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Reading Reviews for Spinner's End
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Review #1, by Toms Pal Spinner's End

19th June 2009:
Lovely story. Well done.

Author's Response: thanks. happy reading.

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Review #2, by blessedbyLORD Spinner's End

16th June 2009:
alright, if you lost, who the heck won? This story is so awesome that I wish you would keep on going with it, or extend it, it is simply some of the best FF I have read. Thanks for posting.

Author's Response: I have no idea who won. I\\\'ve blocked it out of my memory. moving on... Thanks. i\\\'m glad you like it. No continuations are planned. i am more into the Harry/Ginny pairing. Happy reading.

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Review #3, by adahpfan Spinner's End

19th May 2008:
I like it, very nice, you could maybe write a sequel about harry, luna and narcissa.

Author's Response: Thanks. i am done with that one though. Happy reading.

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Review #4, by badboy_96 Spinner's End

13th April 2008:
i thought it was good but why harry and loony?

Author's Response: i wrote this as a story for a writers duel. It was just after i had read book five. At the end of it there was a slight hint that Harry and Luna may end up with a relationship of some kind. I thought the idea wasa cute one, so i ran with it. happy reading.

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Review #5, by hermysquill Spinner's End

8th February 2008:
awww- this story is so cute! I love it.

Author's Response: thanks. Happy reading.

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Review #6, by fredsdeadboohoo24 Spinner's End

14th January 2008:
i really really liked it. my favorite part was when harry had the dream about Narissa telling Bellatrix to preserve the "pure bloodiness".rock on!

Author's Response: I thought that would adda bit of humor to things. Happy reading.

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Review #7, by fredsdeadboohoo24 Spinner's End

14th January 2008:
i really really liked it. my favorite part was when harry had the dream about Narcissa telling Bellatrix to preserve the "pure bloodiness".rock on! cow!

Author's Response: :) Thanks. Happy reading.

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Review #8, by essenni Spinner's End

7th November 2007:
The title of the story confused me. I thought that it would be about Snape since he lives at the Spinner’s End, but I’m not disappointed that I accidentally read it.
Narcissa is really weird in this story. It becomes funny to read about her muttering something about the purebloods all the time. A bit schizophrenic, I would say.
P.S. It's the Knight Bus not the night bus.

Author's Response: Well, you should know that i wrote ths one for a competition before book 6 was published. All we knew was the title of the chapter. we were supposed to write it as if it was the chapter that might appear in the book. i guess i got it wrong, but i think it is a cute story on it's own. Happy reading.

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Review #9, by Kyoshi Spinner's End

21st September 2007:
sweet story wish there was a little excitment though. best regards

Author's Response: thanks. happy reading.

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Review #10, by Pookha Spinner's End

26th August 2007:
Excellent story. I love Harry/Luna and you managed it with keeping everyone in character.

Author's Response: Thanks. i most like Harry/Ginny, but this one seemed like a cute idea for me after book 5. Happy reading.

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Review #11, by oldvw67 Spinner's End

2nd May 2007:
Fascinating. Excellent as always, but I prefer Harry with Ginny.
Still in all a very good story.

Author's Response: Thanks. I was writing this one for the competitions where all i had to go on was the chapter title of "Spinners End". i actually greatly prefer the Harry/Ginny pairing as well, but I did think it was a cute story for Harry to fall for someone like Luna. i really wanted it to be Harry that was able to look past al of her quirks and see the person she was inside. Hopefully i did that. Thanks again. happy reading.

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Review #12, by veelaeyesforharry Spinner's End

6th April 2007:
E! **High-pitched squeal of joy** That had to be one of the most wonderful HARRY/LUNA-ship story ever! WELL DONE!

Author's Response: Thanks. (blushing) Happy reading.

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Review #13, by ILuvSiriusBlack4Eva Spinner's End

6th April 2007:
harry/luna? um, no.

Author's Response: I know it isn't an easy thing for some people to accept. I am personally a big Harry/Ginny fan, but I was in the mood for something a little different. Happy reading.

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Review #14, by BlackRoses911 Spinner's End

5th April 2007:
Aw, this is so cute! I love it! 10/10!

Author's Response: Thanks. It is my only Harry/luna story I have got :( Happy reading.

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Review #15, by veelaeyesforharry Spinner's End

3rd March 2007:
AWW. . .Their love is so pure!*Sniff-Sniff* lol But seriously Well-DONE!

Author's Response: thanks. happy reading.

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Review #16, by firefawn Spinner's End

19th February 2007:
*claps* Oh I love this story! I can't belive that it didn't win! The last half of it was my favorite, but that is to be expected because Luna is one of my favorite characters, and I love stories where she is in them. The only constructive thing that I could say is that the summary for this ought to be expanded a bit, so that people's interest in it is enticed by the subject matter, and by the Harry/Luna pairing. It's an unusual pairing and a one-shot like this would get a lot of hits on the story finder if it was listed like that, at least I am guessing that it would because I have done searches for that quite a few times, and so few things come up. Lupin was pretty funny at the end of this, and I enjoyed all of the quirks that Luna had, such as how she made her own perfume and was an excellent flier. Narcissa was also a welcome surprise in the story, so great work on working her into this. :) 10/10

Author's Response: Per your suggestion i have expanded the summary a bit in an attempt to draw people in to read it. thanks for the great suggestion. I thought that after the 5th book JKR might be planning to pair Harry and Luna together so that is why I put it in this story. I had heard that she was going to kill off one charater, and I was saddly anticipating it be Luna after Harry fell in love with her. Emotionally for him, I think that would have been even worse than losing Serius. Imagine my surprise when she killed off another character that hurt him as much. i was really hoping to cast Luna in a different light away from school, and have Harry be the one that took the chance to look beyond all of her outward behaviors she exibited at school. I hope i was able to do that for you. I have considered writing another Harry/Luna story in the future, so I'll have to let you know if I do. Thanks for being such a wondeful reader, writer, and reviewer. i am really looking forward to your story updates as well. Happy reading (and writing).

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Review #17, by pens82 Spinner's End

10th September 2006:
great loved it

Author's Response: thanks. It was a fun one to write. i'm glad you enjoyed it. happy reading.

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Review #18, by Fi_B Spinner's End

11th July 2006:
What a lovely story! Your writing is a delight to read! Narcissa's voice was beautifully (surprisingly) calm, and I enjoyed the unfolding of Harry's feelings for Luna. Thanks (and hurry up with finishing 'and the greatest of these'!)

Author's Response: Thank you. I am trying to write more of the story that you said to hurry up on. I have been working insane hourses at work lately, so I don't have much time to write now. More will come on later. happy reading.

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Review #19, by Greeter/The Dark Farie Spinner's End

6th July 2006:
Great story! Actauly I love all of yor stories! Keep writing!

Author's Response: Thanks. i'm glad you do. i hope you will continue to feel the same about anything i write in the future. Happy reading.

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Review #20, by missy Spinner's End

24th May 2006:
is there going to be more ? its excellent

Author's Response: Thanks. Sorry, this was a one time thing. i hadn't really thought about extending it, but... happy reading.

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Review #21, by me Spinner's End

22nd May 2006:
i like it, but i don't think it does your other stories justice, but it's good none the less ~Kate

Author's Response: Thanks. It wasn't easy for mt to write this one since it wasn't connected to any other stories. All in all, i was fairly happy with it. It was a departure from my favorite Harry pairing with Ginny. On to my other story? Happy reading.

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Review #22, by Blyieau Spinner's End

4th May 2006:
This is a great one! Man, you should have won with this. So original!

Author's Response: Thanks. i wasn't really doing it to win. i was just doing it for fun, but thank you for the vote of confinence. happy reading.

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Review #23, by Kal Spinner's End

21st April 2006:
Cute, nice story :)

Author's Response: Thanks. happy reading.

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Review #24, by anahi Spinner's End

6th February 2006:
when will u write more? soon please!!!!

Author's Response: Well, i'll assume you liked it. Thanks. Actually ther are no plans to write any more for this one now. It was for a challenge on this site before JKR's sixth book was written. Feel free to check out my other stories if you want to that are on this site. Thanks again. Happy reading.

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Review #25, by mbstargirl123 Spinner's End

31st December 2005:
That was an awesome story, and I hope you write a sequal! :)

Author's Response: Well, not to this one since it was just for a this on this site. i do have more up so i hope you'll take a look at it even if it is not about this story. Happy reading.

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