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Review #1, by valerie Trial Without Error

28th January 2007:
Loved the Arting and Elaina bit... SO funny! You totally nailed it! :D

Yay for Quidditch! Haha, can I be a commentator for a match? That would be pretty spiffy... :D

I'm glad to finally be here. :)

Author's Response: Yay! I'm glad I nailed it! I'm scared to death to write you lot... I never know if I'm keeping you in character... Hm... Maybe you can commentate with Paula...?

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Review #2, by Snitchsista The First of September

27th January 2007:
Heya! You review 'Decimated Dreams' for me, and now I am returning the favour. I didn't actually read this story, I'm only reviewing it here because I thought you wouldn't see it if the story had been written so long ago.

I read your wonderful one shot, 'Malfoy Lullaby.' It was perfectly written; beautiful. I loved the way you conveyed the character's pure-blood emotions. Lol. Does that make any sense? *Laughs to self and shakes head* Draco was so sweet, arrogantly so of course, the way he would respnd to his mother, and the interaction between them was great. Everyone was completely in character, which for some stupid reason, I really struggle with sometimes. Anyway. lol- That's not for here!!

The really posh way that Narcissa told Lucius about Draco was magical. 'I am with child.' Yes, you can't really imagine her saying- 'I'm going to have a baby.' I think the reason why is because it sounds rather common, in a way. lol. Dobby's servantly attitudes were excellent, and your description was so perfect. I'm in a real mood for reviewing today, so I'll just find a quote to suit, or, hee he- try to remember one? I keep forgetting, I'm reviewing on a different story. Oh, and I apologise again for that, but I hope it's worth me doing it!! Everyone likes big reviews! (Well not everyone, but a large majority, anyway.)

The brilliant thing about the one-shot was the way you were able to create so many pictures in my mind's eye of what the scene at the Malfoy manor looked like.

Truly splendid.

Snitchsista (Rachel)

x :) x

Author's Response: Thank you for the review! It's nice to know how you made sure I would see it. (Though I've been such a reviewmonger I probably would have seen it if you'd left it on the moon. XD)

It does make sense, and I'm really glad I was able to make them seem pureblooded. And Draco! I loved writing little Draco. Struggling with keeping everyon in character is a challenge that everyone has to wrestle with, so don't think it's stupid that you do. There are some characters that I will probably never write (*coughLunacough*) because I'm scared to death to make them OOC.

I'm glad you picked up on the wording, such as Narcissa's line when she tells Lucius she's pregnant. I contemplated over everyone's lines quite a bit, and the way it turned out seemed just right. XD

Don't worry, a review is a review, no matter where it is! I really do appreciate you taking the time to leave a nice, juicy review for me. It made my day, I think, or at the very least, made me all smiley. I'm very glad that you enjoyed it. ♥

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Review #3, by Paula Trial Without Error

27th January 2007:
Haha. So good. =D You really nailed the Arting & Elaina dysfunctionalities, what with the teasing and taunting. (I love the two of you, by the way

Author's Response: Thanks Paula. XD It was fun to write that part.

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Review #4, by elaina Trial Without Error

27th January 2007:
oh my god.
that was so brilliantly fun.
and arting... such a jerk. =]
love ya. i giggled through like half of it.

Author's Response: Hee hee, I'm glad that it brought about a giggle or two!

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Review #5, by animagus girl Trial Without Error

26th January 2007:
why in the world did you let her name the pet rock Dana?!
yay Valerie! welcome aboard! (if you weren't already aboard... I forget things like this so quickly... lol)
the spy part was really funny as was Sarah slapping him!
loved it, as usual.
post more soon!

- an obvious slytherin spy

oh and horray for finals ending!

Author's Response: I don't know, actually. But, when we were choosing names and such a couple of years ago, you thought the fact that that was the rock's name was Dana was nothing short of hilarious. XD Well, hopefully I'll get inspired for the next chapter... feel free to donate ideas!

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Review #6, by pandadance Trial Without Error

26th January 2007:
Bwahaha! Yay for getting hit in the face XD
And yay for updateess~

Author's Response: LOL, yay indeed! Now I must figure out something for the next chapter...

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Review #7, by Islander The Unmentionable Third Period

12th January 2007:
Hmmm, are you continuing this story? To be honest, I like your others better, but this has some pretty good ideas in it. I really like Erin and Oliver's scene together (if you did continue, would it bloom into romance?), and I think the Muggle Studies thing is funny. Oh, and did you name the cat Hobbes after "Calvin and Hobbes" (which just happens to be my favorite comic strip ever)? If you did, that's really cool! If you didn't, then, well. . . it's still cool!

Yes, that's about it. It didn't seem like this story was getting much attention from you, but I had to read it anyway, seeing as it's the only one of your stories I haven't read and reviewed yet. Your thoughts on it? Is it WIP, or does it just say so on the summary?

Author's Response: There's a very funny story behind this one, actually. I took it out of the author's notes because I wanted to clean it up a bit, but... All of the main characters in this story are real. (Or at least, based off of real people. I changed one first name and all the last names.) Erin is my stepsister, Amber is me. Hobbes is Erin's nasty, horrible, fat cat, but she was named for Calvin and Hobbes. ^^ I dont really expect many reviews and such from anyone else but my friends, because I wrote it for them... It's riddled with SO many inside jokes, it's probably really confusing to everyone else. Heh. Yes, Erin and Oliver are going to be involved romantically, and most of the other characters are going to be in relationships. (You should've seen the "wars" we had over who was going to get who. LOL.)

Anyway, this story is still a WIP. To tell you the truth, I don't like writing it as much as the others (and that's mostly because I'm scared to death I'll characterize my friends incorrectly) but there's going to be a new chapter soon because... er... my friends will probably murder me if I don't. Ack...

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Review #8, by Katakechicken The Unmentionable Third Period

19th November 2006:
*gigglesnort* xD

Author's Response: Heh heh. *gigglesnort* to you, too! ♥

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Review #9, by elaina The Unmentionable Third Period

12th November 2006:
oh, and i forgot to mention.
just. snape.

Author's Response: Hee hee. I thought you might like that part.

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Review #10, by pandadance The Unmentionable Third Period

12th November 2006:
Haha you silly girl. It tok you long enough to write the next chaper ^^

The silly cheese fetish comes out~! DUN DUN DUN~!
Now go and write more :D

And you put Artingaling and and Alex in~! Wewt. this is definatly more than like 9 peoples XD

Who else are you planning to add?
You should add MJSD. yeah.. you totally should

Author's Response: Ha ha, I know. Sorry about that, I know I should have updated sooner. But then last night around eleven-thirty, I was all like, hrm, must write! What to write? Ah, I'll write Witches Nine! And there you have it. Huzzah for silly cheese fetish! *grins* And I think that makes about twelve people; I believe I counted at some point between midnight and now. Heh. I think that's all I'm planning to add, as of now, at least, though it would be interesting to add in MJSD. Hee hee. *stalkerish*

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Review #11, by Peinguino The Unmentionable Third Period

12th November 2006:

Amber, that is pretty awesome. Major kudos. Noww, onto chapter five! So cool. So intense.

Author's Response: Huzzah! I'm glad you liked it! It took me long enough, didn't it? *whistles* I'll have to update soon, I suppose, seeing as I've got the tryouts outlined...

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Review #12, by Paula The Unmentionable Third Period

12th November 2006:

And that's all I have to say about that. :D


Author's Response: Hee hee, I love you too. And I'm glad you liked it!

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Review #13, by ani The Unmentionable Third Period

12th November 2006:
how dare you put me in muggle studies *spits* you're dead Amber!!! *grabs fork and throws across room and hits Amber in the heart* now... who wants to be next?? *spits* I thought so...

Atleast we'll all have to go through the torture together.
get to the Slytherin Quidditch already!

atleast you actually updated... meh...
hurry up with the next chapter...

Author's Response: Funny story about that, really, but I did partially explain with the excerpt from the class period. Paula, Sarah and I were brainstorming over the summer, and we decided that we'd all like to go camping... *whistles*

I don't know if I'll do Slytherin tryouts or not, but there'll be lots of Slytherin Quidditch in the first Quidditch game... understandably. ^^ Mwa ha. I'll try to update sooner this time.

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Review #14, by lizzy The First of September

30th September 2006:
ya know what i just realized? technically i should be a sixth year like erin too.

Author's Response: Oh bother, should you really? *frets* I should fix that, then...

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Review #15, by CaptainPookie The Complexity of Atterbies

4th August 2006:
I like this chapter. Mostly because I'm in it. XD

The part about the 'atterbies' made me laugh, and so did Sarah's pet rock, Dana. And the "life on the edge/intense" bit.

Poor Erin. She caught all the bad luck. =P Good job, Amber. Now you just have to get to the camping trip bit. -prods-

Author's Response: Heh heh, I thought you might. I couldn't think of a better way to fit you in! Heh heh... I had so much fun writing my 'atterbies' speech; the scene with the 'fellycone' was my favorite to write (and picture in my head), excluding the slapping Harry part from previous chapters. Mwa ha. Erin's got bad luck indeed! But it was going to be me that got left behind at first, then I asked my stepsister, and she was like, I'll miss the train! And believe me, I want to get to the camping bit as quickly as I can! -winces-

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Review #16, by Peinguino The Complexity of Atterbies

4th August 2006:
YAY! YAY! YAY! YAY! Dude, that chapter made me so excited. Frickin' awesome! Intense, life on the edge, you know? :) Yay for Paula! Yay for updates! Boo for slapping Harry. I like Paula's last name. Poor Elaina. I'm sorry I can't write in complete scentences, but I'm too excited. Yay! Write more! I hope you know that you've created a monster. I gave this a ten. Hee hee. Have fun. 'Cept now you've ruined my chances with Harry. Blargh. I changed it to a nine now. Heh heh.

Author's Response: Hooray! I was worried that I had forgotten to contact you about this. I tried going on AIM earlier, but you weren't online... Anyway... I like Paula's last name, too! A monster? Well, that's very frightening indeed! Lol. Don't worry, I won't have ruined your chances with Harry. I'm very sneaky that way, you know? It'll just take a while...

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Review #17, by animagus girl The Complexity of Atterbies

3rd August 2006:
*sighs with disinterest* so I'm the dirty one eh??
nice job!
but I thought it would be another year or 2 before u updated again *rolls eyes*

Author's Response: Ha ha, yeah... Well, everyone's dirty, you just don't care. ^^ Anyway, glad you enjoyed it! I'm hoping on working on the next one soon!

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Review #18, by pandadance The Complexity of Atterbies

3rd August 2006:
w00t! Finally Amber! It took you long enough! D: Anyways.. Yaaaay! Paula-ollas in the story noww!

Author's Response: Gosh, I know! But Paula, Sarah and I brainstormed a couple of days ago, so there are some fun things I'm planning on adding in..

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Review #19, by rubyblue The First of September

3rd May 2006:
It's different than your other stuff, but I still like it!

Author's Response: I am glad that you do! I imagine that it's quite different (I have not reread it in a long while), though I am in the process of editing it and continuing it.

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Review #20, by ThelPersonOverThere Cassandra's Curse

9th April 2006:
+Dies of Laughter+

My brother was looking at me like a crazy person when I randomly burst into manic giggles.

I adore the part where Sarah slaps Harry and you guys all keep saying her name. Hilarious, very nice, tres bien, ect ect...

Now I'm going to have to go to school and make fun of her for being a stalker. >D Muaha.

I like the way you write. I'm jealous. :D

-That one girl who goes by 'Paula'

Author's Response: Hee hee, hey Paula! *grins* I'm so glad that Sarah finally showed this to you! (Though I'm sure she'll regret it, lol. Everyone seems to relish the fact that she's a stalker. ^_-)
So, thankies Paula! Hee hee... I'll see you on Monday. ^^

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Review #21, by Jade Potter Cassandra's Curse

4th March 2006:
oooohhhhh...Erin likes Oliver....Erin likes Oliver.....hahahahaha!ok im done now.

Author's Response: Yup! ^_^ (My stepsister rather fancies Sean Biggerstaff in real life...)

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Review #22, by Jade Potter The First of September

4th March 2006:
"On an adjoining trundle to her right, with absolutely no blankets at all, lay another girl. She had a more petit build than the former, and was shorter, measuring a few inches more than five feet. Her cheeks and nose were dotted with freckles, and her dark chocolate hair pooled messily about her face." this is me, a combination of how I wish to be and how am now.btw, many lols about harry and the "stalker" thing---lolllllll!

Author's Response: Really? That's neat! I'm glad you enjoyed the stalker bit.

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Review #23, by kreacher_feature The First of September

2nd February 2006:
awesome - great banner, to.

Author's Response: Thank you. ^-^

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Review #24, by muzikchik01(to lazy to sign in) The First of September

12th January 2006:
wow! i love this story!! i really adore how mcuh detail you put into this and how you use other words to explain things instead of using everyday words...er...if you understood that! speaking of which, i have to admit that i did get a lil confused a times. maybe ill just have to go back and read it sometime! anyway, i really like this story and im going to add it to my faves so i can keep up with it! take care~*~MC01

Author's Response: Thanks! I'm glad that you like it! ^_^ And I did understand it... my style is of, shall we say, an older quality, (which some people, as I found out this morning, don't like)... And I know it's definitely confusing, lol, that's just the way we are. ^_-

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Review #25, by animagus girl The First of September

27th November 2005:
now that I have met a few of u ur all weird. o and amber I didn't know where to post it but somewhere u were asking about french accent marks and putting them into ur fic on the computer well here is a list of them and how to get them, if u still want and or need it................................. À = Alt + 0192 Â = Alt + 0194 â = ALT + 131 à = ALT + 133 ä = ALT + 132 æ = ALT + 145 Æ = ALT + 146 á = ALT + 160 Ç = ALT + 128 ç = ALT + 135 É = ALT + 144 é = ALT + 130 ê = ALT + 136 è = ALT + 138 ë = ALT + 137 î = ALT + 140 ï = ALT + 139 ì = ALT + 141 ô = ALT + 147 ò = ALT + 149 ö = ALT + 148 û = ALT + 150 ù = ALT + 151 ü = ALT + 129

Author's Response: Woah... thanks!

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