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Review #1, by summerlove x3 Feelings

15th July 2006:
Could be better, but its alright. Very fluffy & cute !!

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Review #2, by aussie_angel_91 Feelings

1st January 2006:
the idea of this story was great! but i wish it wasnt a one-shot... i hope u come up with another better (not that this wasnt good) sirius/oc story... coz i luv them... great work!

Author's Response: i'm actually in the process of rewriting this story. i just left this one up until then. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #3, by Anonymous Feelings

31st July 2005:
I think you can do much better than this but it was great. I also read the review and have to say, if authors had the time to sit around and see what has already been written out of the 15000 stories out there we would have nothing left to write. Everything has been done, yes, and will be done again. If we stopped doing what others have already done, there would be nothing left. We just put our own twist on it. And this was very very good. I was looking for more a back story to it though. And don't let her get you down, you have great potential.

Author's Response: Thanks for the positive feedback. I know I got great potential. As of right now, I'm gonna leave this up. I'm also in writing a back story to it, so things might change. And you're right if all we did was look around for other things that have been done a million times we wouldn't write period. Again thanks for the positive feedback.

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Review #4, by Earl Feelings

29th July 2005:
Rather boring, hun. You have potential, though and I expect much better of you in the future. Try and think up a more original idea and give it a whirl, for this? It's been done! For your first story, this is a remarkable feat. Decent grammar and good spelling, and you can form coherent sentences! Really, be proud of yourself. Just, next time? Look around and see whats been written already. Ta!

Author's Response: i respect you for your honest opinion on this. But really everything has been written seven times over. It's hard to come up with an original story these days because everywhere you turn another one has written it. But i do respect your opinion. and thanks for the positive feedback on grammar and spelling.

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