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Review #1, by nora Seducing Time

19th January 2009:
WTF? ur so sik and gay, who the hel do u think u are? next time, post REAL stories ok?

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Review #2, by Lunalovegood99 Seducing Time

28th September 2003:
what the hell?! even though i got the iq of a sped worm cut in half, (no i dont actually i have an iq of 155 thank you very much) lol

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Review #3, by sarahriverhill Harry Potter Meets VH

3rd July 2003:
Well... er... um... While I think Harry getting on a computer WOULD be funny, I found ur fic... inapropriate. There wasn\'t any sort of warning as to what this would contain that I could see. I wouldn\'t be complaining had you warned the reader what this would contain.... does 1ladyPotter (or whatever her name is) know you wrote that about her?

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Review #4, by Anon Harry Potter Meets VH

4th June 2003:
You know, having Harry playing with a computer could be really funny. Lots of potential there for a hilarious little fic...and you went and ruined it. That was terrible. I\'m disappointed.

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Review #5, by Juliana Wood Harry Potter Meets VH

14th May 2003:
Ok, that\'s just sick. Anyone who reads this is going to think that VH is nothing but a big cyber chat. I think that this should be removed from the archive immediatly. It\'s not only sick but extremely poorly written as well. This is not flames...this is absolute disgust.

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Review #6, by LizPsky Harry Potter Meets VH

12th May 2003:
haha! I was in the chat when mark said that :)... interesting idea... what\'s gonna happen?

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