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Review #1, by elvengirl Inhuman Socks

27th February 2007:
I really like this story!
It is so cute!
This will go in my favs!

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Review #2, by voldy_sucks88 Inhuman Socks

5th March 2006:
:O i must say that was shocking!!! but good!! but still i think my eyes nearly fell out from shock!

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Review #3, by AmberEloquence Inhuman Socks

22nd July 2005:
I'm here! *“And I definitely didn’t know she would mistaken you for me. It should be mistake instead of mistaken. *"Of course not my fellow private!" There should be a comma after Of course not. *"OKAY! I get the point." Lee scowled, and he appeared to be in deep thought. That dialogue should have ended in a comma instead of a period. *"Bloody hell, I knew we had forgotten something George!" There should be a comma after I knew we had forgotten something. *The waist length, blonde hair girl seemed to be unfazed by her words. It should be haired instead of hair. *Be careful to watch out for its vs. it's, because I noticed you've used it's instead of its at one point. *Seeker should be capitalized. *'The' in The Quibbler should be capitalized, as well as Quibbler. *All the school subjects should be capitalized (like Charms). *I've noticed that on more than one occasion, you write dialogue, add a tag (ie he said or she said etc.), you add a comma, and then write more dialogue. In the cases I've seen you doing this, there should be a period there, and not a comma. *"Hey! Is she in the common room alone!" That second part is a question, and should therefor end in a question mark. *With a growl, Cho stormed away in frustration of the twins antics. It should be twins' antics to signify it's an act that they have "posessed". *"NO! That's bloody idiotic, you git." George exclaimed,.... That dialogue should end with a comman, not a period. *This was really sweet! I think the description was just right, and everybody was IC. Fred, George, and Lee are all very well IC, and most people aren't good with them, so nice job.


Author's Response: Thanks! That was the most helpful review I've ever received. Not only will this review help me clean up my writing, but I'll probably get a better percentage in school, :-P. I'll make sure to keep everything you said in mind. And I'll get around to editing the story as well. I'll put a thank you on the bottom of the story when I get around to fixing it.

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