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Review #1, by Mandy Am I Fonder of Dolls or of Goblins

29th July 2005:
Great Story so far. Please post more soon!

Author's Response: ugh.... i dont really like this story, but I will post... not soon though.... I want to finish my story first.... then i might take over the story from Lee... mwahahahahahaha

Author's Response: AHA! i knew Allie was gonna take it over!!!.... anyways i dont like this story either.... well... i do... but I just dont like the POV so we may change it to first person in Sable's view..... studly? i think yes

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Review #2, by Alex Am I Fonder of Dolls or of Goblins

11th July 2005:
Your story is aloof really, but I really like it. There isn't much to lead on to. Nice Banner!

Author's Response: aloof: distant >> does that mean you cant realate.... or it doesnt seem realistic? hmmmm. I'm not one for vocab... sorry. Well anyways, thanks for the review!! and I'll probably edit it... and change the name... and POV.

Author's Response: HAHAHAHA I win! i am better at english... yet she's the beta for almost all my stories... augh. Anyways, yeah.. i have no idea what aloof means either, so iguess it was a waste to dance about in the beginning, but Allie was right, we mahy change the name but we definitly will change the POV, and we may put this story on hiatus because we dont like it and I feel i need to finish one story at a time... thanks for the review :)

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Review #3, by OperaGhost Am I Fonder of Dolls or of Goblins

10th July 2005:
hmmm, i liked it, very different i guess you could say. But the one thing that bothered me was the 'Romance' genre. I mean Voldemort cant fall in love? can he? o well, i only hope that you will help me with that. Other than that one little thing, I thought it was a fantastic start - a bit choppy - but fantastic. And I cant wait for the next chapter :D keep up the good work!! -O.G.

Author's Response: YES! we were gonna explain that in the next chapter. But thanks for bringing it up! OKY here we go: its not the romance were boy gets with girl they fall in love and all ends happily ever after, its totally different, but trust us - we know what we're doing, and we know Voldie cant fall in love. we'd explain more, but that would ruin the story. OH! and about the choppiness, it really starts in sable's 4th or 5th year.... so we're gonna speed it up a bit so we can get to the good parts right away :D thanks for the review and we're glad you enjoyed the story!!

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