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Review #1, by someone I Adopted Him

10th February 2011:
That... was interesting. I would love to see how that kid grew up. :) Interseting format. It was a little confusing at times, but I assume that you wanted to keep the identitys relitivly secret until the end, and it worked for your pourpose.

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Review #2, by Zaahira I Adopted Him

23rd March 2009:
AW! This is cute! I really like it! Are you going to post any more stories?

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Review #3, by luvinpadfoot I Adopted Him

5th January 2008:
Is this in the future? I didn't really understand it until the last part. Who was James's mother? I think you should expand on that a little more. 8/10

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Review #4, by AussieAnatomy627 I Adopted Him

26th December 2007:
Aww, that was really cute!

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Review #5, by Ginny_Molly_Potter I Adopted Him

4th June 2007:
whoes the mother

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Review #6, by Rosalie Cullen I Adopted Him

6th March 2007:
OH MY GOD! That was unexpected. I thought, well, I never would have guessed. I love the script formant. I am a theater geek *grins sheepishly*. So, how old was James when Harry died and who is his biological mother?

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Review #7, by Kimmy I Adopted Him

16th November 2006:
Pretty confusing, but kind of interesting all the same.

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Review #8, by Moi I Adopted Him

16th November 2006:
I don't get it. Why would Draco adopt Harry? They're the exact same age...

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Review #9, by tha_gurl_in_tha_woods I Adopted Him

1st October 2006:
Great plot, story is a little confusing at first but the ending sums it all up.

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14th August 2006:
NO WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Review #11, by danradsangel I Adopted Him

20th July 2006:
EXCELLENT!!!! I love it!!!

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Review #12, by zaya I Adopted Him

11th May 2006:
i love it !!!!!!!
hope thre wil come more

Author's Response: It's taking me awhile to get to my little projects because INTIWBAH is taking forever to post, but don't worry. I'll get back to it soon. The story will have five chapters, ending with the story version of my little script there. @->--

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Review #13, by gemdragonfly I Adopted Him

16th April 2006:
You should rewrite it with out the '*''s because it''s hard to read, I couldn't read it all. But from what I read it looked like a good story.


Author's Response: The standard story version will be up soon. I promise. @->--

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Review #14, by brookside_babe2009 I Adopted Him

9th April 2006:
this is a good story

Author's Response: Thanks. @->--

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Review #15, by Tiff I Adopted Him

22nd March 2006:
wooooow! lovely!!! I didn't expect the turn out! I loved it!

Author's Response: I'm really glad you liked it. I'm actually going back and telling the story of how they got to that point in traditional storytelling mode this summer as I finish up all of my little projects for the wave of new stories I've been plotting. @->--

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Review #16, by WordMage I Adopted Him

30th December 2005:
Wonderful! I loved how you wrote this in script format (keeps me in the proper state of mind!) and although I found the ending to be a tad predictible (maybe that is just me...) it did not at all take away from the quality of your work. Draco is out of character, but that's the way I love him! A very good fic all around :) * -Mage

Author's Response: Thanks. This was written after OotP, but is still compatible with HBP, when I do the back story, I'll explain how it came about, but I don't think that Draco is that OOC. Thanks for the compliments and I hope you check out the rest of my work. @->--

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Review #17, by purple_peppermint_25 I Adopted Him

13th December 2005:
I loved this. Adopting Harry's son is something that seems so completely un-Draco that I can actually see it happening. I found the detail of the scar being passed on to Jamie (hehe cute) very interesting, and was wondering why you chose to put that in. And Draco putting Lucius in Azkaban instead of a couple of aurors doing it is probably the best thing that could happen in the Harry Potter books. I always love fanfics where Draco plots and gets Lucius put away. "ragamuffin" i thought that was a funny word, just wondering what it ment, although I doubt it's anything too flattering. Great job, good story.

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked it. It just came to me one day. I may make it longer, kind of put in how they got to that step, but I'm not sure. I thought that it was funny to leave it like that. Ragamuffin is a term that my grandmother uses for unfortunate creatures or her grandchildren when they're exceptionally dirty. @->--

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Review #18, by ravenclaw22 I Adopted Him

17th October 2005:
I'm sorry but what dragon-Aiden said cracked me up. Especially since it ISN"T TRUE! lol you are an awesome writer and NOT a weirdo! lol

Author's Response: Thanks, it's reassuring to know that some people are sure of my sanity. I'm not always convinced. J/K. @->--

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Review #19, by La Petit Coquette I Adopted Him

24th September 2005:
Quite the shocker!!! Fantastic short read. :]

Author's Response: Thanks. @->--

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Review #20, by Lund I Adopted Him

9th September 2005:
Hilarious start, but the script format took away from the reactions a bit. Towards the end, it wasn't so funny... sad, really. A son turning his father in? But it ended well. Congrats!

Author's Response: Lund Lucius is evil. Draco couldn't let him taint Jamie. I'm hoping to use this as the first chapter and then go back and give the story behind it. The story will end with this scene in normal storytelling. @->--

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Review #21, by Foreshadowing_Peanuts I Adopted Him

11th August 2005:
Hmm I'd liked the method behind this fic. You might want to check your grammar in some places, but otherwise I enjoyed it. Very interesting idea.

Author's Response: Foreshadowing_Peanuts Yeah, if you're referring to the descriptions of what the characters are doing/feeling, it's written in script format and therefore supposed to be like this. Thanks for reviewing though. @->--

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Review #22, by Ashes of Darkness I Adopted Him

10th August 2005:
wow...not at all what i was thinking but great none the less..... i love how you played that out..i'd love to read more!!!! @~>~~

Author's Response: Ashes of Darkness Thanks. I'm going to turn this into a longer fanfic on orders from my beta, but it might be a little while. It's nice to see that someone else uses the same symbol as I do. @->--

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Review #23, by Callee I Adopted Him

9th August 2005:
Wow - I like it! The script-like writing was slightly confusing - but I think its pretty good - understatement. It's great!

Author's Response: Callee Thanks. I know it's confusing but I'm turning it into a longer fic soon and that might help clear it up. @->--

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Review #24, by thelovinspoonful I Adopted Him

7th August 2005:
I like this story. I like it a lot. Are you sure it's destined for a one-shot?? It raises lots of questions, such as why Draco fought for the light, what happened during the final battle, who the boy's mother was, and if perhaps, the boy would get a new mother?? Worth thinking about, anyhow. =D

Author's Response: thelovinspoonful My beta raised these questions when she read it, and disliked how I left it. I liked it, and it will remain there as the first chapter, but I'm going to go back and write the story behind it. @->--

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Review #25, by ravenclaw22 I Adopted Him

2nd August 2005:
Yeah i think he will sacrifice himself so V will die. i know this isn't the place for theories and stuff my bad just wanted to say! anyway you're my favorite writer here!!

Author's Response: Thanks. @->--

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