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Review #1, by ForgottenSoul_14 Chapter 2

12th July 2006:
I love it. I really want to hear more of this. I'm even tearing up. I can't help it, it's the whole graduation ceremony that get to me. You don't know what to do the day after you've graduated. Even if you planned it all out. You feel weird and in a strange soft of way stupid and helpless. Like the past few years how done nothing- at least that's what i think. I haven't graduated yet. I love it!!! Write more!!!!!!!

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Review #2, by smileforme Chapter 1

28th January 2006:
I love it! It's so cute! Ginny is someone people can relate to and I really like that! Great work so far and continue with it!

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Review #3, by BitterSweetJuice Chapter 2

17th December 2005:
I'd love to hear more from this story! Not pressuring you or anthing but can't wait for teh nxt chapter!

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Review #4, by Londonluva Chapter 2

27th November 2005:
Can you tell me the time when the 3rd chapter will b done cuz an amazing story should not be left alone! Pleez! I'm gonna die here waiting.

Author's Response: Sure, I'll let you know when I get it up! Thanks for being so supportive-- I really appreciate it! ~DR~

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Review #5, by Londonluva Chapter 2

24th October 2005:
Chapter 3! I'm so impatient!

Author's Response: lol, i'm afraid to say that you may be waiting for a while...i'm really, really, busy! thanks for R/Ring though! ^_^ ~DR~

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Review #6, by Ginnys_Double Chapter 2

5th October 2005:
More more more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author's Response: More will come...eventually :) thanks for R/Ring! ~DR~

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Review #7, by Radcliffe_PotterFan319 Chapter 2

27th September 2005:
Wow....i love it post more soon please!!

Author's Response: thanks! :) ~DR~

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Review #8, by Dr4co_Luv5_M3 Chapter 2

17th September 2005:
CUTE!!! PLZ UPDATE!!!**=)Ann

Author's Response: thanks! ^.^ i'll be updating, don't worry ~DR~

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Review #9, by BitterSweetJuice Chapter 2

15th September 2005:
Another wonderful chapter! I'm glad you've posted this up! It's such an amazing story. Can't wait for the thrid chapter! Definately adding this great piece of writing into my Favorites! Cheers!

Author's Response: It's reviews like these that makes an author want to write ^-^ thank you so much for the lovely compliments, I appreciate them! thanks for reviewing! ~DR~

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Review #10, by Japanime Chapter 2

11th September 2005:
Wonderous chapter! But what a horrible Cliff-Hanger! I want to know what he's going to ask her! I felt sorry for Ginny when she realized Harry wasn't there, but, yes, it's good that she is at least trying to move on. Colin is a sweet boy, and He & Ginny look so cute together in this fic. ^.^ Can't wait for the next chapter, so please update soon! As for me, my next chapter is in "Limbo" so you can expect it coming along here soon. *Grins* Again, great chapter! Keep up the good work! Until next time... ~*Chloe*~

Author's Response: heheh, I know! I thought I'd try and hook in some more interest with a cliffy ^-^ when I started writing this I needed this really sweet, quiet, kind of popular guy for Ginny, and I wracked my brain for a while trying to think of someone- then I thought of Colin. People can change drastically over the years, and Colin was somebody everyone knows, so I thought I'd give this sort of spin on him. ^.^ The update may take a while, but it will come ^-^ I'm off to check for your next chapter, it should be up now! thanks for reviewin, it means a lot! ^.^ ~DR~

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Review #11, by Twix14 Chapter 2

7th September 2005:
aaaaaaaahhhhhhh cliffy! evil evil evil! hehe...great chapter absolutelyballyspiffin beautiful keep it up C.O Twix

Author's Response: ya, my first cliffy ever....buahaha. :rubs hands together: i'm sure you'll get used to it...uh, i mean..... *-^ hehe, thx for reviewin, you wonderful reviewer you! ~DR~

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Review #12, by Jinx Chapter 1

3rd September 2005:
Hey kat i loved it, im glad that i didnt read it till now i wouldnt have been able to stand it

Author's Response: stand the wait for ch 2 you mean? hahaha- it should be up tomorrow or monday i swear! ^.^ ~DR~

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Review #13, by BitterSweetJuice Chapter 1

3rd September 2005:
Nice chapter! I can't wait for what you're going to install for the second chapter, I know it'd be great!

Author's Response: ^.^ thank you! what a kind reviewer you are!!!! ^-^ i'm just putting the finishing touches on ch 2, so if all goes well, i can post today or tomorrow!!! ~DR~

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Review #14, by horsie girl Chapter 1

24th August 2005:
good start

Author's Response: thank you ~DR~

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Review #15, by baby_gurl101 Chapter 1

19th August 2005:
YAY! I like, cant wait for the next chapter. And id f you want you can read one of my stories. But yours, i LOVE. Just the first chapter. Detail, not too much talking. This is on my favorites list lol

Author's Response: I will be updating sometime soon, tongiht if i can get around to it. it's so nice to know somebody "LOVE"s my story! yay! ^.^ I'm so honored to be on your favs list! shweet- thanks for R/Ring! ~DR~

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Review #16, by Dr4co_Luv5_M3 Chapter 1

8th August 2005:
I LalalalalalaLOVED IT !!! PLEASE UPDATE!!!

Author's Response: thank you! i'm working on the update, but with school starting up again it might take a while! :) ~DR~

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Review #17, by dismissed Chapter 1

6th August 2005:
huwaaa!! gd start! is it gonna be continued??? can't wait!

Author's Response: yep, i am continuing, so look out for the next chapter within the next couple of weeks! thanks for reading and reviewing! :) ~DR~

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Review #18, by kendra Chapter 1

28th July 2005:

Author's Response: erm...thank you....i think.... :) there will be more sometime in the near future, so please keep reading! ~DR~

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Review #19, by Twix14 Chapter 1

28th July 2005:
wow, I just realized that inconsiderate me didn't leave a review for this incredible story! how horrible! Well...incredible just about describes it! Ginny/Colin is kinda cute...I never thought about it!

Author's Response: :beams: thanks! i'm loving your new story "the founders" too! ohmehgawsh (lol, i sound like a ditz! :D) i seriously need you to update soon!!!! :) yeah, as much as i think G/C is cute as well, i can't promise it'll keep up......dunDunDUN!!!!! lol look out for an update soon!!! ~DR~

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Review #20, by hahaha Chapter 1

28th July 2005:
i like the story but i dont really like the Ginny/colin thing at all. Keep writing!

Author's Response: hmm, well, everyone's entitled to their own opinion! :) i can't guarantee anything, but do look for the next chapter soon! thanks for reviewing! ~DR~

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Review #21, by Anna Chapter 1

26th July 2005:
Oh NO! Not the family! What are we going to do? Haha. You know, Jessica kinda reminds me of Lena Kaligrias (I dunno how to spell it). Am I right?

Author's Response: eh, the family's not *that* bad! *-^ aw darn, ya caught me, I did get inspiration for Jessica from Lena, I just finished the third book when I started writing this, so I had Bridget, Lena, Carmen, and Tibby on the brain! ^-^ thanks for R/Ring, and please continue to do so- I'm probably going to submit the next chapter tonight or tomorrow!!!! ~DR~

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Review #22, by Japanime Chapter 1

25th July 2005:
Excellent start!! I loved it, it was soo sweet. Ginny/Colin, they're so cute together! You're a magnificent writer! Not many people would be able to make that pairing work as well as you have in this chapter! The question now is, "will it last?" Or "will someone interfere. Hmm... Anywho, keep up the great work and update real soon, k? Can't wait to find out what happens next! ^.^

Author's Response: Yay, I'm glad you think it's a good start!!! Those are exellent question, which shall all be answered in time. I'm glad you think I'm making the Ginny/Colin thing work, I thought it was a rather nice change, even if it is slightly AU. Update's coming up soon, so hang tight!!! Thanks for your wonderful review! ^-^ ~DR~

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Review #23, by Anonymous J Chapter 1

23rd July 2005:
I love it!!

Author's Response: Thanks! Please keep reading, I'll have the next chap up soon! ^-^ ~DR~

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