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Review #1, by heathermalfoy Do you really want that?

30th October 2005:
dude, it'd be funny if they had to make up a rap. lol.

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Review #2, by colorless egyptian Neville Unignored

9th October 2005:
*hehehe* Hermione Granger? Not a one-in-the-afternoon-person? Hmmmm. This chapter is shorter than the last one! (Yeah, I know. I'm whiny.) Please update soon! Please?

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Review #3, by SuperiorDancerChick Neville Unignored

20th September 2005:
lol =)

Author's Response: yes thanks... and i love your stories too!

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Review #4, by Kewlcat9126 Do you really want that?

18th September 2005:
“Call me Profizzle.” my favorite sentence in the whole first chapter. Good Job. It made me laugh a lot, i thought i was going to piss my pants, though i find a lot of things funny very easly. Yeah I'm weird like that. really all you have to say is 'HotDog' and i'll start laughing like a mad man (its an inside joke by the way) yes.. you remind me lot of... me! that sound very creepy so i'll just delete that part.. actually i'm to tired, i'm going to stop typing because this review is getting way to long, ok well good story please continue. Bye ~TeSsA

Author's Response: i'll pass the profizzle comment on to my friend julia, she made it up....yeah somehow from ur review im thinking u sound like me too.... its not creepy... thanks and i'm working on chapter 3 ~rose

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Review #5, by Maverick Neville Unignored

22nd August 2005:
add more now!!!

Author's Response: i'm working on it... hpff seems to hate me cuz it never lets me sign on

Author's Response: i'm working on it... hpff seems to hate me cuz it never lets me sign on

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Review #6, by psyche7537 Neville Unignored

15th August 2005:
this is the author speaking. sorry i can't answer reviews but the site won't let me on. thanks for reviewing . hi julia

Author's Response: yep that's me

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Review #7, by alex Neville Unignored

15th August 2005:
these chapters are too short!!!! but the story seems to be going good.

Author's Response: thanks and yes i know my shortness is sucky but just imagine if i made them long. people would die of the suckiness. tahnks for revewing

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Review #8, by ????? Neville Unignored

11th August 2005:
Okay????? A shocker you updated/!!!!!!!!!! Kewl tho (A.K.A Snickers)

Author's Response: yeah i know i never update sorry about that. im just a really bad writer so..... anyway thanks for being a serial reviewer. (also the only serial reviewer who doesn't know me or doesn't hate me..... you should get a prize!!!)

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Review #9, by firebolt15892 Neville Unignored

10th August 2005:
hahaha! snoop dogg is most definitely a guy! u used REEEEEALLY big words in this chapter!!!

Author's Response: yes i did and im proud of it. it took me whole MINUTES to think up those words!!!

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Review #10, by emily rooney Do you really want that?

10th August 2005:
um hii firebolt person. i didnt write that thing about christine and about roses story. and rose i thought we already cleared the fact that i said i didnt do it!!! guess you dont believe me then

Author's Response: emily i do believe you. the firebolt person is my friend julia if u were wondering. and she just saw the review where i asked if it was you. i didn't tell her anything. don't freak out on me

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Review #11, by Christine Do you really want that?

9th August 2005:
Hi..uuh this is Christine for whoever the ihateyou person is....who the flipp are u

Author's Response: yeah christine. really subtle. haha

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Review #12, by Kim Do you really want that?

9th August 2005:
wow that is so suspenseful Hermione is just so darn smart!!!!! just like U

Author's Response: thanks for reviewing. and thanks for saying im smart. but that got me a little confuzzled. do i know you or do you just think im smart?

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Review #13, by Swt Addy Do you really want that?

8th August 2005:
Damn. Cant wait till classes start. Just the idea is crazy. Peace out!

Author's Response: thanks. new chapter will be up soon but the class has (sadly) not yet made an appearance. wait for the crazies

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Review #14, by psyche7537 Do you really want that?

1st August 2005:
hey everybody, this is the author. i just want you to know that i would update and respond to reviews if i could. the site won't let me sign on. and sorry em, i now know it wasnt you.

Author's Response: yeah that's me. sorry em

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Review #15, by firebolt15892 Do you really want that?

28th July 2005:
hello rose! i just wanna review just in case the "i hate u" person reads this. HAHA! YOUR LAST NAME'S ROONEY! did u know that rooney's the name of a band? that's so funny! and u know what else? ROONEY RHYMES WITH MOONEY! LUPIN!!!!!!! haha...

Author's Response: julia, it turns out its not emily rooney. moo you moopoooper

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Review #16, by Snickers Do you really want that?

27th July 2005:
i think it will be good....please update!!!

Author's Response: thanks. i'm writing right now. btw this is going to be a very slow moving fic, so if you dont like that im sorry

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Review #17, by SuperiorDancerChick Do you really want that?

27th July 2005:
Thanks! I'm sure Slang 101 is definitely going to be just as good as Pizzas Unleashed! Good luck!

Author's Response: thanks! you're very sweet. i'm working as fast as i can. the site wouldn't let me on for the longest time.

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Review #18, by SuperiorDancerChick Do you really want that?

25th July 2005:
lol this is gonna be fun! 'profizzle'! lmao! that is so funny! UPDATE!!!!!!

Author's Response: IM WORKING ON IT!!!! anyway i love ur fics, especially the pizza one. its hilarious

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Review #19, by Harry weasley Do you really want that?

24th July 2005:
cant wait till the next chapter! KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!

Author's Response: thanks. in fact, im working on it right now. i hope to hear more from u in the future

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Review #20, by Katen'ka Do you really want that?

21st July 2005:
i'd feel more obligated to reveiw if you'd update. i've been waiting for 2 months

Author's Response: im real sorry. i was having some writers block, and then the site closed admissions to the archive. before that it wouldn't let me even sign on. im working on it.

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Review #21, by i still hate you Do you really want that?

20th July 2005:
yeh thats her. oh yeh? if you know me then who am i????

Author's Response: hmmmm. emily rooney, maybe?

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Review #22, by me Do you really want that?

20th July 2005:

Author's Response: would that be a good gah or a bad gah?

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Review #23, by firebolt15892 Do you really want that?

16th July 2005:

Author's Response: julia. they aren't allowing additions to the archive until july 21 or 22. don't freak out. no one can add. it's ok. don't cry

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Review #24, by Yiva Potter Do you really want that?

13th July 2005:
:-) I can't wait to read more.

Author's Response: thanx. i'm workin on chapter 2 right now. i just wanted to say i love your fics. they are so cool

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Review #25, by i hate you(still) Do you really want that?

12th July 2005:
Author's Response: christine who? may i ask? CHRISTINE DANIELLE. im not going to say her last name bc of <<tag not allowed="red">tag not allowed="red">censoreding internet hacker ppl.

Author's Response: hello. um. yeah. ok if you hate it well then that's just your problem now isn't it. also, would that be christine danielle guthrie? cuz if that's the christine you're talking about, i know you. and then the whole i hate you thing is probly a joke. ok rose, stop analyzing. it's weird. well thanks for reviewing twice. not a lot of people do that. tanx

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