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Review #1, by Bright Green Eyes One Day in September

14th April 2009:
very sweet- such a wonderful story :)

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Review #2, by iloveseverus One Day in September

4th September 2007:
i don't get it. it was sad

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Review #3, by Paloma Patil One Day in September

17th August 2007:
So bittersweet. Incredible banner, also. Nice work.


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Review #4, by Drunk Elves One Day in September

9th January 2006:
That is the saddest... *sob* but who is she talking about? An unknown... *sob* We loves your style of writing... but it is just so *sob* sad... ~Drunkies

Author's Response: I've had that question a lot actually, it's not a particular person apart from someone she loved very much. :-) I'm so glad to hear that you enjoyed it as well! Thank you VERY much!

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Review #5, by velvet One Day in September

10th September 2005:
I loved how you wrote this one-shot. It was so wonderful, I could feel what Tonks was feeling which is the sign that you are a good writer! The ending was sweet, Remus is sweet. I liked how you didn't give too much away with your writing, but then we still understood exactly what we needed to. Great job...snaps for originality... I do love a good Rems/Tonks story. Hugs!

Author's Response: That's juat wonderful! Thank you so much for such an inspiring review! I've never, never written Tonks before this so I reall had no idea how to make her act. It's hard to get a good view of Tonks-canon from the fifth book but I'm glad to hear that it didn't go too badly. Kate

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Review #6, by miss lupin One Day in September

25th August 2005:
cool but i dont think remus would act like that...u know, just, kiss her

Author's Response: Thanks for sharing your opinion :-)

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Review #7, by crystal allan One Day in September

14th August 2005:
That was so beautiful. The way you portray Tonks as desperate to see her dead fiancé was touching, and the ending with Remus was very sweet. But what I enjoyed most was that you didn't come out and tell us directly what was happening - you left it very open and, in turn, made the reader think instead of telling them what to think... that is the mark of great story teller.

Author's Response: That means a lot- thank you very much. I had a bit of trouble with people not quite understanding where I was headed with things and I really wanted to leave a bit to the imagination so I'm glad that you felt I did that okay as well. .^_^. Kate

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Review #8, by Urvi One Day in September

13th August 2005:
Awww....that was beautiful. Poor Tonks. Great job!

Author's Response: Wow- Thank you so very much and I'm glad that you liked it as well. Kate

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Review #9, by tonksxremus 4eva One Day in September

1st August 2005:
wow and by wow i mean wow! that is just so cool

Author's Response: That's just excellent. Thank you so very much- that means a lot to me. .^_^. Kate

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Review #10, by CourtneyFaith One Day in September

30th July 2005:
~Wonderful. That was very well written.~

Author's Response: Thank you so much .^_^. I'm really glad that you liked it!

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Review #11, by kandy One Day in September

29th July 2005:
I don't want to make it seem like i'm stupid and all, but I don't get it.

Author's Response: I'm assuming the bit about Tonks losing her fiance...? Well her fiance died and she was very sad and then Remus found her and comforted her and reminded her that he loved her so that in a way, he can replace her lost fiance .^_^. Is that better? Kate

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Review #12, by bluemissst One Day in September

28th July 2005:
wait.... so is Remus dead or alive? That first part had me crying... it was kind of surreal... Keep writing!

Author's Response: Wow, I'm sorry I didn't mean to upset you! I'm glad you liked it though and Remus is alive don't worry. ;-)

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Review #13, by MiszRiddle One Day in September

25th July 2005:
nice one-shot! :)

Author's Response: Thank you so very much ;-) I'm glad that you enjoyed it.

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Review #14, by Kell One Day in September

18th July 2005:
this is pretty good I liked it... who was her fiance?

Author's Response: It wasn't anyone in particular... just someone whom she loved very much. Thank you for leaving me a review and I'm glad that you enjoyed it.

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Review #15, by Nekoda One Day in September

14th July 2005:
I liked it, but one thing is unclear to me. Was Remus her "dead fiance", or was someone else???? Other than that, I loved it!!!!!!!! : - )

Author's Response: Umm... Remus was still alive at the end so it isn't really possible for him to be her dead fiance (who was someone completely different) Thank you for leaving me a review and I'm glad that you enjoyed the story. ^_^

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Review #16, by emeralds in ebony One Day in September

10th July 2005:
Cute. : ) Good job, Kate!

Author's Response: Aww thank you so much .^_^.

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Review #17, by Entropy One Day in September

8th July 2005:
I really liked that. Even though there wasn't much explanation, the reader can still very much see what's going on. I felt like I was in the graveyard, right next to Tonks, like I could feel the eerie mist wrapping around my ankles, also staring at the stone angel. A beautiful story, though short. But for this particular story, I wouldn't have it any other way. Great job.

Author's Response: Wow thank you so much for that! I just read your Hermione/Ron one-shot and it was absolutely fantastic! I love getting nice long reviews like this they are certainly great for a change and lovely to recieve. I'm glad that you enjoyed it and understood what was happening because there has been a little bit of confusion from some people with Tonk's fiance and Remus but I'm so very happy that you enjoyed it .^_^. And thank you so much once again for leaving me a fantastic review ;-) Kate

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Review #18, by Original Dark Angel One Day in September

7th July 2005:
Good, but you left a lot of details out. Who was Tonk's fiance? What was Lupin's promixe? Answers please? @->--

Author's Response: Well you had to use your imagine a little. Her fiance was just a man involved in the war and he, like many others suffered because of it. He wasn't a particular canon character- just someone that she loved very much. Lupin's promise is another thing that you can use your imagination with a little. It was just along the lines of that he'd take care of her and make sure that she wasn't upset and that someone loved her. .^_^. I hope that clears things up a little for you and thank you very much for leaving me a review- it means a lot.

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Review #19, by SarahLupin One Day in September

7th July 2005:
Nice attention to detail--I like it! =)

Author's Response: Thank you very much .^_^. I'm glad that you think so.

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Review #20, by BabeBunny One Day in September

30th June 2005:
i want more. lol. it's was really good. a little short, but really good.

Author's Response: Thank you very much ;-) I'm glad that you enjoyed it and I do have a tendency to make chapters a little short but I think that it suits this one shot. Kate

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Review #21, by boyluva0101 One Day in September

28th June 2005:
i liked it!!! the only thing a little slow, lolz. who was that person in the end? if remus was dead. . . . .or was he? lolz......

Author's Response: Lol, Nope Remus wasn't dead. At the end that was Remus who she kissed .^_^. Her fiance was the one at the start that she learnt was dead. I'm glad that you liked it anyway though.

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Review #22, by Cherished_Luv05 One Day in September

28th June 2005:
I kind of have to admit. I am a little confused. Who was her fiance?? I thought Remus was. And im confused about the promise thing?

Author's Response: Well... her fiance was just somone- anyone that isn't in the books an OC. She was supposed to go and meet him but instead he wasn't there and found out that she had died. With the promise bit obviously a while ago Remus had confessed his feelings about her and she couldn't be with him because she was engaged. ;-) Thanks you for leaving me a review and I do hope that it's a little bit clearer now .^_^.

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Review #23, by Cherished_Luv05 One Day in September

28th June 2005:
That was cute :)

Author's Response: Aww thanks you much :-)

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Review #24, by Bama One Day in September

28th June 2005:
Um...I am confused. I thought Remus was the father the whole time and then he shows up? Wow, ok, um, I liked it, it was well-written but I don't understand!

Author's Response: Remus loved her all along but she was with someone else and pregnant with his child. She also loved Remus and now that her fiance is dead they can be together .^_^. A little sad but I hope it cleared that up for you- glad you liked it anyways.

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Review #25, by Nina_wife_of _Fres One Day in September

28th June 2005:
Awww that was really good =D nice job! *Nina*

Author's Response: Thank you so much for leaving me a review ;-) Glad you liked it!

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