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Review #1, by aimee A New Job

10th September 2005:
omg so sad... it explains dumblys hate of dark wizards and shows us that its not only the 'muggle' community that have problems with agression cases like this, an interesting insight into the life of a young albus dumbledore. Thanku!

Author's Response: Awww. Thank U! Hardly anyone reads this story b/c it's not really a genre of it's own. So when they search for their favorite genre i guess this isn't exactly on the list. Maybe one day I'll have enough time to finish the story.

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Review #2, by Death2Mudbloods A New Job

15th August 2005:
You will notice that most of the time I do use my penname, its still anonomous (I'm sure I spelled that wrong, so if I did don't point it out.) I'm never signed in when I review, so it doesn't matter what name I use. And hurry and update. I don't care which story, just update something.

Author's Response: Anonymous. Ha. anyways. I don't have time to update! I still have 2 ap books to read and 2 essays to write. so you'll just have to wait I'm afraid. Are you taking AP Chem??

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Review #3, by Der Konig A New Job

5th August 2005:
Why would it have to say so in the book? Maybe we're just supposed to assume it, as it is the most logical scenerio. Oh, hurry and update already.

Author's Response: It's only logical in your twisted sicko world Erik. and why do you keep leaving reviews under this name?? why don't you just use your penname like everyone else?? And I will update when I am good and ready. I'm writing more of Harry Potter and the Hidden Horcrux right now. That's why it sucks to have more than one on going story at a time. But at least I never get bored. hehehe Can't say the same for you.

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Review #4, by Death2Mudbloods A New Job

31st July 2005:
Alright, first off, Dumbledore would've had to have worked on the stone with Flamel, otherwise there would be no purpose in working with Flamel on Alchemy. Alchemy, as a study, is devoted to the making of a 'Philosopher's Stone' with the properties ascribed to the stone in the book. Once that goal is achieved, Alchemy becomes meaningless, as it has fulfilled its ONLY goal. No point in working on it if you've already got the right results. So, unless Flamell was really dense (in which case he wouldn't have been able to make the stone) he wouldn't have bothered with working on alchemy AFTER making the stone. And Dumbledore could've stocked up Elixer, thus allowing him to live beyond the Stone's destruction. At least until Snape finally got the prick.

Author's Response: Then how do you explain the fact that I found on a certain website that he was only about 120 years old. And we would KNOW if he had used the stone himself. It would have BEEN IN THE BOOK!!!!

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Review #5, by Secondincharge A New Job

30th July 2005:
:-p I just like gettin u riled up britt.. same reason i made u a squib in my story.. lol.. i have no idea how old dumbledore is and have never done the math... nor do i want to attempt it. You can make him 45 or 445-- i dont really care. Erik is going to be a dark wizard with powers tho, im afraid.. :-p he asked and i promised...

Author's Response: See, I told you!! He is not 400 years old or he would be dead!!! D-E-A-D, DEAD!! Be sure to pass that info on to Erik! Why does he get dark powers and I don't????? I won't let you read my brilliant new story!! Hmph! hehehe. I'm just gonna send it to anyone who asks and not let you read it at all. so much for gettin me riled up. lol

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Review #6, by Secondincharge A New Job

29th July 2005:
You crackerjack! You hoodlum! You FIEND! I hope u are happy, i have loaded this page 23 times, restarted my comp 5 times, and probably killed a good 200 braincells or more JUST so i could review this flippin' story-- which oh yea, is a great idea and watnot... but erik is right (as always) about the aging thing which weirdly puts things in perspective... R U HAPPY NOW? P.S. My second story is finished & in waiting :-p

Author's Response: NO ERIK IS NOT RIGHT ABOUT THE AGING THING!! I DO NOT HAVE MY BOOKS RIGHT NOW, AS I HAVE LOANED THEM TO CHRIS, BUT LOOK IT UP!! IT NEVER SAYS HE CREATED THE STONE, AND IF HE HAD, HE WOULD'VE DIED WHEN FLAMEL DIED TOO!!!! HE WORKED ON ALCHEMY WITH HIM, IN THE LATER YEARS OF FLAMEL'S LIFE. DUMBLEDORE IS ONLY AROUND 120 IN THE BOOKS!!!! Thank you very much for the review. I know how you're computer is. (Stupid SVSM laptops!) *NO!!!!!!!!!!!! Don't take my internet connection, anything but that!!!!* *Apologizes profusely to laptop*

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Review #7, by Der Konig A New Job

28th July 2005:
I just read your reviews, and you would have to skip more than 60 years to meet Tom. If Dumbledore worked with Flamel on the Stone, and Flamel croaked at 600 and something in book one, then Dumbledore would need to be about that old (give or take 100 years) in book 1. That would make Dumbledore a minimum of about 450 years old when he meets Riddle. Also makes me wonder how Dippet survived for 430ish years after hiring Dumbledore, as he was Tom's headmaster as well.

Author's Response: No, book one said he worked on Alchemy with Nicholas Flamel, creator of the Sorcerer's stone. It didn't say he helped make it. And plus I read on one of those websites, that Dumbledore was about 120 now! Well, until that thing happened. They also said McGonagall was around 70. And that witches and wizards live a lot longer than Muggles anyway.

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Review #8, by Death2Mudbloods A New Job

28th July 2005:
Well, I'm reviewing, as promised. I assume the 'mature' rating comes into play later? Oh, I can't wait. Be nice and violent will you?

Author's Response: Hey! You reviewed twice! hehe. Your so nice. I actually thought that that little scene in chapter one was quite violent. I probably made Courtney cry. But, I digress, nothing is violent enought for you. I suspect even your story wasn't violent enough. I'm still working on chapter two, but it's probably not gonna have any violence. Idk yet tho. It could come into play. Perhaps.

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Review #9, by czarina Kathryn A New Job

28th July 2005:
Wow. Do you know I've never read a fic that was only about Dumbledore before? That's really amazing. I like it. I can't wait to see where you're going to take this. Having a tortured childhood sucks. So I'm asuming we're going to meet Tom soonish. That'll be fun.

Author's Response: Yeah, I know. I wanted to write something different. Yeah, we'll probably meet Tom within the next 60 or so years, b/c in the book Dumbledore was OLD when Tom came around and he's only 21 now, so..... I guess I'll be skipping a few years. But that's why it's called: A Journey in Time.

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Review #10, by CourtneyFaith A New Job

27th July 2005:
~WOW. That was really great. I have never read a story that talked about Dumbledor before. I like this a lot.~

Author's Response: Thanks!! I was going for something different. I think I may have achieved that goal.

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