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Reading Reviews for Emotions Running High
9 Reviews Found

Review #1, by Twisted Fate New Names and Fireworks

25th November 2005:
Cool fanfic so far. Hope to see more. Oh and I am adding to my faves.

Author's Response: thanks!!

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Review #2, by Sweet Surrender New Names and Fireworks

25th November 2005:
Cool story so far. But oh dear....that one isn't a firework..Keep up the great work.

Author's Response: thanks! lol well aunt marge seems to think so.

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Review #3, by ems25 The expected but unexpected guest

22nd November 2005:
liking it so far but whats up with ginny???? hope you continue though please no h/hr ship :)

Author's Response: you will see with ginny lol. oh dont worry no h/hr ship. thanks for the review!

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Review #4, by Nina The expected but unexpected guest

13th August 2005:
MEME right more Please dont leave me hanging.LOL. Seriously though you write extremely WELL GA PAL Continue to write

Author's Response: I will right more!! Thanks for the compliment!! You will have to hang a little longer though lol!! Thanks again NiNa I am very happy!!:)

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Review #5, by Nina Introduction

13th August 2005:
Hey MeMe Cool, nice to see a very serious side of you but u should right about Rita more and Harry LOL Bye got to go Keep on writing u are a hero to me LOL BYE

Author's Response: Yes this is a little more serious than Rich Weasley. lol you will learn more about Rita in the next chapter ok? actually maybe chapter four I am not sure yet lol yes i am a hero to many!! Thanks Niesha so much for writing a review for me on here!! You should get an account on here!!

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Review #6, by Lady_Abella The expected but unexpected guest

12th August 2005:
Well I saw some spelling errors, but other then that, nice job! I can't wait until my fourth chapter is validated! Oh, I hope you like it MeMe! Mmmm, I wonder who the expected but unexpected guest is, even though it's obvious lol.

Author's Response: Yes it is obvious isn't it? hehe and thats what is so great about this story haha just kidding! Yes I check back everyday to see if your story has been updated...I wish I wrote somewhat good stories but hey I try hehe! Hey if you wanna be my spell checker thats fine I would love that lol! Thanks again

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Review #7, by Lady_Abella Introduction

12th August 2005:
Hey MeMe! Since you've been so sweet about my story, I decided to check your's out! There was a few grammatical errors, but don't worry because I do it too lol! Well since you wrote this introduction as if no one new Harry's story, you might want to mention who Pettigrew is. Just a little tip. Good job though! :D

Author's Response: Thank you for the tip! I shall listen to my great editor ;)! I try to write stories but I am more talented at reading them lol. I will add an extra paragraph about Mr. Peter Pettigrew since that chapter is so short anyway! Thank you for checking out my story! MeMe

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Review #8, by KiKi Introduction

31st July 2005:
Ireally like ur third chapter. it's very nice. LoL. Can't wait to read more.

Author's Response: SSSSSsshhhh...no one else is supposed to know that you are helping me with my story lol;)! Actually im kinda sneaking on here but im not reading Harry Potter so hmmm i dunno! But thank you for the compliment,pretty soon everyone else can read it too!!

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Review #9, by Parvati_Patil4 Introduction

19th July 2005:
that seems like it....uhmm....i dont know how to explain it...lol...i thought it was really good.

Author's Response: oh thank you very much! I may make some changes to it or I may not continue this story I am not sure yet it is just my story would not fit with the 6th book you know but i dont know I will have to think about it.Thanks again for the rewiew!:)

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