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Review #1, by RemusBlack Impossible Truths

21st July 2006:
Very well-written. I already like it a lot! I`m looking forward to the next chapter! :OD

Author's Response: I'm glad you enjoyed this one dear. (= For the moment, this is on hiatus, but I'm not sure if it's going to stay that way. Thanks for reading!

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Review #2, by andharrywokeup Impossible Truths

14th January 2006:
Lovely. But a lot of typos! I like you using Alexes Bledel to portray Lily! :)

Author's Response: Thanks, it was the banner maker's choice of pic, so it really wasn't me, unless this is the one that I gave her to use.... I have to go through it and fix things up, it's a really old fic of mine. Glad that you liked it!

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Review #3, by 0o0Leentje0o0 Impossible Truths

29th December 2005:
Harry is so cute! I really liked the first chapter! It`s very good. Hope you post more soon!

Author's Response: Glad that you liked it! I had more of it, but I lost the notebook that it was in, so I have to redo all of it. It will be up soon, though. Thanks again, Leentje!

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Review #4, by Sophia Montgomery Impossible Truths

29th December 2005:
Aw! The first part was so cute and then it got so serious!

Author's Response: That was sort of the way things happened though, isn't it? Glad that you liked it; I'm going to update it soon.

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Review #5, by Ardal Impossible Truths

25th December 2005:

Author's Response: As you wish! I'll work on it over the next few days then. Thanks for reviewing, glad you liked it!

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Review #6, by Riddle Wood Lupin Impossible Truths

3rd December 2005:
Harry is just the funniest little child. Exactly like his trouble-maker of a father. Once again, I like the tiny spots that lighten the mood. Harry, for instance. ;) Remus and Sirius are just such brilliant men, using their good old charm. I quite enjoyed seeing how James chose Sirius without Remus knowing. As such, it seems more an innocent mistake, which I think I like better. :)

As far as literal things go, there was a mispelling of the word "the," and (in the same sentance) "lover" should be "lovers." Also the bit where James comes into the kitchen. I believe that it should say his arms come around her waist, as opposed to her neck (it rather gives off the picture of James strangling her).

Anywho, I'd enjoy seeing more, as usual. Seeing Sirius attempting to get James to use Peter instead would be quite interesting, I should think. ;)

-Riddle Wood Lupin

Author's Response: I have an idea for this one, I just have to type it out. Let's just say that things are going to get fairly...tricky. Strangling her? Not a very happy thought. I'll go change that. Don't want to leave people thinking ill of James - not the best thing to do. There are many fans of his out there, and I would hate to see them assembled in mass groups. Urg. I shudder just thinking of it. Harry will make plenty more appearences, so there is sure to be more light-heartedness in the midst of evil. Glad you liked it, as usual!

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Review #7, by Lisa (StepupTimneh, I'm not logged in) Impossible Truths

2nd December 2005:
I really really like this! Update soon! :)

Author's Response: I shall, if I can come up with a few more ideas. I'll work on this one once I get a few other things posted!

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