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Review #1, by HoneyBabyDarlin how the love story began

3rd April 2010:
im not a big songfic girl and it was super short, but what was there was good .you should definetly write like a short-story or something! love to read more from you! and if you get a chance try my james/lily story. i need all the advice i can get right now. tons of potential =)

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Review #2, by BellBell how the love story began

21st April 2009:
hey :)

of course it doesn't suck! I really like it, but it's short... very short...
maybe you put in more detail or probably describe Lilys thoughts why she suddenly kiss him and wants him to be her boyfriend.

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Review #3, by Beatrice Scrypte how the love story began

20th February 2009:
hey, that was pretty good. I wish ud put in moar detail, but it was still a good story. :)

Hey if u get the chance, check out my stories. I always love getting reviews! :)

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Review #4, by siriusroxmywhitesox how the love story began

30th March 2008:
wow, really short. Next time I would suggest putting a lot more detail in your stories.

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Review #5, by Iced_Cherriez how the love story began

22nd March 2008:
hello, you probably don't remember me - you reviewed one of my stories a long time ago.. 'Everything beings with a Change' and I just wanted to say that I have started to update it again.
xxx Iced_Cherriez

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Review #6, by Lexi Mazingx3 how the love story began

17th August 2007:
YAY!! Lily and James are dating! How CUTE! They always made a cute couple! Bye! =]]

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Review #7, by StepUpx_Gryffindor how the love story began

24th March 2007:
hey! i can make a banner fo ryour story, i was just passing by and saw you didnt have one, email me and we can talk♥

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Review #8, by Vatina how the love story began

21st January 2007:
This is a really good fic! I hope you post more. *hint, hint*

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Review #9, by Loly how the love story began

9th October 2006:
that was pretty good

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Review #10, by SiriusGal(not signed in) how the love story began

2nd July 2006:
First of all, I LOVE THE SONG YOU USED!!! I also thought it was cute, good job!!

Author's Response: thanks!

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Review #11, by HermioneFreakazoid how the love story began

23rd December 2005:
muahahaha. cuuuute! so... you like Relient K, huh? Yeah... me too. DARN. I was gonna use that song for one of my fics... O well... I'll just use Fall Out Boy songs. i <3 them... sigh... okay, just for that song, you're going on my favorites list.

Author's Response: are you kidding me??? i love relient k with a burning passion and same with fall out boy!! thanks for commenting and thanks for putting me on your favorites!! your story ten days tops is one of my faves!!! its on my favorites too!!! much love, tay

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Review #12, by Pheonix_Lullaby how the love story began

17th December 2005:
YAY!!!OMG it rocks!

Author's Response: thanks =D <3 tay

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Review #13, by Jellyman how the love story began

17th December 2005:
Maybe you could put the lyrics in italics? The code is <*i>YOU TEXT HERE with out the stars. I think Lily was a bit too forward, I mean, just because he said he changed doesn't mean she had to believe him, you know what I mean? It was a great effort though a bit short...!

Author's Response: thanks for the pointers!! i agree lily was to forward and it was to short now that i reread it!!! <3tay

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Review #14, by Cyan Green Zephyr how the love story began

10th December 2005:
Far too suden, draw the story out more, make the reader more involved, what you have is good, but there needs to be more. I do like most of your lines, although James speaking of being a sadist is kinda odd, I suppose that you could call what he does to snape in OOtP sadistic, but Snape is every bit as violent, and darker, if the persecuted one. Anyway, what you have is great, just draw it out, there is not time to become emotionally attached to the characters. Thanks for the time, and effort, Ran.

Author's Response: thanks for pointers=D <3tay

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Review #15, by Demius Lupin how the love story began

7th October 2005:
Wow! I loved it! Seriously i did. U have gr8 talent! write a sequel or something for this fic! plz? I'm dying to know where this is goin!! ~*~DL XxX

Author's Response: thanks for the compliments... i dk about the sequel i am really busy with club volleyball and basketball and entrance exams for high school and i have to participate in history and math competitions in the weekends and also i have to redo my science project for state so i dk if i would do a sequel and if i did do a sequel it would be with my best friend who has far better writing skills so i dont know about that

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Review #16, by tinkerbell025 how the love story began

17th August 2005:
aww why do you think it sucks? lol i kinda liked it. i usually don't like short stories at all i have to admit, though. you should write longer stories, b/c you're a really good writer :) ok well thanks for reiviewing my story! (i updated btw hahah) <33

Author's Response: thanks i love your story! and if i did make a story it would be with my best friend who is like obsessed with harry potter but we havent came up with any ideas so yeh

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Review #17, by Drunk Elves how the love story began

8th August 2005:
Winky: aww! Dobby: Keep up the writing! We likes! WInky: we think this is v. forward of Lily... but... Dobby: its great! Winky: The Drunk Elves Loves yous!

Author's Response: thanks=)

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Review #18, by TakeMeAway how the love story began

6th August 2005:
Great story, you have great potential as an author! Carry on! Plz r/r my fic! thanx!

Author's Response: thanks i actually think i stink as a writer:: sure i would love to read your story i'll get on that soon

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Review #19, by brunettesrule how the love story began

31st July 2005:
good for a first time.. very good actually.. though it's quite short and it goes from quite slow paced to almost all the details in the last few paragraphs.

Author's Response: thanks=) i no it goes really fast i have to work on that..... u guys are to nice

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Review #20, by brunettesrule how the love story began

29th July 2005:
Hey!!! I'm off to read this, but thought I'd tell you I've updated!

Author's Response: awesome! thanks for reading=)

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Review #21, by me how the love story began

16th July 2005:
um, kinda goes 2 fast

Author's Response: i no, its my first story so i am trying to improve my writing skills before starting a story- thanx for reviewing!

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Review #22, by amberg93 how the love story began

8th July 2005:
It was a little short but still awesome!

Author's Response: thanks=)!

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Review #23, by siriusly_hot how the love story began

7th July 2005:
it's actually pretty good, it doesn't suck at all! but the song lyrics are kinda confusing, mabye you should have those parts in italics? great work though!

Author's Response: thanks! well i put the lyrics in bold but when i copied and pasted it went back so yeh thanks for reviewing!=)

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