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Reading Reviews for The Zabini Twins
49 Reviews Found

Review #1, by Kutie1707 Chapter Five

14th June 2014:
Enjoyed reading this story. It's a pitty that it hasn't been updated in awhile. I do hope that you finish it

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Review #2, by Mia Chapter Five

30th August 2013:
Could you complete this?

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Review #3, by basma nasir Chapter Five

5th February 2013:
it is ronald weasley am i correct???

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Review #4, by specialchild101 Chapter Five

15th January 2013:
SEAMUS!!! when he took like fifty years trying to turn water to RUM and then W1Z looks like wiz as in wizard

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Review #5, by MalfoyZabiniFan101 Chapter Five

21st January 2012:
That was so good!!! I can't wait to read the next chapter

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Review #6, by black wolf Chapter Five

16th August 2011:
love the story and plot line.

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Review #7, by pure angel Chapter Five

18th February 2009:
rumwiz has got to be seamas if i remember he tried to turn water to rum and it blew up, anyway great story

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Review #8, by kitty Chapter Five

17th February 2008:
like the story. i just can't wait to see who RUMW1Z. i'm NOT good at figuring out initials

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Review #9, by iloveharry1234 Chapter Five

1st September 2007:
i love this story please post the next chapter soon.

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Review #10, by bethy Chapter Five

3rd August 2007:
I'd love to know who RUMW1Z is!!!
I'd love to see a new chapter!

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Review #11, by peach_passion Chapter Five

11th June 2007:
one word; UPDATE! :}

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Review #12, by TishaPotter14 Chapter Five

24th March 2007:
I have a strange feeling it is Harry. Maybe Dean seeing he is muggleborn.

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Review #13, by Prongs58 Chapter Five

18th March 2007:
this is getting soo good please do update soon!

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Review #14, by ValorOrgulloso Chapter Five

16th December 2006:
I like this story a lot! It's really unique! I love it!

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Review #15, by TishPotter14 Chapter Five

9th December 2006:
I think it is Harry! Also, this story roxs lots!!! Please write more!!

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Review #16, by tez Chapter Five

1st December 2006:
yea semus finigan lol dis story is on a dif fan fic site lol !!

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Review #17, by jeene Chapter Five

7th October 2006:
please update its been forever...don't leave us at such a climax

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Review #18, by Callista Chapter Five

28th September 2006:
please update!!!

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Review #19, by missescharlieweweasly Chapter Five

11th May 2006:
this is better than the first i have to say and i cant wait to read te rest

Author's Response: Thank you for your review. I presume that you were talking about the chapter that you were reading being better. Thanks

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Review #20, by Charligirl Chapter Five

9th May 2006:
wow! KOOL ! keep writing, its really cool!

Author's Response: Thanks for the review. I'm still writing!

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Review #21, by birle_09 Chapter Five

11th October 2005:
Update soon! I read your other one before that person stole your story, and i think it was Seamus right? I think i am but im not sure. Really good! I love how you write!

Author's Response: Thanks for the review. Yea, the other one was the same, spelling mistakes and all. This version is being betaed so most mistakes are being picked up. Yup, it was Seamus well done. Thanks about the writing comment. Thanks for the review. :)

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Review #22, by Buzz_101 Chapter Five

10th October 2005:
hey whats wrong with Shania Twain?? LOL love the story and cant what till the next chapter=P

Author's Response: Nothings wrong with Shania Twain, I'm just not a fan of her . . . um . . . music. I might be posting the next chapter unbetaed because i haven't got any idea where my beta is at the moment. Thanks for the review. :)

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Review #23, by kles Prologue

8th October 2005:
updat really fast so u can get to chp. 21 i belive was the last on i read!!!!! love ur stoyr so much

Author's Response: Thanks for the review. I have sent the next chapter off to my beta but she has had an emergency so I'm not sure when I will get it back. This story is posted elsewhere and the link is in another review responce. I have just finished ch23 and it is off with another beta of my own. Thanks for the review. ;)

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Review #24, by MOOlash Chapter Five

3rd October 2005:
awesome story.....when you going to finish it.......anyways...RUMW1Z is Neville Longbottom?

Author's Response: Its not Neville, sorry. I have got lots of the story done, up to ch22 at another website and i am reposting this here with fully betaed chapters. the next chapter isn't too far away i hope.

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Review #25, by Hermione288061 Chapter Five

24th September 2005:
RUMWIZ??? Let me think, wasn't Seamus who tried to turn water into rum??? Is that what RUMWIZ is??? Great story!! I hope you update soon! XD

Author's Response: YES!!!!! You got it, virtual cookie for you! Not many people seemed to get who it was. Yah, thanks for the review. =)

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