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Review #1, by HPluvergirl (A Harry/Ron Slash One-Shot Story)

18th July 2012:
Love it! Wished it were longer!

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Review #2, by asheberger (A Harry/Ron Slash One-Shot Story)

2nd July 2007:
kinda creepy but cute and seemingly innocent

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Review #3, by bleach (A Harry/Ron Slash One-Shot Story)

7th November 2005:
Hah. Funny. A little disappointing that it had all been a dream, though. The shower seen should have been longer! ;D Ahaha. It was cute. A nice, short story for a tired girl like me who should be going to sleep. Kudos to you. ^^

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Review #4, by sam (A Harry/Ron Slash One-Shot Story)

5th November 2005:
its great i hope u continue

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Review #5, by person (A Harry/Ron Slash One-Shot Story)

1st November 2005:
eep that was weird... especially the Trelawney part v. funny

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Review #6, by ronxdraco (A Harry/Ron Slash One-Shot Story)

11th September 2005:

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Review #7, by Nina_wife_of _Fres (A Harry/Ron Slash One-Shot Story)

27th August 2005:
Hey this was good - I normally don't read Harry/Ron stories cause I can't see it happening but this was an ok read =D

What happened to your other story? I was enjoying that .... how come you took it down? I know I'm really slow in asking but I just havn't had much time lately.*Nina* =D

P.S. I updated 'You Smiled At Me' chapter 6 is now up and ready fo reading =D

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Review #8, by KimMalfoy (A Harry/Ron Slash One-Shot Story)

11th August 2005:
This is the first Ron/Harry story I read.. And it was ok... I really loved the first part, in the shower *moahaha* but I was disappointed that it was all just a dream... But the ending was kinda cool anyways. =) And yeah, it was a little short... But over all I liked it =) Good job.

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Review #9, by hplssrmntc313 (A Harry/Ron Slash One-Shot Story)

8th July 2005:
lol i guess I already read you're slash and liked it! keep up the good work!

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Review #10, by Polya (A Harry/Ron Slash One-Shot Story)

5th July 2005:
You slash whore. Lol.

Author's Response: Lol...What about you? You obviously read more slash than me.... ~Alex.

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Review #11, by Anamarie (A Harry/Ron Slash One-Shot Story)

4th July 2005:
Hmm, naked guys making out in a shower? Maybe it should be rated Mature just for that imagery

Author's Response: LOL...I don't know...I'll just keep it 15+ for now...Glad you like it. ~Alex.

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Review #12, by hplssrmntc313 (A Harry/Ron Slash One-Shot Story)

3rd July 2005:
lmao! that's grrreat!

Author's Response: Thanks. I really like your stories too. ~Alex.

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