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Review #1, by xx Obliviate Femmus

15th March 2006:
I like this story and hope that you both will continue with it cause it will be a disappointment if you don't! Anyway update soon please.

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Review #2, by Settle Enough for One Night

19th December 2005:
honey's that's great .. ... Lily i'm proud of you and Michelle that's excellent, i'll see you guys hopefully soon :D luv settle

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Review #3, by anominouscuteily For Want of Some Cufflinks

25th October 2005:
just upd8!

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Review #4, by Sara For Want of Some Cufflinks

14th October 2005:
Excellent work! Harry set Hermione up pretty good if you ask me! I can't wait until the next chapter! Harry and Hermione forever and always!!

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Review #5, by H/G fan For Want of Some Cufflinks

4th October 2005:
Harry doesn't waltz. This SUCKS. HARRY AND GINNY ALL THE WAY!

Author's Response: if you dont like it then don't read it. plain and simple

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Review #6, by unsightly child For Want of Some Cufflinks

3rd October 2005:
hallo, interesting stiry and yet..... well its AWIP thank you for your time the unsightly child

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Review #7, by adri For Want of Some Cufflinks

24th September 2005:
lol mione's naughty hahaha anyway great chapter update asap!!!

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Review #8, by Smith Under The Influence

1st August 2005:
It was great, Iwould love to read more!

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Review #9, by endora Under The Influence

21st July 2005:
nice work, lily and friend! very amusing. keep writing. 'tis an important craft.

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Review #10, by Kelsey Under The Influence

18th July 2005:
Nice work girls, keep it coming, just don't turn it too much into reality :P

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Review #11, by Hermione_Crookshanks Under The Influence

14th July 2005:
I love it so for. Please update soon!

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Review #12, by christina Under The Influence

14th July 2005:
sounds good seriously cant wait for more! your obviously a good writer! i just hope things stay good between harry and hermione i love all the stories where theyre together!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Review #13, by PoEtIc_DeCaY Under The Influence

13th July 2005:
that was good!!!write more fast!

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Review #14, by Settle Under The Influence

9th July 2005:
this is good lil, i'm not so sure that children around the age of 7 and under who do read these books are all for the whole, "bed" thing. LOL otherwise it's pretty good, i'd just watch out on those few things!!! FANTASTIC

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