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Review #1, by Clara Where Do You Think We Are?

7th June 2011:
Whoa. The ending... it just left me with my mouth hanging open. That was NOT what I expected. It was so SAD! And that little scene with Hermione just made me crack up. Love it!

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Review #2, by TnT713 Where Do You Think We Are?

7th May 2010:
that's all I have to say.

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Review #3, by Lady Malfoy of Gisbourne Where Do You Think We Are?

30th December 2009:
I love this story sooo much! very cleverly written! was it you who wrote nyphadora and the forbidden forest? if so what was Russ's ability? me and my friend have been wondering since you stopped writing!!
love Lady Malfoy of Gisbourne x

Author's Response: hey, sorry I am so long getting back to you! I wrote that tonks story years ago. if I can find my notes on it, I'll let you know what he's ability is! so sorry I can't remember offhand

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Review #4, by Rettopyrrah Where Do You Think We Are?

9th June 2009:
Oh. My. Word.


Gosh. I'm blubbering like a right idiot now.


: wanders off and adds to favourites :

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Review #5, by Flutterbydream Where Do You Think We Are?

20th April 2009:
Perfection in a bottle, this story is :)

I will gladly add this to my favourites!

Jess Xx

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Review #6, by Vanished Petunia Where Do You Think We Are?

1st March 2009:
Where this fic ended up is NOT where I thought it was going. Absolutely brilliant and wrenching, really.


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Review #7, by floss bucket Where Do You Think We Are?

17th May 2008:
that's so sad! ;( It took me a while to figure out what was going on, but when i did, i was so sad ;( You've got the emotion really well in this fic, well done!

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Review #8, by henryjones Where Do You Think We Are?

4th March 2008:
so i think i missed something in this story. was sirius in remus imagination? or was he a ghost? it really confused me at the end. other than that, though, i really liked this. thank you for writing it! ;)

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Review #9, by Harrysgirl35 Where Do You Think We Are?

6th January 2008:
This was a good story! It's going on my faves! 100/10

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Review #10, by Ginny_Alamalexia Where Do You Think We Are?

9th November 2007:

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Review #11, by Moonylupin Where Do You Think We Are?

17th October 2007:
Wow, that's almost all I can say. The way you had Remus and Sirius, I was thinking that this took place before Order of the Phoenix and that Sirius wasn't dead yet. The way you did this was brilliant, I love the idea of Remus talking to Sirius and not realizing he wasn't there. This was brilliant and very sad at the end when you realize what happened.

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Review #12, by dazedelf Where Do You Think We Are?

31st August 2007:
OMG!! That was bloody amazing I swear. I was wondering the whole time what Remus was upset about but I never did figure it was Sirius' death. It was very sorta sixth sense lol. I love mysteries though and I thought they were pretty difficult to write but this was brilliant. I loved it if u cant already tell. Great job this is heading straight to my favs =D

Author's Response: thank you, that's so kind :) I'm glad you enjoyed it

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Review #13, by black enchilada Where Do You Think We Are?

10th August 2007:
oh thats soo sad...really really sad and emotional but i luved it...very good...does hermione no remus is seeing sirius?? its really sad!!! poor remus!

Author's Response: no, she doesn't know. but thank you :)

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Review #14, by Rosa Where Do You Think We Are?

26th July 2007:
I love this. Just as much as I love that episode of Scrubs. Good but makes me sad

Author's Response: me too, thank you

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Review #15, by SpringAngel Where Do You Think We Are?

26th July 2007:
Another amazing story! I love your writing and I can't wait to read more!

Author's Response: thank you :)

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Review #16, by amdk Where Do You Think We Are?

11th July 2007:
I was slightly confused at first, trying to figure out where this scene was placed in reference to the books, but then I finally understood. Poor Remus. :[ It was a very lovely one-shot; wonderful job!

Author's Response: Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed it

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Review #17, by Kerryanah Black Where Do You Think We Are?

25th June 2007:
heart wrenching, i wrote a story loosly based on the scrubs episode as well (havn't had a chance to put it up yet), guess its a popular episode

Author's Response: I guess so :) thanks

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Review #18, by Linebelle Where Do You Think We Are?

13th June 2007:
This story has been among my favourites for a very long time, and I only just noticed that I had never even left a review. Well, better now than never.
This must be the saddest story on this site, and most certainly the only one that can reduce me to tears! It is just too good for words. You have a talent I can only dream of. Every single detail, every line are spot on, and the feeling, the laughter even, all of it makes it so incredibly powerful. I could carry on writing compliments for a very long time, but somehow, I think they wouldn't be enough.

Author's Response: Thank you so much for the kind review. I'm so touched that you think it was powerful, and that was a really lovely review. thanks =]

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Review #19, by Starving_Author Where Do You Think We Are?

6th June 2007:
I'm actually Serenity0047 on the archives, but on the forums I'm Starving_Author. I knew the outcome of this the moment I read the title. I love Scrubs and that was one of my favorite episodes. So touching. This was so well written though too. Tore my heart out. Love those kind of fics.

Author's Response: Oh dear. -gives back heart- I just loved that episode and sought to see if I could do it justice at all. I'm so glad you enjoyed it

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Review #20, by Dark Princess Where Do You Think We Are?

24th May 2007:
Wow . . . Just utterly wow. There are really no words that I can think of to describe my feelings adequately about this story; that's how utterly wonderful it is.

The emotion throughout the fic is perfect -- not too much, but not too little. I absolutely LOVE the way that you portray everyone in this story, especially Sirius and Remus. Sirius's characterisation is spot-on perfect; it has the right mixture of casual, elegant, mischief, etc.; in other words, everything that makes Sirius Sirius.

My absolute favourite part of the entire thing (if I had to choose just a single scene) was the very end, when everything comes together. It's extremely powerful, I think, because your characterisation and interaction between Sirius and Remus makes Sirius seem alive; it's like he is right there throughout the entire story, which makes the ending when it's revealed he's actually dead even more poignant and powerful.

So I give you a GREAT job on achieving that.

The writing, also, is vastly emotional, powerful, and skillful all through the story, not just the ending. The scenes with Sirius and Remus reliving the memories are PERFECT . . . Just PERFECT . . . and they really make the ending even that more heart-wrenching.

Normally, when reading an emotional story like this one, all that I get is maybe a bit teary-eyed, but VERY rarely do the tears actually fall from my eyes. So, really, the biggest compliment that I can offer you on this front is that I actually had to step away from the computer and wipe the tears from my face before I could come back and leave a review. That is how utterly brilliant I think this is.

(I apologise if this review sounds like I'm rambling a bit too much. I usually like leaving reviews that are longer than one line, and this story, especially, deserves a great review, but I'm still just overwhelmed with it.)

Thank you SO MUCH for sharing this wonderful story, and I'm definitely favouriting it and giving it a 10/10 (I should give a 40/10, but as that's not quite available, I'll have to settle for the 10/10).


Author's Response: Thank you so much! That's one of the nicest reviews I've ever gotten. I'm so touched that you were brought to tears with this fic. The episode of Scrubs its based on made me cry, if it's any consolation! You've really given me such high praise, and I'm really very grateful. Thank you for the kind words!

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Review #21, by Bibbs Where Do You Think We Are?

22nd May 2007:

hm. I told you in chat that I had read your Gideon and Fabian story, but that I had never reviewed, but that you were on my favorite authors... hehe. After we did a little chatting, I figured it'd be nice to at least review, especially since you were on my favorites and you had never heard one single word from me. This is the story that caught my eye.

so... *bursts into tears* lol. It all made so much sense in the end. I had to go back and reread it to actually see if anybody else at all had had contact with Sirius. But no, Sirius stopped himself from touching Harry, and Harry never did say anything to him. It was only to Remus. The Hermione scene made so much more sense after I had read the ending... at the same time, that was one of the saddest parts and I don't know why. Just that she couldn't see him, I guess. I dont know why that seemed so sad to me.

I had been wondering what Harry was pouting about up in that room, but again, everything made much more sense once I got to the ending. How Sirius told Remus it wasn't Harry's fault, and everything. I really loved how you characterized Sirius throughout the entire thing. He is so casual, the way he just walks in and sits on the windowsill and waits. He is perfect.

The worse (or best, but saddest) was by far when Remus looks around and Sirius is gone. He had just been there! :( They had just spent a happy hour laughing at old memories... and then he is gone. To say it is bittersweet is an understatement that probably only Remus can understand. It's got to be like losing him all over again.

Anyway... I rarely RARELY cry over anything. And I didn't cry over this, but I did get a lump in my throat, and that is saying something :) And sorry, I always leave fairly long reviews because I just cant ever seem to shut up. But it was wonderful, I really liked it.

Author's Response: Aw bibbs! look at that big ol' long review! totally brightened up my day, I love essay-length reviews! I'm glad that it all went off seamlessly, because I really did want to make it seem like he was there all along. It's a little cruel, I think, in retrospect, to have given Remus that little bit of joy and have it taken away from him so suddenly. My God, I'm mean! I'm so happy that it moved you enough to give you a lump in your throat. It will be my mission to make you cry! hah, that's mean too... I really am a Slytherin, huh? thanks for reviewing!

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Review #22, by nickelei Where Do You Think We Are?

30th January 2007:
Oh wow,that was great. I thought Sirius was alive the entire time. It was so sweet, and Remus thought he was talking to him the entire time. The best part had to be with Hermione. When Remus ended up just laughing at nothing, because Sirius wasn't even there. This was a great one shot. One of my favorites. =D

Author's Response: thank you dear! I'm glad you enjoyed it. it was a fun one to write, but it made me sad, too. I don't like believing that Sirius is dead.

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Review #23, by wired2damoon Where Do You Think We Are?

18th January 2007:
Wow!! That was so sad I really think I'll cry!! It was fantastically written and I rate it 10/10!! Its also going in my faves like most of your stories!! haha!! Well done again on another brill fic!! ~wired2damoon~

Author's Response: hah, thank you ^^ and thank you for such a generous rating!

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Review #24, by Crispey Where Do You Think We Are?

25th June 2006:

Great story. I'm impressed. Well written and you did a good job with Remus being the only one who could see Sirius. Good fic!

Author's Response: Thank you! I love that episode, I just had to write about it! Glad you enjoyed it :)

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Review #25, by xox_mrs_potter_xox Where Do You Think We Are?

22nd June 2006:
oh my gosh! i love this story. this morning i have been reading all of your stories and i adore you as an author! this is such a well thought out story. absolutley love it! great job.

Author's Response: Aw, thank you so much. That's really so sweet, I'm glad you enjoyed them :)

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