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Review #1, by Draco's Sweetheart Chapter 2

3rd October 2010:
wow! that's...just wow!

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Review #2, by Draco's Sweetheart chapter 1

3rd October 2010:
wow good job! nice chapter!

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Review #3, by Siria_LOL Chapter 2

21st November 2007:
Cool story :) thought it waz awesome.

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Review #4, by poisoned_thoughts Chapter 2

13th July 2006:
i think this is a hilarious story. and i can't wait for the next chapter. peace

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Review #5, by moonlightbeam Chapter 2

5th July 2006:
haha this story is so funny plz continue

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Review #6, by sirius_jamie Chapter 2

17th December 2005:
you have to update! pleassssssssssssssssssssssssssssse?!?! lol -- it's just to good to stop here!

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Review #7, by mudbloodgirl123 Chapter 2

26th November 2005:
you going to hurry with the next chapter or what?!?!

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Review #8, by sirius_jamie chapter 1

15th November 2005:
I loove this story. you gotta update REAL soon! ...please? lol

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Review #9, by Electric*Blue Chapter 2

11th November 2005:
I love this story, that I think you should right more because the idea that Sirius and the mystrey girl might fall in love in THIS way is fantastic! I think your really using your imagination to make this as creative as possible!! Keep the good writing up!

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Review #10, by mudbloodgirl123 Chapter 2

5th November 2005:
hahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahhahahahhahahahahhaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you have to keep going!!!!

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Review #11, by Moony_Emily Chapter 2

29th October 2005:
once again, really funny! Update soon!

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Review #12, by Moony_Emily chapter 1

29th October 2005:
hehehe, this is really funny! I'm a bit confused on where they are and how they both got into the room, but really good job! Off to chapter two!

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Review #13, by sirius_jamie Chapter 2

7th September 2005:
i love this story --- plzzz update asap! it looks like its gonna go somewhere good!

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Review #14, by gwtw Chapter 2

4th September 2005:
are you gonna write another one soon? please? he.

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Review #15, by tara Chapter 2

23rd August 2005:
plz plz plz plz plz plz plz continue ur story. its good so far..

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Review #16, by Steelers Baby9892 Chapter 2

13th August 2005:
PLEASE hurry up and write the next one!!! That was SOOO good!!!!

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Review #17, by tara chapter 1

11th August 2005:
i think its great so far looking forward to more chapters

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Review #18, by moi Chapter 2

9th August 2005:
very funny, keep it going!

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Review #19, by Cranky_J Chapter 2

5th August 2005:
where the hell are they.... and why the hell are they together... its nice and all but you need to be a little more descreet

Author's Response: i'm sorry to say but i do not understand what u mean by descreet. do u mean sirius should be less open about what he wants? or something else? but thank u for the critisism. it is much needed. Elswhere

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Review #20, by skyeblack Chapter 2

5th August 2005:
wow this chapter was really good

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Review #21, by skyeblack chapter 1

5th August 2005:
great start just love it

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Review #22, by siriusly_hot Chapter 2

2nd August 2005:
cool story, i really like it, keep writing and it'll keep reading! only one question: why do i keep saying no to Sirius? that's not something that I would do!!!!

Author's Response: thanks for the compliments. the reason u keep saying no to sirius is because i don't want u to just instantly fall into his arms. i want him to grow on u. but don't worry. there will be some action soon enough. if i can actually write the next chapter...

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Review #23, by kixi Chapter 2

1st August 2005:
oo, me like! keep up the good work! hope the next one will be up sooooon -kixi=D

Author's Response: thank u! hopefully with that encouragment it will be!

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Review #24, by mari Chapter 2

30th July 2005:
Hey, saw this over here and thought I'd review here as well. Sirius always seems to find a way to get a look at things that are none of his business... I wonder what I shall do to him... Hope to see another chapter soon!

Author's Response: if i get off my lazy butt i wil!! but thanks for reveiwing left and right!! and yes sirius should keep his eyes to himself. but he's about to learn that in a second. hehehe

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Review #25, by Kerry chapter 1

27th July 2005:
That was really good! Can't wait to read more! :)

Author's Response: well second chappies up and running. thanks for the compliments!!!

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