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Review #1, by iDreamOfDraco One Blue Line

23rd December 2010:
I LOVED this! Once again, you're an amazing writer! Keep up the hood work! You could easily write your own!

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Review #2, by Britney One Blue Line

5th January 2010:
you mean. she's. not

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Review #3, by Kirsty Weasley One Blue Line

27th December 2009:
Ahahaha. Lol you made me laugh with the ending there. Got to love that Ginny has the Weasley boys believing anything she tells them. Great story, though you didnt convince me with the Mrs Weasley bit, no offence but the way in which she spoke wasnt very Mrs-Weasley-ish, other than that awesome story :D- Kirsty

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Review #4, by SimplyStupified77 One Blue Line

21st July 2009:
lol i loved this one, hilarious ending =) 10/10!

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Review #5, by Jameslovelily123 One Blue Line

18th July 2009:
ha thats funny but i would imagine ginny getting a HOLE of a lot madder then she was in your story but whatever its your story :/

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Review #6, by Shawna Potter One Blue Line

1st June 2009:
This was really good. It made me believe everything that was happening and then I was shocked too when none of the pregnancy stuff did happen. You're a really good writer I bet if you wrote your own novel you'd get it published. Plus, this one was funny.

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Review #7, by whacked One Blue Line

6th May 2009:
LOL!! loved the last line. the whole story was really good. im favouriting

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Review #8, by deeps85 One Blue Line

26th April 2009:
that was good.
especially ron's line about getting mad in an hour

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Review #9, by Daphne 13 One Blue Line

27th March 2009:
This was hilarious!! I love it!! The simple brilliancy of it had me rolling in the floor with laughter!!


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Review #10, by bellatrix22 One Blue Line

19th December 2008:
lol love the ending !

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Review #11, by Moondanser83 One Blue Line

15th October 2008:
LMAO... that was too funny. I'm not a Harry/Ginny shipper but I really enjoyed this story. The Weasley boys were all perfectly in character... though I was half expecting Ginny to jinx the three of them for hitting
All in all great story with no noticable errors.


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Review #12, by Ginny_Weasley_Malfoy One Blue Line

8th June 2008:
That was awesome! You've gotta write more!!!
I thought I wouldn't like it...But i did!! Amazingly good job!!!

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Review #13, by Catwoman18603 One Blue Line

19th May 2008:
OMG! Another great story...I laughed so hard at the end of it. Hahaha...I found this a good one-shot. I enjoy stories based on Harry and Ginny so this was good.

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Review #14, by quidditch77 One Blue Line

26th March 2008:
HAHAHA. I love that they are still SO oblivious as to what goes on between Harry and Ginny.
Oh wow...this story totally made my day...the double meanings and the misunderstandings were pricless.
Oh man...SO FUNNY.
Favorite lines:
(“I remember when mum was pregnant with her, me and George pushed you down the stairs, Ron, and because of her horm- because she was pregnant she got mad at us for some odd reason.” Fred shrugged and Ron looked at him with a frown before shaking it off.)

(“Went away?” George cut in. “Something like this doesn’t just ‘go away’.”)

(“I don’t know why you guys are getting so worked up over this, it was hardly anything big. In, out, and we were done.”)-I have never laughed so hard in my entire life. hahah. What a funny misunderstanding.

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Review #15, by vanillastar247 One Blue Line

24th March 2008:
damn that is too cute and funny!

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Review #16, by littlemissginnny One Blue Line

7th March 2008:
no offence but i dont like this as much as Daddy. it probaly would of been better if ginny was pregnant. sorry.

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Review #17, by anniehpff One Blue Line

1st March 2008:
This is strangely familiar to an episode of "Grounded for Life"...But its good!!!

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Review #18, by SlytherinEmerald One Blue Line

25th February 2008:
Absolutely hilarious, a great story!

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Review #19, by klupin_werewolf One Blue Line

7th February 2008:
great writing. funny, serious, tense, and well... just totally great. :)

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Review #20, by HP7LVR One Blue Line

19th January 2008:
hahaha lmso. the ending was hilarious, and u portrayed the weasley brothers RLY well. loved it 10/10

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Review #21, by Katie001 One Blue Line

13th December 2007:
I like it. Nice story and definetly funny.

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Review #22, by slytherensangel26 One Blue Line

2nd December 2007:
ha! HA! that was great! still it's an intersting idea! molly being pregnant again? realy interesting!

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Review #23, by manditaaknfv One Blue Line

21st November 2007:
that was amazing!

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Review #24, by Weasley Brothers One Blue Line

12th November 2007:
I loved that!!! It was Mrs. Weasley's! Funny!



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Review #25, by jkr_lover One Blue Line

3rd November 2007:
haha that's really funny congrats

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