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Review #1, by IloveNeville Thank you, Professor Snape

9th March 2008:
Wow, this story was amazing! It was so well written and imaginative. You showed Snape in a way that didn't make him unlikeable. You began by describing his point of view. He was just fed up with his students not following his simple instructions, which is fair enough. And you ended by incorporating the point of view of a former student, who at one point believed him to be a foul, unpleasant grump, but later realised that he's just human. Great job. I LOVED it!


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Review #2, by Aleysius Thank you, Professor Snape

8th January 2005:
I love it....its a very creative concept.....

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Review #3, by Hobbit Thank you, Professor Snape

3rd January 2004:
I really liked this short story. Beside the fact that Snape is one of my favorite characters out of all HP (he's just so complex, because you're never sure who's side he's on n_n.... even though we know he's on the good side... he's just so cruel to the students, at times you wonder :P) Well, anyway, keep up the good work and I expect some more Snape fics!! ^_^

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Review #4, by Jaquelyne Thank you, Professor Snape

7th September 2003:
I loved the letter. We all need to know at times that we make a difference.

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Review #5, by DracoisHott Thank you, Professor Snape

28th August 2003:
Aw, me likey lots! I thought it was very sweet. Good Job!

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Review #6, by TheCountess Thank you, Professor Snape

12th August 2003:
I really liked this. Very warm and touching, straight to the point, interesting to read. I really enjoyed your perception of Snape\'s character. Although I must admit I love his dark side...

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Review #7, by AddisonRae Thank you, Professor Snape

25th July 2003:
You must have forgotten to put \"no additions\" when you wrote this...becaus ehten whoever that was came and ruined a perfectly good story! just delete what tehy wrote. The first chater was very good though. nice work!

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Review #8, by Pinkpanther Thank you, Professor Snape

21st June 2003:
Sorry guys - I don\'t know WHY that 2nd chapter is there - I certainly didn\'t write it, I\'ll go have a talk with LTDan.

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Review #9, by sally Thank you, Professor Snape

14th June 2003:
LTdan, why did you kill snape?

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Review #10, by wolf Thank you, Professor Snape

22nd May 2003:
Uh........the second chapter was very weird.....I\'m VERY Confunded...

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Review #11, by Willow Thank you, Professor Snape

27th April 2003:
The first chapter was really good. But the second went straight over my head, mind you so do most things!

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Review #12, by Not telling Thank you, Professor Snape

6th February 2003:
That\'s really imature of you! Snape\'s not all bad! Though he\'s not a favo of mine. How would u like it if the world celebrated ur death? Don\'t write more, and delete this story! The first chapter was good, but then splat, downward spriral! No name ps. don\'t write more

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Review #13, by Jay Thank you, Professor Snape

24th November 2002:
Well written. Nice to read something other than that romance rubbish!!

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Review #14, by cybershelb Thank you, Professor Snape

17th November 2002:
opps, im stupid. sorry! but it's kool!

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Review #15, by cybershelb Thank you, Professor Snape

17th November 2002:
its kool! but how is it humor?

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