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Review #1, by Lily Evans Halloween Day - Eleven

26th November 2012:
This was a very well written and cute original idea. I think that you wrote Ron and Hermione perfectly, rarely do I ever read Ron and Hermione stories but this one just really caught my attention.

Well done! 10/10 and going in my favorites :)

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Review #2, by HARY POTTER BIGGEST FAN Halloween Day - Two

1st November 2010:

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Review #3, by buznuz1 Halloween Day - Eleven

6th June 2008:
how can u just finish the story like that??

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Review #4, by DracOsWiFe Halloween Day - Eleven

24th May 2008:
OMG the end?!?!?! i loved this story so much!! very very good work on writing it.

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Review #5, by Tom_DracosGirl Halloween Day - Eight

17th May 2008:
“Why, hello, Professor McGonagall. How are you? I like your hat.”
This line just made me laugh! Harry thinking on his feet can be really funny at times.

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Review #6, by Tom_DracosGirl Halloween Day - Seven

17th May 2008:
Finally they're getting a little closer to the truth! (I think lol). This story just keeps getting even more interesting. Great job so far.

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Review #7, by Tom_DracosGirl Halloween Day - Five

17th May 2008:
Oh poor Ron, I feel sorry for him over the Hermione incidents, but it's nice that he's actually learning some new stuff lol.

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Review #8, by Tom_DracosGirl Halloween Day - Two

17th May 2008:
So glad Ron got up the nerve to kiss her. I love how you write him in this fic he's so IC it's scary, expecially his reactions to Hermione!

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Review #9, by someone Halloween Day - Eleven

15th May 2008:
Very interesting, but unfortunately I don't see any way Ron could have caused the loop (since he only drank the potion to end the loop, which he wouldn't have done in the normal time line)

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Review #10, by someone Halloween Day - Four

15th May 2008:
I still like the story, but I'd like to clarify one thing.
In my earlier review (of chapter 2), I wrote that a time loop like this might possibly be not entirely consistent with the rules governing the universe. Personally, I prefer stories that which are consistent with the rules, but there is nothing wrong with alternative ways of constructing the story (e.g. assuming that Ron was stuck in a time loop like this, what would happen?).
Sorry for this.

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Review #11, by someone Halloween Day - Two

15th May 2008:
I like the story so far; less relevantly, however, I think the time-loop is probably unusual since it seems quite insensitive to the "time traveller's" actions. Hence I'll be looking for something that would cause the time loop to have these properties. On the other hand, time travel in the HP universe seems to avoid (most of) the paradoxes associated with time travel, so that's probably fine either way.

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Review #12, by lava lue Halloween Day - Eleven

15th May 2008: gusta mucha! So, I admit, I was expecting a clearly defined and happy ending, but I like this one much, much better. Great job with the narrative and dialoge. ;)

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Review #13, by The Dark Lord Nedved Halloween Day - Seven

6th May 2008:
This, i must admit, is really interesting. Similiar to Groundhog Day and yet with it's very HarryPotter-esque feel of magic and destiny. Love the different scenarios you've brought across within the same day. Its definitely quite a feat to pull it off well and keep it exciting.

If i might make some suggestions i think the gravity on the situation should have a more negativ effect on Ron but I guess you don't want it getting too dark. Very well put together otherwise.

Good show!

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Review #14, by marycherry_17 Halloween Day - Eleven

1st May 2008:
that was a very original ending!!! I liked it a lot. So everything will go back to normal, right? But anyways, the plot was brilliant and the idea was great! i once saw a movie about that, but Harry Potter and time-looping? Must have been my lucky day! Keep on with the good work!

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Review #15, by essenni Halloween Day - Eleven

23rd April 2008:
Well, this is something!
I hadn't read a story in awhile, because none of them could catch my attention, but this one made me put aside many important things and just read it until the end. I'm a bit angry with myself for spending time today, but the story was so good that I don't regret it.
I liked that it is quite unique. Although, I've seen films with the same idea, you still managed to make this one exciting. I was wondering all the time how you'll make it stop.
However, there is still one thing unclear. I wonder why Snape made them brew that potion?

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Review #16, by s;ldkfja;slkfj Halloween Day - Eleven

21st April 2008:
Whoa...I liked the ending...but I woulda made it so our Ron made it, not the 'other' Ron. :-)

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Review #17, by rup4ever Halloween Day - Eleven

17th April 2008:
oh that was a sweet story. i loved it everything made so much sence the way you wrote it. gj

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Review #18, by gottaluvharry7 Halloween Day - Eleven

16th April 2008:
Really well-written and fun story. I definitely enjoyed it!

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Review #19, by The Pheonix Quill Halloween Day - Eleven

13th April 2008:
Wow, that was a great story, original, funny exciting and of course romantic! I loved it, but it did seem to have a bit of an abrupt ending. 10/10

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Review #20, by Jasmine Halloween Day - Eleven

11th April 2008:
I didn't like this story very much. The character didn't seem to be enough like Ron-- he was too bold, and he didn't seem to be caring enough the way the JK has painted him to be. The grammar was not good, and the ending was abrupt and unfulfilling.

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Review #21, by The Pheonix Quill Halloween Day - Five

10th April 2008:
This is a great story, just one mistake-- the room of requirement doesn't show up on the Maurader's Map, it's an eccencial part of the plot in the 6th book.

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Review #22, by The Pheonix Quill Halloween Day - One

9th April 2008:
Great start, I like where this is going! It's defently one of my favorites!

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Review #23, by Meghan Halloween Day - Eleven

6th April 2008:
Great story!! but u rele should finish it!! i want to kno the actual ending!! It should end like Ron and Hermione being together or something. But great story!!!

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Review #24, by Steph Halloween Day - Eleven

4th April 2008:
This was a really good story, but I think it could have been better if there was an actual ending, rather than just 'The End' Overall a great story though. Well done. It takes a talented auther to recreate the work of another auther and make it seem the same.

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Review #25, by Steph Halloween Day - Two

4th April 2008:
This is AWESOME! It's the first fan fiction i've read, and im glad i did! i can't wait till the next chapter!

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