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Reading Reviews for The Knight Bus Conductor
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Review #1, by NeverEndingNightmare The Knight Bus Conductor

5th October 2010:
This story makes me love Stan. I knew I read it some long time ago, before I ever made an account here, and I remember after I read it, I had this love for him just pulling at me. And this is why! This story is beautiful, amazing, and I absolutly adore this story!

You make the whole second person point of view work perfectly, it seems to flow rather than sound awkward, so that makes me enjoy this. I enjoy this immensely. It's an amazing story and makes me love Stan~ Oh Stan~

xD I'm sorry, I'm rambling a tad, but this is such a brilliant story. You're very talented! Thank you for writing such an amazing story~

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Review #2, by the0giant0squid The Knight Bus Conductor

10th August 2009:
Gah, that was...slightly weird. Even though I wasn't imagining myself being the "you", reading it that way still felt extremely strange. But it also reminded me of the "Choose Your Own Adventure Books", which I used to love. Haha, anyways, it was interesting, and well-written, and definitely original :)

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Review #3, by Ace The Knight Bus Conductor

24th May 2009:
Aaww...(sigh) It's so cute! That was soo nice to read!
I really liked what you wrote...^^

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Review #4, by angel718 The Knight Bus Conductor

21st February 2008:
GAH, that's fricking ADORABLE! So unique and interesting and sweet and.yeah.
I love love LOVE your characterization of Stan, and the point of view made it even more amazing...no one writes in that POV, practically.
Anyway, 100/10.

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Review #5, by Nymphie Lupin The Knight Bus Conductor

12th November 2007:
AWWW! This is so darn cute!!! You're such an awesome writer at you/character pairings!!! :) :) :) How do you come up with them??? LOL!

GREAT JOB! 10/10

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Review #6, by Izzieluv The Knight Bus Conductor

3rd July 2007:
awww that was the sweetest one... i read it for fun and it's my fav!!!

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Review #7, by Hermione33 The Knight Bus Conductor

15th April 2007:
Eck...weird ship. :P

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Review #8, by Kagome Higurashi The Knight Bus Conductor

30th December 2006:
aww..that's actually a sweet story! It didn't go along with the screams of the Exorcists in the backround, but it was really awesome! YAY!

Kagome Higurashi

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Review #9, by funny_lol The Knight Bus Conductor

6th November 2006:
cute. I like it.

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Review #10, by Emotional The Knight Bus Conductor

5th July 2006:
Aw... this is so cute! Loved it. I bet this is the only StanShunpike/You fic in the whole of www.harrypotterfanfiction.com. Ahem.

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Review #11, by Bookangel The Knight Bus Conductor

13th June 2006:
Awwww! I love it! "to the moon and back!" "It's on me!" *sighs* sorry for being so gushy, but that was beautiful. I'm definitely adding you to my favourites! *sighs again dreamily* Gorgeous.

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Review #12, by siobhan_malfoy The Knight Bus Conductor

7th June 2006:
omg that is so sweet!!!!!

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Review #13, by Crunk_Queen The Knight Bus Conductor

4th March 2006:
Awwww! That was so cute! Really good!!!

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Review #14, by angel007 The Knight Bus Conductor

13th February 2006:
Aww, I have never read a Stan romance...lol...it's really cute

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Review #15, by Alex The Knight Bus Conductor

10th February 2006:
Awwwwww that was so sweet! :p

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Review #16, by Cysso The Knight Bus Conductor

15th January 2006:
AWE!!!!! I WUVLES IT!!!!

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Review #17, by Brooke Valentine The Knight Bus Conductor

22nd December 2005:
Well that was rather nice if I do say so myself! Nicely done.

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Review #18, by eskimo girl The Knight Bus Conductor

10th December 2005:
Awwww that was just so cute! I was surprised to see a Stan Shunpike fic, but it's just so KEEYUUTE! :) Thanks for making me gush, Herculeha ... darn you ... ;)

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Review #19, by Kathrin Black The Knight Bus Conductor

3rd December 2005:
That was nice! I liked it :)

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Review #20, by mashpotatobunny The Knight Bus Conductor

25th November 2005:
Awww... Such a sweet story! T'was a bit short, but I loved it anyway! I really missed reading your stories! Good thing I remembered today because this story just totally made my day. Thanks, Leah-chan! Keep up the great work!

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Review #21, by sandwich maker The Knight Bus Conductor

21st November 2005:
awwwww! I love it!

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Review #22, by NachtEule (not logged on right now) The Knight Bus Conductor

8th November 2005:
cool, never ever read anything like that before. sooo cool.

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Review #23, by k_fizzy(not loggedin) The Knight Bus Conductor

4th November 2005:
Awww. that was one of the best One shot Romances I have ever read! Bravo! Bravo!

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Review #24, by DiggaDigga The Knight Bus Conductor

2nd November 2005:
this is a cute story

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Review #25, by silver phoenix The Knight Bus Conductor

24th October 2005:
*jaw drops* This has got to be the cutest one-shot I've read in a long while. Stan needs some lovin! *adds to favorites* <3

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