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Review #1, by Celestialbattlefield Isolation Breeds

17th October 2013:
Seriously the bwahhahahah has to stop
its so crazy.. U really are evil .. Why is everyone SUFFERING
when will it END??

( jus so u no my rantings are synonymous to ur story is awesome !!! So get on with it )

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Review #2, by Celestialbattlefield Loss

16th October 2013:
Man i love how u try to be humorous after such a sad chapter... U r truly crazy !

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Review #3, by yolahbear The DVD Extra's Harry's Confession

3rd July 2011:
You are an excellent writer. Don't ever stop.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! =)

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Review #4, by punk poet Deceived!

10th April 2010:
hey great story and the other 2. i like how u dont do the fluffy endings. i also love the deleted scenes but some of them yourve had to be high lol

Author's Response: Thanks for your reviews. I'm glad you enjoyed reading my trilogy. I had a lot of fun writing them. =)

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Review #5, by Kierstyn To Heal

9th September 2009:
wow, for a second there i liked them together and was like 'oh how sweet.' then i remembered she's evil.
i'm having a harry potter movie marathon!

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Review #6, by Kierstyn Past and Presence

8th September 2009:
ew majorly creeped out by the fiancee thing.

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Review #7, by Kierstyn Detention Galore

7th September 2009:
about snape not believing ariana - where's some veritaserum when you need it?

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Review #8, by Kierstyn Loss

7th September 2009:
Oh my god! I can't believe you killed Kelly! *tear*
On a brighter note! I hope Draco is having an affair with Ginny... I know I know, but I can dream can't I?

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Review #9, by Kierstyn Things Change

7th September 2009:
okay, now i'm confused. what in the bloody hell does soap have to do with draco? draco... *sighs*

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Review #10, by Kierstyn Quidditch World Cup '06

7th September 2009:
yay, ginny and draco confronataion. this should be fun. *gets popcorn and candy*
all the kids are so cute.

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Review #11, by Kierstyn Introduction

7th September 2009:
to be completely honest, i hope draco is cheating on laura with ginny. i know, crazy but it's a pleasant thought.

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Review #12, by Karkaroff A Malfoy Wedding

24th May 2009:
Excellent idea and thanks for writing as I enjoyed reading the plot as it was well thought out.

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Review #13, by peach If I'd Sinned....

2nd February 2008:
For someone who doesn't know any french, that's pretty good!! :)

Only one remark: "Qu'avez vous?"
You wrote that in a formal could've written "qu'est-ce que tu as?" or "qu'est-ce qui se passe?", it would be more accurate.

But apart from that it's all perfect!

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Review #14, by Hanna Hesitant Encounters

18th December 2007:
Am I the only one that thinks the title gives away the ENTIRE story.. i havent read it yet but it seems to be a logical explanation for the events.

Author's Response: LOL. It doesn't. And no the title doesn't refer to having sex.

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Review #15, by i dont have 1 A Malfoy Wedding

8th October 2007:
i read this and the 2nd 1 they were both great this 1 ended in a funny way and would make a great film

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Review #16, by Mell Death and Accountability

7th October 2007:
xD I like them all except for the Malfoys.
But I like Ariana. Just not Laura, Draco, Aedan, and then Lucius. Never did like Draco in the real books, I just can't get over my Slytherin hate I suppose.

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Review #17, by Mell Been Awhile

6th October 2007:
Now, it’s common (at least among many of my 20-something-year-old friends) to want to get married/have kids if they’re friends are doing it. Since Harry and Kelly were married, Ron and Hermione wanted to move their date up. [not that I don’t think R/H would get married to each other anyway! ;)]
Oh, but contrare Pierre, the seventh book's epilouge dissagrees mightally with you! xD

Author's Response: Especially since this was written before Half-Blood Prince came out >_> lol.

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Review #18, by perfectlyprongs Letters

19th December 2006:
can you explain what yr justin, hayden, caroline and the finnigin kids are in at the moment/

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Review #19, by Lan Letters

16th September 2006:
I'm pretty sure that I know the ongoing theme with Harry and Kelly. I think it's Harry's eyesight. When Kelly's around, he can see without the aid of his glasses, but when she is not, like when she was "killed" he needs to return to wearing the glasses. Am I right?? huh, huh, huh? ;-) Love the series!

Author's Response: In the four years since this novel was first released, you are the first person to get that theme correct! You are so close. It has to do with Kelly's health and his eyesight ;) *applauds you*

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Review #20, by Lan Reluctant Relations

16th September 2006:
Your comment about Canadians wasn't offensive at all. In fact, I was quite amused. :-) I've been told numerous times that our pronunciation is attrocious. Love the stories! Keep up the fantastic work, you've got an amazing talent that brings each and every scene and emotion to life. ;-)

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Review #21, by TeenageDirtbag87 Introduction

9th September 2006:
umm yeah I was reading your story's and I really like them but I didn't get the chance to finish because it say's there's an Error locating story text please contact administrator.

Author's Response: We are still waiting for the address to filter through the DNS. This may take a few days. This is why you cannot see certain images or access certain links.

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Review #22, by afan Deceived!

1st September 2006:
how did kelly know about ron's cooking? it was never addressed, and is sienna having an affair with snape for sure...?

Author's Response: The Kelly/Ron cooking thing was just a joke and no, Sienna was not ever having an affair with Snape, this too was just an on-going joke. Thank you for your review.

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Review #23, by Oliviarox Deceived!

7th August 2006:
i love ur alternate endings!!!! these fics rock write more!!! i thought seamus and siena were hilarious!!!!

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Review #24, by x___oracle Still on My Mind

1st August 2006:
Hola, Cariel.

Well, I honestly think that it's all for his popularity.. Guys tend to do that.
I could still be wrong, though.

LOVE THIS CHAPTER-- my favorite!


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Review #25, by x___oracle In Time

31st July 2006:
Nice Author's Note. =D

KELLY'S BACK! *cheers*
I heart this fic!


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