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Review #1, by erised straeh Uninvited

1st March 2006:
I dunno if you asked that one question a long time ago, but I remember a chapter saying like "It was her birthday but no one would remember it, it had it marked on her calendar" And Hermione ended up getting something and blah blah...Yeah. You probably wrote this like 9238742938 million years ago. K, bye.

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Review #2, by Queen of Lions Uninvited

23rd January 2006:
OMG! I've read PSSMHSL, I knew saren was abused but not this Bad! Please continue!

Author's Response: uggh i felt stupid, i didnt know what pssmhsl meant and it took me so long to figure it out. yeah, i dont really talk about it much in the first story.

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Review #3, by Riley 257 Uninvited

3rd January 2006:
I have to say it again the banner I LOVE IT IT'S SO BEAUTIFUL AND COOL, especially for me since i'm a huge fan of Ashlee Simpson.

Author's Response: mmhmm, the banner is my favourite ever. notreally. it took forever to make. not really. lol

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Review #4, by annie Overdrive

8th August 2005:
oh, yeah, right, well, I'm Fiddler's_Elem2 in case you didn't figure that out. sorry if that's kinda confusing, I don't have a whole lot of common sense and didn't stop to think that through. whatever, forget it

Author's Response: lol...

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Review #5, by nicepixy Uninvited

5th August 2005:
aaaw..that was soo sad. please update soon this is is really good. ta ta.

Author's Response: thank you, i will update

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Review #6, by nicepixy Overdrive

5th August 2005:
That didnt suck.. I like it. I like i' a lo' That was so funny what she said to pansy.. And so sad what happened to draco.. Please keep writing. ta ta.

Author's Response: lmao - thank you =) im glad you like it.

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Review #7, by annie Overdrive

4th August 2005:
hey, i looked closely at the banner and had my friends reassure me that you did not put Hilary on that banner, but now it's driving us all crazy, WHO THE HECK IS THAT GIRL ON THE FAR RIGHT? Do you know or did you just pick her out of thin air?

Author's Response: the whole banner is ashlee simpson.

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Review #8, by annie Overdrive

2nd August 2005:
ok,so it's not hilary duff. i just thought it was her in the background. anyway, did you make the banner youself then? cuz i am looking for a banner person so even though i hate the people on this banner, i still think it looks nice, so if you'd be willing to make me one i'd appriciate it. my penname is miagirl04. ok, thanx

Author's Response: okay, i do make my own banners, but when i make them for people it takes a long time. i can try, if you want me to.

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Review #9, by gabby Uninvited

2nd August 2005:

Author's Response: =(

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Review #10, by gabby Overdrive

2nd August 2005:
goodness... you write about abuse a lot...that is soo sad

Author's Response: i know =(

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Review #11, by Fiddlers_Elem2 Overdrive

1st August 2005:
First, thank you for taking that so nicely. Also, I'm pretty sure HIlary Duff is in the background of this banner to the far right, but I might be wrong. And no, you are correct, I didn't read the story because I have no idea who Saren is and thought it best to have some idea of that before reading her life story or whatever it is that this is. Maybe I will read the story some day, but I just felt the need to comment on the banner because as I said, I hate everyone pictured on it. Alright, just thought I'd explain that. - Annie

Author's Response: Just to let you know, it's not hilary duff. i made the banner myself and i would know. i guess it just looks like her. but someday if you read this maybe you'll like it. who knows? i don't

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Review #12, by Fiddlers_Elem2 Overdrive

24th July 2005:
I dont know that i've ever seen a banner with so many people i hate on it... HILARY DUFF SUCKS!!

Author's Response: aww you're CUTE. but darling, none of my banners have hilary duff on them. it's ashlee simpson, and if you hate her. i'd have to agree. i just think she fits the image of my character. but you wouldn't know, cause you didnt even read the story did you? HEHHEHEHE

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Review #13, by hp fan Uninvited

15th July 2005:
hey, plez continue - no i dont know her b'day but i think that u did mention it vaguly once (it woz rachels and sarens b'day and they thought that everyone had forgotten but they hadnt really)- also i thought that saren's mom woz nice and it woz only her father that woz abusive! update soon on ALL of ur stories - especially screaming somthingorother!

Author's Response: lol its screaming infidelities. and i am going to continue this story, i'm writing a few more chapters before i submit the rest though. oh and i'm going to try to update screaming really soon so keep checking back. thanks for being my first reviewer for this story.

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