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Review #1, by Sir Squigglim The First Marauder

6th November 2007:
i like it! i found it almost scary to see james so serious... but it was a good type of scary, if that makes sense at all... anyway... you had really good dialouge.. i love dialouge... im a suker for it!

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Review #2, by simply_impossible The First Marauder

9th May 2006:
That is so sweet. I have read so many renditions of the 'Marauders finding out Remus is a werewolf' fics but this one is definately my favourite. I have a new level of respect for James.

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Review #3, by Peaches and Pie The First Marauder

18th February 2006:
LOL I liked this a lot.

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Review #4, by raylees_12 The First Marauder

13th January 2006:
This was pretty good but maybe a bit too intimate, you know hwat I mean?

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Review #5, by m.p. palmour The First Marauder

28th November 2005:
I love your story. I wish it were longer, how about writeing a story after this one about them becoming animagus. It was a geart story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Review #6, by potterfanatica The First Marauder

22nd August 2005:
This story is fantastic. I wish it was much longer! you left me needing more!

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Review #7, by _alechia_ The First Marauder

6th August 2005:
very nicley written, a little more description would round out your writting style

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Review #8, by mystwriter The First Marauder

6th August 2005:
Oh bravo! Very good. Right tone throughout.

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Review #9, by DeTaineD_drummer The First Marauder

25th July 2005:
I am officially in love with this story...I especially like how Peter seems to be included in the Marauders (which is actually very rare that he's treated like an equal) but he's still the butt of James' joke. Good job. Keep up the good work.

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Review #10, by elfbwillow The First Marauder

21st July 2005:
Very good writing - a pity it is just one chapter - could more chapters come?? lol - Very good!

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Review #11, by Mew Chocolate The First Marauder

17th July 2005:
Wow!! I loved this story!! Even though the part about him crying was a little too dramatic for me.. anyway it was a really good story! YAY! Moony!

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Review #12, by 62442almystery The First Marauder

12th July 2005:
It was great the way James talked to Remus about it. Coincidenttaly, I just started writing my first fan fiction called The Marauder, The Betrayal, and Harry. It's first chapter is called The First (Last) Marauder and it has Remus' thoughts in it about being a werewolf and the other three Marauders becoming Animagi. It's in limbo but please read and review it when it's posted.

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