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Reading Reviews for Things I Hate about Malfoy
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Review #1, by annella_grace Things I Hate about Malfoy

16th March 2011:
i like that you wrote two different stories from both viewpoints and that you kept certain things similar. i love this style of writing keep it up =)

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Review #2, by Brittnii Things I Hate about Malfoy

19th March 2010:
that is reallly good
are you going to add to it?

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Review #3, by Slytherin Girl 01 Things I Hate about Malfoy

2nd February 2008:
Is this a sequel to irratating Granger?10/10

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Review #4, by akiko44 Things I Hate about Malfoy

22nd October 2007:
Aw! Ten things I hate about you is my favorite movie, so this already gets bonus points from me.

Tis wonderful ! :)

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Review #5, by bunnyboo19 Things I Hate about Malfoy

15th June 2007:
hey-- kool story-- are u gonna make another chapter?

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Review #6, by SecertiveOtherwise Things I Hate about Malfoy

3rd June 2007:
But doesnt she like him?!? OH wait its Hermione and she over analyzes

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Review #7, by siriusdog Things I Hate about Malfoy

2nd May 2007:
love it so is there going to be more i would like there to be more if you would i would also like your email address that would be cool *dreamy sigh* i like siri and drakie...did you know my bff name is draydray...so ttyl!!!i'm am totaly insane...ohh shiny object!!!...^,^HOOT

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Review #8, by anon Things I Hate about Malfoy

6th April 2007:
that was cute, i liked it. malfoy is so arrogant.so assholly.
so stuck up. BUT, he is so hot and sexy and awesome.
thanxs for a great story! :)

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Review #9, by darkangel Things I Hate about Malfoy

27th March 2007:
next botton?


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Review #10, by Jam Things I Hate about Malfoy

31st January 2006:
Still different! Still good!

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Review #11, by Shippou14 Things I Hate about Malfoy

18th July 2005:
It was very nice. I love it.

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Review #12, by Oddsbodikins Things I Hate about Malfoy

18th January 2005:
Great first chapter! love the way they get together! The plot is fab = ) Update soon plz

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Review #13, by low rider Things I Hate about Malfoy

29th June 2004:
you stole half of your story from irritating granger!!

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Review #14, by fuzzlebub85 Things I Hate about Malfoy

21st March 2004:
well THIS is interesting...is this going to be HG/DM because IMHO that pairing is totally wrong, but I just love the idea of Malfoy kissing...Sevvy! Just kidding I hate slash too. Although for that matter HG/SS romance is...disgusting to say the least. Oh well, a 6 1/2. Bye! fuzzlebub85

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Review #15, by Marz Things I Hate about Malfoy

18th February 2004:
Funny. write more.

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Review #16, by Lady Mistress Things I Hate about Malfoy

18th November 2003:

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Review #17, by alexis Things I Hate about Malfoy

3rd August 2003:

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Review #18, by Aria Things I Hate about Malfoy

3rd August 2003:
I LOVE THIS!!!!!! Plez wirte more soon!!!!

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Review #19, by Jamie McGuire Things I Hate about Malfoy

28th July 2003:
geez is that all you have to right more now you\'ve got me hooked

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Review #20, by Alysha Things I Hate about Malfoy

22nd July 2003:
I liked your writing! =D write more about Draco & Hermione please!!

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Review #21, by Dan Things I Hate about Malfoy

10th June 2003:
Firstly I would just like to say that I enjoyed the fic. It showed a fairly good structure of language and a nice sense of diversity in terms of the words you chose to write and use in it. The only constructive criticism I have is the whole kissing part of the fic. It felt somewhat out of place and too rushed for my liking, and the suggestive comment about her attire seemed terribly OOC. There was no transition period either, earlier in the fic you had the confrontation between Ron and Draco when he called her a Mudblood, then you had him kissing her. I feel the fic would have benefited had you developed this part and slowly inched your way to it, perhaps having some more banter between the two? Insults thrown, etc? Anyway it still remains a nice piece of writing that could just benefit from some character development. Dan

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Review #22, by LonelyGer Things I Hate about Malfoy

3rd June 2003:

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Review #23, by Anastasia Things I Hate about Malfoy

28th May 2003:
i loved that story! You shouldn\'t add anything to it, it\'s perfect the way it is! (well maybe a few more of hermione\'s diary entries would be cool but don\'t listen to me i\'m a dumb blonde!)

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Review #24, by Lily Lou Things I Hate about Malfoy

18th May 2003:
Hey, just thought I\'d tell you this was one of the sweetest ones I\'ve read! Very cute and short and to the point!! Lovely, and it could have been longer, but the way you did it was just purrrfect. ^^^Lily^^^

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Review #25, by Winnie Things I Hate about Malfoy

6th May 2003:

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