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Review #1, by Ydnas Odell how Ginny got rich

31st December 2014:
Funny! Well done!

Nicely absurd!

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Review #2, by gliter girl how Ginny got rich

5th February 2010:
hahahahahahhahah that was f* hilarious!

Author's Response: Glad you liked it!

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Review #3, by ... how Ginny got rich

9th October 2005:
Hah. That was pretty funny, voldemort laughing? snape stripping? LOL! *rofl*

Author's Response: aww thanks a bunch I am really glad you liked it. yeah lots of people think the snape part is rather funny; ) thanks again for the review!!

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Review #4, by Nina how Ginny got rich

13th August 2005:
Meme that was so funny u told me about it but i had no idea.LOL Bye Love the story GA bud

Author's Response: Thank you! I am really glad it made you laugh!! Oh yes my GA buddy (and best friend) I am very happy you read it!! Thanks again MeMe :D

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Review #5, by The Lioness how Ginny got rich

1st August 2005:
*grins* Now I see why Kimberly (GreatestGryffindor) recommended it! That was awesome! Great job. Very funny!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I owe so much to Kimberly! I will definitly read all her stories but the problem is that I am grounded from reading HP for TWO WEEKS!! I am very pleased that you liked it! Thanks again and again and again lol! MeMe

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Review #6, by GreatestGryffindor how Ginny got rich

31st July 2005:
hahahahahahahaha!!!!! This was hilarious!!! Voldemort singing along?!?!?! *Falls on floor laughing* hehe...I loved it. Great job! Going on my favorites, and I'm putting a note on my author' page for all my readers to read it!!! Great job!!! Hehe...That was really great.:)

Author's Response: Thank you so much! Oh i could go for some advertisement lol!! I am really glad that you liked it!! Everyone seems to think that the Snape and Volemort parts are funny(I wrote this before hp6) anyway thanks again!! MeMe

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Review #7, by pure blood prince how Ginny got rich

26th July 2005:
hahahaha that is funny i got to say, but it should have bin longer. Plz write another story soon i miss reading realy funny ones :)

Author's Response: HAHA thanks very much! I might do another humor i guess since a lot of people seem to like them better. I am writing a story called emotions running high,it is not humor...I will try to think of another humor to make you happy:) Thanks again

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Review #8, by MoonLight25 how Ginny got rich

15th July 2005:
HAHAHAHAHA!!! That was halarious! I always think that Snape doing stupid things are funny... But that was great =)

Author's Response: thank you very very much:D moonlight! congrats on being my first EVER review person!!! what an honor lol anyway I am very glad you liked it!!

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