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Review #1, by Fuego Aftermath

31st December 2006:


Author's Response: Awe, thanks for the review!!!

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Review #2, by firefawn Aftermath

15th September 2005:
Excellent story. I enjoyed the dream segment immensely. As far as critiquing goes the only thing I could suggest (I'm notorious for always making suggestions so forgive me! lol) that his reaction to her death be a bit more developed. It was rather sudden, and the way Hermione told him seemed a bit forced as if you were a bit rushed for time while writing it. Asides from that though it was excellent and great work on it!

Author's Response: thanks for you're suggestion. i'm currently reworking the beginning and i'll look over that part too and fix it up a bit. :D thanks for the review!

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Review #3, by Zara (queenzaz01) Aftermath

2nd September 2005:
Your story was v.good. PM me if u write another!

Author's Response: thanks for the review, and i'll try to remember to pm you if i do.

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Review #4, by laughable_black_storm Aftermath

7th August 2005:
Omg, this story brought me to tears ... it's wonderful, thank you for writing it ... it just made my day ... *sob*

Author's Response: oh, im so glad that you liked it!

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Review #5, by Ali Aftermath

7th August 2005:
Oh darling, I always knew you were a super talented writer, this just proves it further. The emotion is amazing and heck I was ready to start crying along with Harry. Way to go sweetie Ali

Author's Response: ALI ALI ALI ALI ALI!!!! YAY!!! you liked it? yay. happy happy happy. woot. and um, don't's just a story. lol. luv ya!

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Review #6, by flames_of_fawkes Aftermath

2nd August 2005:
Ahhhhh so sad, so sweet! At the beginning, you don't really go into much detail when he kills Voldemort - surely he would feel ... I don't know, MORE, that he had finally killed Voldemort? Anyway, great start!

Author's Response: hmmm, true, i felt i kinda rushed the opening to get to the hospital scene where he finds ginny died. im sure he would feel something more, i just wasn't in the mood to write it lol

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Review #7, by Heather Aftermath

1st August 2005:
Hello, this is by far my favourite H/G one-shot, it is so beautifully written, you are a really talented author, it was so upseting that you killed Ginny, I hope that this doesn't happen in book seven though, love this fic by the way, perfect 10, au revoir.

Author's Response: wow thank you for the major compliments there, that means a lot to me! oh, i hope she isn't killed either! i love Ginny!

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