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Review #1, by bob Masks and Masquerades

30th June 2014:
Okay, I love your story but, I'm pretty sure you could tell it isn't blaise because blaise is black and has dark hair, and Malfoy is the exact opposite

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Review #2, by NoixdeMuscade You Had Me At 'Oi You'

12th November 2012:
Great ending of a great story. Good job!

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Review #3, by HPG Private Potions

10th October 2012:

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Review #4, by HPG Shirts and Skunks

10th October 2012:
I am so not like Acadia O_O

Well, maybe.

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Review #5, by HPG Dungeons and Snape(A Dragon of sorts)

10th October 2012:
Well done Arcadia.

And who says she can't be in Slytherin?

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Review #6, by HPG Who's Malfoy?

10th October 2012:
That is like a very good ending. Plus what you said about her having wit and ready minds...but wise? People say I'm smart, but I don't get straight A's or anything. Heck, I hate MATH which is one of the most logical things. I am either a really awkward Ravenclaw or a Gryffindor. xP

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Review #7, by 10PointsFromSlytherin You Had Me At 'Oi You'

6th December 2011:
The worst, tragic, gut-wrenching, terrible, tear-lurking part of the story was the end. I am kind of sad it's over, it's currently 4:06am and I've been reading since... 9:30pm, give or take potty breaks and my computer temporarily crashing but none the less this was an amazing fanfiction and I just couldn't stop reading it, I hope you continue writing as you're extremely talented.

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Review #8, by amymc81 You Had Me At 'Oi You'

4th August 2011:
This has got to be the best story that i've read. i absolutely love it.
I think it's amazing that you keep malfoy true to this character, and you don't make him all soft and mushy. I also love Arry, totally crazy character.
Thanks for writing it, i really enjoyed reading it!

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Review #9, by GraysonDee Stamping and Screaming

12th July 2011:
""Mother! Mother you're boyfriendís son bloody hexed our sister!"" hahahahahahahahahaha oh gosh that was great ! Even though it was a depressing situation it was hilarious(: im currently watching hp6

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Review #10, by Cam Muggle Games and Narnia

22nd May 2011:
that was actually pretty hilarious. I took a break from studying for stupid IB exams to read this...and now I can't concentrate. So I don't know whether to thank you or not, but this was a really good chapter.

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Review #11, by Cam Waking Up and Invitations

22nd May 2011:
"No. I was referring to Lucius,"
- that has to be one of the more brilliant things I've read =) I love this story, I love Arry =P

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Review #12, by redblowout You Had Me At 'Oi You'

24th April 2011:
"You're sort of in my personal bubble."

"Really? I'd say I'm a fair distance away from you."

"Your nose is touching mine."

"My eye sight isn't what it used to be."

"You're sort of pinning me to the tree..."

"I thought you might like a bit of bark against your back. I hear it's relaxing."

"Well it isn't."

"Maybe you should try a little harder to enjoy it."


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Review #13, by Katniss Excuses about Owls

28th March 2011:
Grammar. Spellcheck. You have neither.

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Review #14, by Elreca Shirts and Skunks

28th March 2011:
Hold it. Again with the modernized slang. Is she purebred or not? And you introduced Fred and George like she's already met them before. You introduce everyone else but miss them? Continuity is off. And if they had outdoor exercises, I'm sure they'd have a uniform for that... All of the events happen to fast without much transition.. She kicks a ball and straddles Draco? Was he standing right next to her? The plot seems promising, but theres so much to be worked on. I'm really starting to get annoyed at how weak/uncreative the character is.

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Review #15, by Elreca Who's Malfoy?

28th March 2011:
It was alright, you've obviously read fanfiction before. Personally, I don't think the characters are as believable. The way the talk, it's too modern, I was expecting some JKR slangs. And technically, I don't think the moving staircases are 'inanimate objects'. Also, I'm okay with the ditzy girls, but when she suddenly gets into a secret club that requires boldness, wouldn't there be some sort of tests? She suddenly becomes bold over a guy she's never seen, or heard of. The character development didn't flow well.. I'm interested in reading further, hopefully I'm still intrigued when Draco starts talking.

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Review #16, by MalfoyMayhem96 Evil Plans and Normal People

12th December 2010:
Hahahaha I've never laughed harder in my life over a fanfiction...all throughout this story I've been laughing my ass off at Arcadia and her insanity. :)

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Review #17, by madness You Had Me At 'Oi You'

28th November 2010:
This was crazy. But brilliant. But completly phycotic :D xxx

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Review #18, by MerbickMissLily Eskimos in the Cupboard

27th November 2010:
"Arry yesterday you were laughing so hard you almost walked into a wall."
After this line, i pretty much DIED laughing for the rest of the way. (except for the serious parts of course :-p)

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Review #19, by truemuggle Enquiry of Blaise and Bunnies

21st November 2010:
sorry all characters were out of character

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Review #20, by ArryMalfoy Private Potions

12th October 2010:
This is definately one of THE best chapters...God i love Draco soo much. Like the rest of the story 10/10 :D

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Review #21, by DownWithTheCarrows113 You Had Me At 'Oi You'

16th June 2010:

p.s. I love her subtly mentioning hobbits ;)

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Review #22, by DownWithTheCarrows113 Dinner with Dracula

15th June 2010:
This is the most hilarious thing I have ever read! I keep cracking up every time Arcadia talks and whenever she mentions Narnia and her obscene fantasies about spies and assasins and bricks and lobsters! :)

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Review #23, by A You Had Me At 'Oi You'

31st May 2010:
I loved this story! It was written really well and I really enjoyed Arry! My friend actually told me about this story(it was my first fanfiction I've ever read!) because she said Arry reminded her of me, which I think is a bit looney :)

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Review #24, by momo1123 You Had Me At 'Oi You'

27th May 2010:
omg, i LOVED this story!! it was a really good idea and i thoroughly enjoyed all of it, thanks a lot!! :D

im definitely going to read more of your stuff :)

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Review #25, by DracosSytherinQueen4 Who's Malfoy?

17th April 2010:
This entiree story had me laughing every second.
And I know I am reviewing on this one, but I read the ENTIRE story! It's amazinggg!

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