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Review #1, by jameslily1313 Snape's True Dhestinee

18th August 2007:
hey i like it alot and im givin it aten cuz its really ridiclusly hilrius

Author's Response: Thank you, I'm glad you liked it.

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Review #2, by KML Snape's True Dhestinee

3rd April 2007:
The obvious spelling mistakes, the annoying Mary-Sueness, and the impossible plot and plotless storyline combine to make this story hilarious. I like how you've turned what is normally a very annoying topic into a very laughable one. Great job! I loved the touch about adopting Harry. That was genius.

Author's Response: yea i looked at a mary sue test and used all that hehe

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Review #3, by crazy_shamel Snape's True Dhestinee

30th December 2006:

i puke in me mouth a smidgen when me read end. urgh... gimme a minute...urgh.

okay. me think that good. its'all good wait...urgh. still, corny and cool.

dragon girl, you awesome.

Author's Response: thank you a lot. tht was my intention hehe

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Review #4, by Female Marauder1627 Snape's True Dhestinee

2nd October 2005:
ha ha sooo funny!

Author's Response: he he thanks!

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Review #5, by Snow_Beauty Snape's True Dhestinee

18th September 2005:
hey liz that was...... intresting lmao youve never told me about that befor she was annoying iam sorry she was. i liked it i really did lol nice ending. but one tip proof read your work. cya later off to read more of your storys read the rest of her storys they rock!!!!!

Author's Response: thanks and she was ment to be annoying I had to get it out of the system again I was meaning to spell terribly but i might proof-read when i have time.

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Review #6, by Malfoy Snape's True Dhestinee

18th September 2005:
Great story, but not very confusing to understand at points.

Author's Response: ok thank you

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Review #7, by chockfrog Snape's True Dhestinee

9th September 2005:
you know u can change this into a real story. one thats a bit more sensible. but its good

Author's Response: I probably could but I was just in a really slily mood lol.

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Review #8, by draco'sgurl Snape's True Dhestinee

30th August 2005:
I will give it as 4......But did snape hit himself hard on his head.....Why on earth would he wannna adopt Harry?????

Author's Response: Lol. Yeah I know what you mean. Never in a million years right? thanks for the review.

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Review #9, by GreatestGryffindor Snape's True Dhestinee

4th August 2005:
yes, that rating of a 1 was for the story gets a 10. my bad, I should have specified that, which is what I'm doing now, along with apologizing for the Again, great story.:)

Author's Response: ok well then thank you.

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Review #10, by GG Snape's True Dhestinee

3rd August 2005:
1!!!! he he i loved this line too ....i love you too sevvy.... he he. Kinda random story and sooo good!! i loved it!!!! write another! keep me laughin!!!

Author's Response: Not a fan of humor sorry might have a go at another wonderful idea inspired by my lil bro. At the mo am working on a romance if u got the time review those.

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Review #11, by GreatestGryffindor Snape's True Dhestinee

3rd August 2005:
I give it a 1.lo..I actually liked, that's a lie...I loved it!!! Great job!

Author's Response: um ok thanks I s'pose that rating was for the mary-sueness of the charactor achually. Well anyway thanks I'm glad u enjoyed the story.

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Review #12, by Jennifer Snape's True Dhestinee

31st July 2005: this story a joke or Harry and Snape are gonna ever get along...LMFAO.......i thinks this is a 5

Author's Response: Thank you and of course its a joke! Duh!! Hey I hate Snape he is an evil, murdering, over-grown Grese-Bat!!!

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Review #13, by Nina_wife_of _Fres Snape's True Dhestinee

9th July 2005:
LOLness ROTFLMAO .... i say i'd give her about a 7.5 on the Mary-Sue scale. I laughed loads ..... "I love you too Sevy". Nice Job =D

Author's Response: thanks a lot hon!!!

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