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Reading Reviews for I'm With You
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Review #1, by Patches I'm With You

17th August 2005:
Hey,this was really great..kinda one of those fics you wanna read when you just really hate your boyfriend for something stupid he did...Awsome ness tho!

Author's Response: lol, thank you! I'm glad you could relate (in a way). thanks so much for reviewing! ^.^ ~DR~

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Review #2, by Twix14 I'm With You

22nd July 2005:
hi! i have a little problem...ur plotline for L,H, and things inbetween, is still original! Cummon, how duz draco fit into the picture? If u think it's just cuz harry and ginny r now goin out...well....sorta...where duz draco fit into the picture? lol, i highly encourage u to keep it up, it's an AWSOME story! lol, plz keep it up! Twix

Author's Response: lol...........well..........maybe i'll pick it up later, but i'm really excited about the new stuff i've got going right now, and i'm gonna post the 1st chap of Masquerade tonight.....and there's more to the plot than just Ginny and Harry going out, it's what happens later in both the book and the fic that's similar, but since you asked, i'll pick it back up when i'm done with masquerade and halfway through dragon rider, k? and i'm not exactly thrilled with my....er....not so great writing, i need to brainstorm and majorly brush up L/H. hope you're gonna update soon!!! :) - ~DR~

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Review #3, by Panacea I'm With You

14th July 2005:
Wow! So pretty! Beautifully linked I love it!! Well done! Dont put your quill down! Charisse xoxox

Author's Response: Thank you for the sweet compliment! I have another story in the works, and another few on the way- also a joint account- Gryffindor Girls, so if you'd like, go check it out! = ) thx- ~DR~

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Review #4, by Beaky_the_Hippogriff I'm With You

13th July 2005:
So romancy!

Author's Response: thanks! Romancy really was what I was going for.....lol. thanks for reading/reviewing! ~DR~

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Review #5, by person I'm With You

4th July 2005:
why did Harry leave her? aww! good story though (even though I'm a Harry/Ginny shipper! lol)

Author's Response: thank you! I'm a total Harry/Ginny shipper too! yay for the H/G shippers! lol. thankies for the review- ~DR~

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Review #6, by Twix14 I'm With You

3rd July 2005:
wow, kathryn im impressed by this be-a-utiful banner! its purty

Author's Response: lol, ain't it tho? TheLeech made it & I simply adore it! lol, keep an eye out for the next chappie in L.H.a.t.T.i.B! xo- ~DR~

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Review #7, by silverstag I'm With You

3rd July 2005:
Hey, since you reviewed mine I figured I'd return the favor. WOW! It was really good, and the plot was awesome. So who was the cloaked person, hmm?

Author's Response: aw, thanks! Heh, the cloaked person is really a nobody- one of my betas thought it was Draco Malfoy, & I'm neither confirming nor denying it- he can be whoever you want him to be! = ) thanks for reading/reviewing- ~DR~

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Review #8, by TheLeech I'm With You

3rd July 2005:
Hey there! Just letting you know your story is great and if you ever want another banner for anything just drop me a line! ~Lisha~

Author's Response: thanks! I adore this banner- it's beautious! I shall- I'll have more stories coming out soon, & I'll definately let you know! ~DR~

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Review #9, by nicespice I'm With You

29th June 2005:
Good, nine. Sorry 4 short review.

Author's Response: I'm guessing you meant, 'Good, nice'? or are we speaking in code? lol, it's alright if it's a short reveiw- thanks for reading!

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Review #10, by Twix14 I'm With You

28th June 2005:
hi c.o! zup? aawww that's sooo sweet, im tied with Japanime, and she's the best reviewer! lol! anyway....sry i wuznt the first reviewer this time! lol, I LUV THIS STRY! and i usually dont like song fics but this one wuz sooooo sweet! it wuz awsome and u shud rite more! i can't wait till u get up masquerade, it sounds great!

Author's Response: lol, Cheeseburgercrazy had a right little fit, did ya see? lol. 'S ok that you weren't the first reviewer, but I certainly expect better next time, lol, jk! ya, I have to get my butt in gear with Masquerade, I haven't worked on it in ages.........well, off to get to work! xo- ~DR~

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Review #11, by Japanime I'm With You

28th June 2005:
Me, again, lol. Yay for the evil plot bunnies! Attack all you want, lol! Tied for your favorite review, wow, thanks! I didn't know you liked my reviews so much. -Smiles- Can't wait to see what the plot bunnies cause you to write, I'm sure since it will be written by you that it will be very, very good. -Grins- -Patiently waits (kinda anyway, lol, I'm not 'that' patient, but can be. It's a virtue you know. Hehe.) for the plot bunnies to run their course and the fic to be posted-

Author's Response: lol. I'm working on a joint fic with Twix, which is one story, and another one called "Masquerade" involving Ginny's graduation dance & a stranger *not telling who! lol*. And then there's another one- Dragon Rider- that I've been gathering research for. Ha, I think my personal plot bunnies love Ginny- she's the main character in all my stories *except for the one with twix, which is a group plot- you'll see!* I really enjoy writing her character- there's a lot of open space to work with, but she also has a foundation to work with- strong, determined, self-reliant for the most part. Ha, I'm rambling- better go fight off the bunnies, lol. xo- ~DR~

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Review #12, by Cheeseburgercrazy I'm With You

28th June 2005:
Oh so I'm not tied for your favorite reviewer now? I should stop reading after that insult! hmph! lol

Author's Response: NO! PLEASE DON'T! lol, so glad you reviewed on the story.....lol, you owe me another review!!!! -smiles- it's just that.......Twix is usually one of the first reviews when the chapter gets up, you're..........not. lol, lotsa love- ~DR~

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Review #13, by Cheeseburgercrazy I'm With You

28th June 2005:
Wow that is so sad and so sweet.. (Was it Draco under the cloak?) All I can say is... AWWWWWWWWWW

Author's Response: let's all say it together: AWWWWW. lol, ya, sad and kind of bittersweet was what i was going for- so glad you got that! well, I wasn't planning on it being Malfoy under the cloak, but if that's who you want it to be......lol

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Review #14, by Japanime I'm With You

28th June 2005:
This was excellent! It's hard to find well written song fics these days! Perfect song choice, perfect plot, and to top it all off, no spelling mistakes! Lol. -Smiles- Your an excellent author Kathryn and I can't wait to read more from you! ^^

Author's Response: Thank you so much for taking time to read my songfic- it's great to know that I'm doin alright! **You're tied for my fav reviewer- Twix is some pretty tough competition! lol** keep an eye out for more from me- Evil plot bunnies have attacked me with 2 other plots.......... lol, xo- ~DR~

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Review #15, by kateline I'm With You

28th June 2005:
nice i love the song choise loved it the story

Author's Response: thank you. my first attempt at a songfic, so thanks so much for your feedback.

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