26th June 2006:
HEHE i didnt know my reviews meant so much to u!! lol...i only read ur stories coz their good :)
plz update soon, the suspense is killing me!!!!!!!!
if i was an author on this sight u would so be my fav author! ^_^

Author's Response: lol well it really does mean a lot! I can't say thank you enough! I know the updates are coming slow but I'm trying to juggle a lot at once at current... I will try to work on it today, but I predict I will do the bulk of the work on Wednesday. We will see... I have another busy week coming up!

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Review #21, by dreamer Voldemort's New Weapon

23rd June 2006:
OMG cliff hanger...hurry up and get back from holidays so i can find out wat heppens!!!

Author's Response: LoL... dreamer you are excellent, you know that? You are probably one of the most active and devoted reviewers i've ever had-- you keep pushing... and that's a good thing! I really appreciate your support-- in ALL my stories!

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Review #22, by dreamer A Witch's Woes

20th June 2006:
hehe i like that whole"mental battle" thing :) lol

Author's Response: Thanks... keep up the great reviewing dreamer... ur loyalty is unshakable!!

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Review #23, by dreamer Punishment

20th June 2006:
lol i love that punishment...put it this way, he's either gonna go insane, or be a good boy
ahahaha lol i love that!!

Author's Response: LoL... yeah... the individual upon whom this character was based was just as horrified at his doom... it made me cackle wildly for hours just thinking about it :-p

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Review #24, by dreamer Repercussions

20th June 2006:
hehe cute...ur such a good writer!! u use such good descrpition in that greenhouse scene....hmmmm i wonder wat Eli is up not buying the whole death eater thing lol

im sure u'll get better soon :)
have fun on ur holiday!!

Author's Response: Thanks again! You always flatter me dreamer!! As for the description, I've spent enough time in greenhouses to know them to a tee... I'm a horticulture and agricultural science completer in school... FFA and whatnot... I know... I'm so ashamed... *hides face* I feel like a green-thumbed nerd

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Review #25, by dreamer Dance With Me

19th June 2006:
haha...i like the whole "dumbledore moon walk " thing hehe
good chappie....gotta continue!! :)

Author's Response: Awesome! I'm still packing for the beach... i hope u have enough fanfic to last you a week til i get back!! enjoy yourself!! I'll miss reading all my reviews :'( They're always so good at cheering me up *sigh* And I could use some of that... I'm also sick right now so chances are I'll be in bed 24/7 on vacation...but don't cry for me....CUZ THAT MEANS WRITING FANFIC!! WHEEEE!!

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