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Reading Reviews for Finding Himself
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Review #1, by DOC SCHERER Summoning the World

4th March 2016:

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Review #2, by DONA682 Summoning the World

24th February 2016:

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Review #3, by don682 How Many Regrets: Part 2

22nd February 2016:
this 73 yr old is enjoying you story as much as the JKR orrigional

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Review #4, by don682 How Many Regrets: Part 2

22nd February 2016:
this 73 yr old is enjoying you story as much as the JKR orrigional

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Review #5, by john Summoning the World

17th February 2016:
please continue -the story its very good

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Review #6, by Shubhangi Summoning the World

20th December 2015:
this is amazing I hope you continue with it

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Review #7, by spinelli Summoning the World

18th August 2014:
its sad that this story was abandoned. i really loved it... i followed it for like 3 years before it was abandoned and was thinking about it the other day. i hope you continue it someday...

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Review #8, by kattiekate Summoning the World

12th October 2013:
Just wondering if there will be another chapter.


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Review #9, by AmJ Summoning the World

16th October 2012:
Please continue this story!!! I really like reading it, it's nice to see Harry act different than what people expect. Please please PLEASE update

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Review #10, by everHermione Summoning the World

26th February 2012:
I love this chapter! I love how Harry is letting Hermione speak! I can't wait to see what else happens at the Summit!

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Review #11, by aaron Summoning the World

29th July 2011:
awesome chapter :]!!

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Review #12, by Winxy Summoning the World

17th July 2011:
Bleeding great story, but update soon plx

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Review #13, by lily1995 Summoning the World

19th April 2011:
i wish you would keep writting... :( i miss this story

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Review #14, by roudyandreaw Summoning the World

21st March 2011:
can't waite to read more luv your wrighting

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Review #15, by muggle born princess Summoning the World

25th February 2011:
please update soon i love this story :D

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Review #16, by expectorubberducky Summoning the World

25th January 2011:
i finally come back to this site and found that this story had been written on. as great as it is im hoping that you decide to finish the story it is highly entertaining. please finish!


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Review #17, by lexi18 Summoning the World

31st December 2010:
I LOVE your story it's the most entertaining that i've read in a long time! I like your writingstyle, only one thing is a little mistake: i think you use harry's name a little too often (you could use he instead) but other than that i LOVE it!! :)

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Review #18, by MionexFred_4ever Summoning the World

13th October 2010:
i love this story very well written and this is my first fic that had vampires in and i still think it is good. i espically liked hermione's rant

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Review #19, by dancer The Decision

13th October 2010:
I love this story and regret that I haven't reviewed earlier and in fact am not sure this review will go through because I FORGOT my password. Your grammar needs a little work but the flow of the story is excellent and the play between characters is wonderful., hope you find the time to publish more . thanks

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Review #20, by A Girl Summoning the World

12th October 2010:
I love this story. Please keep writing. P.S. I feel your pain about school.

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Review #21, by Green_Gold Feather Summoning the World

11th October 2010:
Ahhh, how disappointed was I that you left the chapter at that??? I've just finished reading through the whole story (took me a couple of hours, mind, and I can't believe I haven't read it before! Who am I, Ron Weasley?) and its bloody awesome!!! Ha! You've even got me into American slang! I just love how after Harry's 'unauthorised vacation' (gotta love that term) how his confidence has increased dramatically. I love Karen, and Harry's relationship with her. I just hope you don't do something mean in later chapters like kill her off; I don't think I could forgive you lol. I love how you brought music into this, and how it helped Harry with his depression and grief; it made it more believable, you know. The magical theory that you have brought forth is really fascinating; you've really thought it through with the different concepts, i.e. the levels of magic, etc. And it makes more sense the way you put it as well. And piercings! Holy crickets! I didn't expect that one, I'll tell ya! But I like it! I can almost imagine Harry's punk rock look. Definately like the tattoos, oh yeah! What else? Oh, his American friends, both muggle and magic. I know it was temp, but I really hope he continues with the band (although I don't know how he'll do that seeing that he's busier than Hermione in third year). Okay, I could continue this forever but I'm gonna end this mountain troll of a review here. Looking forward to the next chapter, H/Hr all the way!! :D

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Review #22, by mae Summoning the World

10th October 2010:

This was a really good chapter!

I'm glad Draco and Harry are acting civilly to one another. I think Draco can really appreciates Harry's talent with DADA...and Harry's like a really cool college professor. I hope your not turning Ron against Harry, though. I don't know you are going to work this out.

I really like how the story is going. You're starting to put hints between H/Hr relationship about how Harry is becoming physically comfortable around her. And I know you've got this whole thing planned out because you can't have ended this chapter like that and not know what's going to happen next.

This part, though:
hell, Snape could identify it as a fake," Harry said idly, wondering if Malfoy caught the hint
I'm not sure if i caught the hint either. Took a while for me to get. Did it mean If Malfoy understood that Harry knew that Snape was a deatheater or something like that?

Anyway, i thought the whole prank was so funny, i'm glad that the whole class was interested with Harry's lesson, and the summit is getting really intense.

I was the one down there that gave you that first review for this chapter(helterskelter). Looking forward to the next chapters...

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Review #23, by helterskelter Summoning the World

10th October 2010:
Hey there!

i stayed up all night yesterday reading till chapter 26 and i was kind of disappointed that you hadn't finished the story yet. i was afraid you might have abandoned it because your last update was 2009, but i'm so glad, when i logged on today to reread fave chapters, that you've updated. anyway i haven't read it yet, i was just so glad that i had to thank you! i get to reading it right now. and 10,000 words, yey! this is going to be good!

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Review #24, by Dante A brief lesson in Semantics

5th September 2010:
This is a awsome story and while I don't kno your ideas I think u should have Harry adopt Liz when he turns 18

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Review #25, by HG_HP_fan The Escape

14th August 2010:
Nice details,but i wonder why you had Malfoy witness part of his escape.

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