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Review #1, by mspolapotter Dust in the Wind

4th June 2010:
you, my dear truly are my favorite author. you made me CRY! i could've given this a 10, but you killed both Harry and Hermione. i really really really love your stories!i hope your funk passes really soon.i'd love to see more of you.

Author's Response: Aw, thank you so much!! That's too kind of you.

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Review #2, by loveluna Dust in the Wind

15th September 2009:
oh my god! this story was brilliant, and normally i dislike one-shots.
that ending was amazing, i burst into tears. seeing it from ron's perspective somehow made it even more heartbreaking.
i couldn't have imagined a better ending to this - fabulous writing!
i hope you're proud of yourself for making another person cry.
i can't wait to read more of your work!

Author's Response: Aw, thank you!

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Review #3, by TyrannicFeenix Dust in the Wind

1st May 2009:
I don't think you should change a thing. I hate that Harry and Hermione are both dead but at least they didn't die alone. They realised what was important before the end. I think this is better as a one-shot too. It doesn't seem right to continue Ron's story. Excellent work as ever.

Author's Response: Aw, thank you! This was one of my earlier works, so that truly means a lot. And yes, I agree that it should remain a one-shot. It\\\'s their story, not Ron\\\'s. I mean I love Ron, and he was clearly affected by it, but it\\\'s really not that sort of story (see Survivor by atruwriter for an amazing \\\"Ron\\\'s tale\\\" take on an H/Hr death).

Thanks for reviewing! :-)

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Review #4, by gglol16 Dust in the Wind

27th November 2008:
DUDE!!! omg, i'm crying tooo!! i luv the story, omg!

Author's Response: Thank you for reviewing! :-)

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Review #5, by harmony_love Dust in the Wind

29th April 2008: sad...:((.I LOVE IT!!! okay...i'm the person who loves tragic love stories but all of your stories are genius! write more!!!

Author's Response: Hee. Who doesn't love a tragic love story? LOL. Thanks for reviewing! :-)

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Review #6, by jklmy Dust in the Wind

3rd January 2008:
o gawd it was so touching until i cried...

Author's Response: I'm sorry I made you cry! I'm glad you liked it though. Thanks very much for reviewing! :-)

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Review #7, by hajelaz Dust in the Wind

22nd November 2007:
good one :) though didn't expect the love of hermione saving him..

Author's Response: Thank you! :-)

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Review #8, by H4H Dust in the Wind

7th September 2007:
Okay... this is really not my day. This is the second story i read today that brings me to tears... i just want to get shot and dye... Kidding! It is rather depressing though, but stil so good!! Although i have to say, from all your stories i picked exacly this one and "A broken hallellujah" to read in a row! Yes, they're sad, but since they're so great i don't thing i mind.

Anyway, it's once again, and like every story of yours i've read, very good, very well written and with a good plot. I just wished it was a little happier, but oh well, not all stories can end with the oh so famous "and they lived happily ever after" can they? Although they both died, so maybe they did... not lived, but... well, i don't really know how to say it, lets just say they spent eternity together in heaven, hapily ever after!
Besides, i kind of like sad stories, the problem is that i'm out of tissue boxes.

I think what really just blew me off was the "Don't forget about me" line... powerfull stuff... yeah, that was pretty much when i broke into sobs. God... I'm such a girl! Right now you must be thinking that i'm one of those really lame, stupid kids... i should know better by now, i'm seventeen! I think I'm actually quite tough, but when it comes to reading this kind of stuff i just loose it completely.

Well, i loved it, it definitly deserves a 10/10 and it's going to my favourite's list, which by the way it's kind of getting full of your stories!

Author's Response: Aw, I'm so sorry! Hopefully you'll find a slightly happier story soon.

If you're looking for a happier fic from ME, however, please check out "The List," "The Worst Day in the History of England," and "Smile Like You Mean It." They're more humor-centered and not likely to make you cry. *laughs*

And sheesh! I'm sixteen and I STILL cry during Disney movies. Believe me, it's nothing to be ashamed of.

Thanks for reviewing, and thank you SO much for favoriting me! :-)

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Review #9, by anonymous... Dust in the Wind

13th August 2007:
OMGOMGOMG that was so sad bit I loved it i started crying but i still loved it anyways! (it's me again, the person who reviewed the list, i'm not neurotic!!, the alternate GOF, and the other sad one the name of which escapes me...)

Author's Response: Aw, I'm sorry for making you cry. But I'm so glad that you enjoyed it. And thank you for reviewing so many of my stories! It really means a lot.

Thanks for reviewing! :-)

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Review #10, by shadowkitty22 Dust in the Wind

7th July 2007:
That was very well written and terribly sad. I was a little confused at the end there when Ron was talking about their (H/HR) son and daughter. Then I realized that he was talking about what could have been.

Author's Response: Aw, thank you! Yeah, that was a bit confusing, wasn't it? Maybe this story is due for a fifth rewrite... Thanks for reviewing! :-)

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Review #11, by Concused_Duck Dust in the Wind

30th June 2007:
You have a habbit of making me cry!


As much as I hated it , I loved it as well :p

lol and now I don't know what to say. You have rendered me speechless with this one shot!!!

Author's Response: Aw, I'm sorry! I hate making people cry ("then why do you write angst?!" she hears a million people scream). ANYWAY, I'm glad you enjoyed it. I feel really iffy about this one, so your confidence in it really helps. Thanks for reviewing! :-)

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Review #12, by 88 Dust in the Wind

18th June 2007:
This was very impressive. The story was organised so much.
Thank you for writing

Author's Response: Aw, thank you! :-)

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Review #13, by dont have one... Dust in the Wind

7th June 2007:
amazing i am like sobbing! i am such a sap! anyway this was really good. I know what you mean about killing off the characters! I hate doing that in stories i write! but sometimes it makes them better because not every story ends happy. anyways i love this story, your an amazing writer!

Author's Response: Aw, thank you. I'm glad you enjoyed it, even if you did find it sad. Thanks so much for reading! :-)

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Review #14, by perfect_lily Dust in the Wind

11th May 2007:
Your not the only sap! You bloody prat your story is so damn emotional it made me cry! I absolutely LOVE it, along with all your other story I have to say this a masterpiece, really its amazing! I've only cried once on a fan fiction, this being my second time proving to myself I'm a sappy hopeless romantic. 10/10

Author's Response: Aw, thank you! I'm sorry I made you, cry though. :-( I didn't mean to -- well, okay, I did, but I didn't actually EXPECT any one to.

Thank you so much for the kind compliment. It really means a lot, especially as how little I often think of this story. And if it makes you feel any better, I cry whenever I listen to "You and Me." :-)

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Review #15, by the_real_mrs_potter Dust in the Wind

4th March 2007:
that was the sweetest, saddest, one-shot i've ever read. you are now one of my favorite authers. H/HR 4EVA!!!

Author's Response: Aw, thank you so much! I really appreciate it. And I loved your last sentence. :-)

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Review #16, by liandhate Dust in the Wind

21st February 2007:
i am bawling my eyes out. if u even think about changing the ending i will cry even more. it is so amazing. u are such an amazing author. i love everyone of your stories. they are absolutly wonderfully fantastic. i looked up your favourite authors and actually was screamed when i saw my name. i do not understand how u could have me on your favourites. flattered doesn't even begin to explain. u are deffinetly my most favourite author on this whole website. i am not even kidding at all.

Author's Response: Aw! I'm so sorry I caused you to cry. And I'm not planning on changing the ending anytime I think that was the last time I've changed it for a while.

What story did you write? I'd really like to know, since you weren't logged in when you wrote this.

Thank you so much for your kind words. You have no idea what it means. :-)

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Review #17, by Ugly_Duckling Dust in the Wind

18th January 2007:
I think you should leave it as it is. Although I think Harry being made int o the seventh horcrux is a bit far fetched.10/10

Author's Response: Thanks for the review! I'm personally not so sure on Harry...if Rowling wants to end the series completely, she might just do that (though I'd personally be mad...anything I write in my stories are rubbish, so, wouldn't want to read it in her own writing). Thanks for the review! :-)

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Review #18, by Cedrics_gurl Dust in the Wind

14th January 2007:
o man, i always thought harry was a horcrux and was about to write a story about it called the sixth Horcrux- now you'll think i copied you!

Author's Response: LOL. No I won't! Go on ahead. I'm sure it will be great. Thanks for reviewing! :-)

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Review #19, by Ripley Dust in the Wind

2nd January 2007:
I think it's wonderful. And yes I'm a sap too. It seems that everyone wants to look over the fact that our beloved trio can die, and that they have true fears in their lives. You did a good job of showing that.

Author's Response: Yay for being sappy. I'm a total sap. LOL. And yeah, no one does want to see them die (I personally don't, though I'm afraid Hermione will...*sobs*). Thanks so much for the kind review! :-)

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Review #20, by LunarKasumi Dust in the Wind

31st December 2006:
what is with you huh? your making me cry tonight! do you like that HUMPH!! ... gr8 story

Author's Response: Aw, I'm sorry! I don't enjoy making people cry...I just enjoy writing bad angst stories. LOL. Thanks so much for the review, though. :-)

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Review #21, by harryginny Dust in the Wind

6th December 2006:
*sobs* and more sobbing
why would you do that? why? dont you care about ME at all?!
you almost made me cry and although you dont know me thats a very high achievement i dont cry, im like hermione in your other story with evil ginny
10/10 loved it even tho it was sad

Author's Response: Aw, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to make you cry, honest! Okay, that would be a lie. I absolutely wrote this story with the intention to make people cry, but...gah. I seem to be having trouble expressing myself through words.

ANYWAY. Thank you so much. It means a lot that you think so highly of my story. Thanks for the review! And sorry for almost making you cry. :-) (

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Review #22, by Dhargey Dust in the Wind

31st October 2006:
Great story ... also incredibly depressing. I give it a 10.

Author's Response: Yeah, it is, isn't it (depressing that is)? *Sighs* I tend to enjoy writing depressing things. I suppose that means there's something wrong with Hopefully not. Thanks for the review! :-)

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Review #23, by ladyemma Dust in the Wind

14th October 2006:
This story was so sad! But I love this song. The first time I heard Dust in the Wind was with my first playdate with my best friend, because her dad was playing a Sarah Brightman cd. So this story brings fond memories. I feel so bad for Ron. I know its always hard to loose a friend, because one of mine died last year.

Author's Response: Aw, thank you! I'm glad you like it. I'm glad it brought back fond memories, even though it is sad (and not that well written...*sighs*).

I'm so sorry about your friend! I can't imagine what it would be like, but know that you have my sympathy.

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Review #24, by liandhate Dust in the Wind

18th September 2006:
that was so powerful.
make a sequel where they meet up in heaven.

Author's Response: Thanks so much! However, I'm not that a religious person, so I don't think, if I were to do a sequel, it would be about Cute idea though...very fluffy. Thanks for reviewing! :-)

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Review #25, by sentiness Dust in the Wind

21st August 2006:
OMG. There are tears steaming down my face right now and I hold you responsible! *sob* Touching. Really.

Author's Response: Aw, I'm so sorry! Please forgive me. I'm glad you liked it though. Thank you for reviewing. :-)

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