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Review #1, by Quidditchandhorses The Greatest Risk

18th May 2009:
I loved it! I totally thought it was three death eaters at the beginning, though Hermione's scream left me wondering. Well done, I liked the suspense. I can really picture the scene, too. Excellent work!

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Review #2, by andharrywokeup The Greatest Risk

20th May 2007:
Bone chillingly beautiful.

Author's Response: Wow. Thank you very much (:

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Review #3, by forget_me_not The Greatest Risk

29th November 2005:
This was a well-established one-shot, that was enjoyable to read.

The idea and the plot of it was interesting, but your developed writing style made it even more so.

The characterisations of Harry, Ron and Hermione were strong, believable and appropriate. I thought Remus was written well, until Harry left and Remus didn't follow him, I thought he would have been more insistent, but then again, I guess he just admitted that Harry was too stubborn to agree to anything he didn't want to. I guess it all comes down to a matter of opinion.

I think there is anyhitng really wrong with this fanfic. It is one of the better ones I've read.

Congrats on writing such a good one-shot, hurry up and write some fantastic fanfics=D

Author's Response: I always love a great review for one of my favorite stories. I'm glad you enjoyed it, and thank you for all the wonderful compliments :]] I always enjoy being told I'm believable, or writing in character. Thank you kindly. <33

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Review #4, by Dancing_by_Magic The Greatest Risk

31st August 2005:
Befre i go on and read the next story, i just have to say, You are one of the best one-shot authors i have ever read. All of them have such emotion and ideas behind them! So i now officialy dub thee " Sir Goodbyetrain, kight of the one-shots!!" Lol, yeah i'm sure you're laughing AT me...oh well...
But really you are amazing!!

Author's Response: ^^;

Thank you very much, that really means a lot to me, since I think they all suck. [although I rather like 'You're The Only Chance I'll Take' ;)] Woot! I'm now Sir Goodbyetrain! [Though I think 'Lady' would go better *wink wink*]

Amazing? *blushes* Thank you, darling, that's so kind of you! Thanks mucho for taking the time to read all my one-shotsies! ^__^ <333

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Review #5, by silver phoenix The Greatest Risk

31st August 2005:
This could be the end of everything
So why don't we go
Somewhere only we know?

Author's Response: I LOFF THAT SONG! ^________^ *pouts because you have the cd and I don't* LOVE JOO TOO! =]

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Review #6, by Julie The Greatest Risk

30th August 2005:
aww there saving the world! i finally got around to reading this since i finished the book 2 weeks ago and i was at band camp for a week so this is what is do. Reading random stories in hopes that school doesn't start in 9 days.... well keep up the good work!

Author's Response: ^__^ Yes, they are! lol. Glad you took the time to read this =) Ooh... I hope you enjoyed the book, as well as band camp! How exciting. Oh, lucky! I start in two days. *EW* Thank you kindly for taking the time to read and review Julie! <333

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Review #7, by number 1 Harry Potter fan The Greatest Risk

29th August 2005:

Author's Response: ^_______^ Thank you! I'm so glad you liked it. Thanks for the wonderful review, you certainly made me happy! :D <33

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Review #8, by via The Greatest Risk

28th August 2005:
oi shai you're amazing ^_^ heh too bad i'm not logged in O.o...ah well, Only Hope - great song, fell in love with it a couple months ago ^_^

Author's Response: ^_____^ VIA!! *dances* Ahh..that's okay, you don't need to be logged in ;) Ooh.. I love that song.. to pieces. Moo ha ha! ^_^ I fell in love with it whenever it was that A Walk To Remember came out! lol. Thanks so much for taking the time to read and review! <333

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Review #9, by serephina The Greatest Risk

17th August 2005:
all i can say is AWESOME!!!

Author's Response: ^^; Thank you! I'm glad you liked it! :D Thanks for the review <3

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Review #10, by Still Can't remember my name! The Greatest Risk

17th August 2005:
This story was very good. Simple, but beautiful in a way.

Author's Response: Oh, wow. Thank you very much for your kind words. I'm very glad you liked it. <3

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Review #11, by psychokitten The Greatest Risk

16th August 2005:
I love that song soooo much. Did you know they are coming out with a new cd? YAY! i really liked this one alot. You brought up a good point too! I think it would only be right because after all harry did get the prophecy. So most likely he would do something of that sort. Great job!

Author's Response: Me too! *^^* Yes, I did know that! I read about it in Teen People. lmao. I'm soo glad you liked it, I really liked writing it. :) I enjoyed writing my theories, I guess you could say! Thanks for the review! <33

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Review #12, by K A Woods The Greatest Risk

16th August 2005:
Wow, i am speechless. Very, very well done! I like it! i think you should keep going... especially with the part where Hermione mentions Voldemort making a Horcrux to signify James and Lily's deaths... i would be very interested to read whatever you would write about that. ;-)

Author's Response: You've left me speechless! Thank you so much, I'm so glad you liked it. :) I think we've all got our ideas on the Horcruxes..heh. I'll definitely think about writing more ;) Thanks so much for your kind review! <3

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Review #13, by Wierd_Sisters The Greatest Risk

4th August 2005:
BRILLIANT!! *gaps at the wonderfullyness that is this one-shot* that was--that. Was. Brilliant. *stares eyes widened and re-reads this story* ~WS~

Author's Response: *^^* Thanks, I'm so glad you liked it so much! And thanks so much for the wonderful review! <3

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Review #14, by Spade The Greatest Risk

2nd August 2005:
are you going to write more I hope so I love it

Author's Response: Hm...I'm not sure. It was first meant to be a one-shot...Well, anyway...I'm glad you liked it! :) Thanks for the review! <3

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Review #15, by Sissalie The Greatest Risk

1st August 2005:
wow, I thought that too! (the Horcruxes) but I mean... wow, ok, since you did such a good job, I give you a gold star! *hands goodbye train a gold star* heheh, see, I'm litteral! *crickets chirp* well FINE! ;) -Siss

Author's Response: Woohoo! I got a gold star! *pumps fist* lmao. Thanks so much, I'm super glad you liked it! :D Crickets...ew. Thanks for the review, Siss! <3

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Review #16, by Duchesse2 The Greatest Risk

31st July 2005:
Hi Shai. I did as you told me and took a look at your work, I must say you are a very talented writer indeed. I loved it.

Author's Response: Hey Jazz. Thanks for taking the time to read! :D Thank you very much, I'm so glad you liked it. Thanks for the review! <3

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Review #17, by orliesbabe13 The Greatest Risk

25th July 2005:
*bows down, "i am not worthy"* that was awesome!! i totally LOVED it! you should make one-shots more often (maybe one of draco/oc romance) just kidding, lol! i love u! ~brenda~

Author's Response: *blushes* So much bowing lately, for moi? So flattering... :] I'm so glad you liked it, I was kinda feeling unsatisfied with it. Yeah, I've got a slew of one-shots written...I'm not sure if I'll put them up though! heh. Ooh..I love Draco/OC romances...I'll definitely think about it. :D I love you too Brenda and thanks so much for your kind review! <33

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Review #18, by BabyBeeNisbett The Greatest Risk

25th July 2005:
Wow! That was awsome, I have been reading your stories for quite a long time and I must say I am very impressed on how well you are doing! They are spectacualr and I can not wait for them all to be completed! Keep up the awosme work! BabyBee (

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked it! :) Ooh la la, a long time reader! I love you already. Thank you so much for sticking with me, it really means a lot. You know, it surprises me too, how far I've come. I'm getting emotional. lol. Thank yee tremendously for the review! <33

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Review #19, by dreamgazer220 The Greatest Risk

23rd July 2005:
Oh man, I loved this. It was short and to the point, yet it had enough details to make it flow. Excellent. Looking forward to some more chapters of Truth Is A Whisper. *nudge nudge, wink wink*

Author's Response: Yay, I'm so glad you liked it. :) Thank you. lmao! Yeah, I have successfully come up with the idea on chapter 11, so look for it...soon...-ish. Thanks for the review! <3

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Review #20, by silver phoenix The Greatest Risk

22nd July 2005:
That. Was. Brilliant. I'm so honored that you dedicated it to me! And squee, my darling Remus was there! But gasp, Mione referred to Lord Nutcase as "You-Know-Who"! Por que the sudden change my love? You never cease to amaze me with the endless bounds of your writing talent. For that, I bow down to you. We are not worthy.

Author's Response: *grins madly* Thank you so much, it really means a lot. Of course it was dedicated to you! Silly...I'm really glad you liked it, and thank you a million times over for the wonderful compliments. I must say, this was a really nice review! haha :D Thank you, once again <3

Hmm..I thought Hermione always reffered to Lord Voldiemort as You-Know-Who? Oh well...heh.

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