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Review #1, by DirtyLittleSecret Whisky Lullaby

2nd June 2006:
Really good story - and excellent ending. I love songfics. You do them well.

Author's Response: Wow thanks. I'm glad to know someone likes them. I don't usually read them I just write them.


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Review #2, by lunadragonfly Whisky Lullaby

17th February 2006:
Tears!!!!!!!!!!! lots of tears!!!, that was sad, so very very sad, but yet so lovely........... arr, loved it, great job,,,............ cryings evil.....

Author's Response: Awwe thank you, I don't want to make people cry, but I do love the song, and I had to write the fic, it just called to me. Thanks <3 *~*Sarah*~*

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Review #3, by MoonlightShadowMD Whisky Lullaby

25th November 2005:
awwww *tear* I was like...noooo... good story though...awww..

Author's Response: thank you very much. i make so many people cry =/

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Review #4, by naya_xoxo Whisky Lullaby

22nd November 2005:
I know you will get alot of people saying this...but the tears wont stop!!!

Author's Response: Awwwww

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Review #5, by Swish_N_Flick Whisky Lullaby

20th September 2005:
Wow. Simply wow. Never has a fanfic made me cry before. I loved it.

Author's Response: I KEEP MAKING PEOPLE CRY :'(

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Review #6, by posers_sux Whisky Lullaby

10th September 2005:
Oh! That was the sweetest story i have ever yet read on this site!! I have never almost cried from a fan fic berfore until now. This is one of my favorite songs, and you did a wonderful job of 'reenacting' it. Great, fantastic, wonderful, briliant, and all the other words describe your story =).

Author's Response: Wow, thank you. I'm sorry that my fic almost made you cry. Thank you so much... *~*Sarah*~*

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Review #7, by iCeSk8Er28 Whisky Lullaby

29th August 2005:
I LOVE the story!! I also know the song and you did a great job. I have one question though, was the line from the end of the story from Ever After (the movie)?, because I love that one too!! Great Job!!!

Author's Response: I've never heard of the movie, but that line is rather cliched... i figured that i could pull it off though. *~*Sarah*~*

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Review #8, by Kitiara Starfire Whisky Lullaby

1st August 2005:
*cries* what an awesome story. I just love that song too.

Author's Response: I know, that song is so beautiful. I love it :) Thanks for the review :) *~*Sarah*~*

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Review #9, by kaira krush Whisky Lullaby

25th July 2005:
the story brought tears, well done. (:

Author's Response: I'm glad that I'm getting so many reviews, but I'm sad that almost 3/4 of the people who are reviewing cried. I'm sorry :(

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Review #10, by Serpent_Love Whisky Lullaby

25th July 2005:
omg....that was AWESOME!!! i loved it!!! gosh, you almost had me crying there at the end!!! great job!!

Author's Response: Thanks bunches, I just wonder how people could cry because of my story. I sure as heck didn't while writing, but thanks for the review! *~*Sarah*~*

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Review #11, by Maggie Whisky Lullaby

24th July 2005:
That was an amazing story...I downloaded the song and listened to it while reading it and I was's so sad but so well written...keep it up.

Author's Response: thank you so much, i'm going to keep writing one shots and my story, so enjoy :D i'm glad my story reaches people

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Review #12, by tomhg831560 Whisky Lullaby

18th July 2005:
so sad

Author's Response: yeah. i was going for that. thx for reviewing! *~*Sarah*~*

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Review #13, by Baybeetricia Whisky Lullaby

16th July 2005:
I am crying right now. THIS IS SO SAD. No story have ever made me cry like this and I congratulate you. This is awesome. This is so in my favorites

Author's Response: Aww thank you! I've never written anything that made someone cry before, except a poem I gave to my best friend after her boyfriend broke up with her. Thanks for the add in the favorites! *~*Sarah*~*

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Review #14, by Elke Whisky Lullaby

15th July 2005:
I loved it :). It was rather sad though. But hey, you did a wonderful job and keep writing. x

Author's Response: Thanks muchly, I'm glad my story had a good affect on people. Sad, but good. Thanks for reviewing, it means alot.

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