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Review #1, by Vella a very screwed up story

31st May 2003:
Funny story. ROTFL!

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Review #2, by Rose a very screwed up story

29th May 2003:
uh huh...yes a bit screwed up. newayz, just so u no, a \'prologue\' iz wot u put @ the beginning of a story, wot the characters were doing that led up to what the rest iz about. an \'epilogue\' goes @ the end of a story. saying wot happened 2 the characters after ur story ended.

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Review #3, by you\'ll never know a very screwed up story

27th May 2003:
that was very... .............. interesting..? It was good... i think you need to make it less confusing, and also come up with an easier plot. oh well... it was good! write some more! i encourage that!!

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Review #4, by evilcourtney a very screwed up story

25th May 2003:
whoa! funny + screwed up + 4 different storylines combining = I LoVE this fic!!!! more screwed up stories please!!! *snerkle* - Murton *laughs so hard that she falls off her chair*

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Review #5, by gwendolyynn a very screwed up story

17th May 2003:
that was a very screwed up story!! i cant belive you added HP and Charmed and that other thing all in one! weird! well... keep writing... i\'d love to know when something happens!!

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