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Reading Reviews for The Reflection in the Mirror
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Review #1, by SweetAngel0246 Chapter 7

26th June 2007:
Hey I Hope You Haven't Forgot About This Story It's Really Great

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Review #2, by I Love Won Won Chapter 7

27th June 2006:
I Love Your Story...Keep Up The Good Work...

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Review #3, by Sweetangel0246 Chapter 7

4th May 2006:
Hey it's been a while since I was on here and I see that you finally updated yay lol this chapter was soo worth the wait it was really really good and funny too and I can't wait to read what's going to happen in the next chapter...Hope you update soon...

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Review #4, by kevin barnet Plans

24th January 2006:
its a very different and interesting plot and i must presume, based on the Alice in Wonderland series by Lewis Caroll. Its very good and like many other stories, is unfinished. a story is best only when complete cos' this aint a tv soap show. so please update and complete the story soon. no comment on prose or grammar.

Author's Response: thanx for the review! i know i haven't updated in soooo long, but i really am trying to finish the next chapter, but i've been really busy with school and i just got my computer back from being fixed, i also feel like i wrote myself into a corner, lol, but i'm really really hoping to finish the next chapter soon :)

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Review #5, by clover_crookshanks Plans

9th November 2005:
awesme1 loved it! don't have time to type much I'm grounded and I'm not supposed to be on now bye update!

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Review #6, by clover_crookshanks Plans

31st August 2005:
You updated! yay!

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Review #7, by Sweetangel0246 Plans

23rd August 2005:
Hey great chapter you didn't do as bad as you think you did...and your welcome for all the reviews you got from me ooh and thanks for mentioning me twice I was using my real name first which is Joaine then I decided to use my screen name. Jope the next chapter comes soon and keep up the good work

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Review #8, by clover_crookshanks Taking Action

11th August 2005:
I love this fanfic I enjoy every word of it! Please update soon!

Author's Response: ooo thank you so much! i'll try to update as soon as i can but i haven't started to next chapter yet, i think i'll start it tonight :) thanks for your review :) **gives a cookie**

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Review #9, by Sweetangel0246 Taking Action

10th August 2005:
hey great fan fic keep up the good work it is getting more interesting

Author's Response: hey! thanks! i'm really happy you like it! =D i'm hopin to write the next chapter soon :)

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Review #10, by kelzie This is not happening

4th August 2005:
wright more!! more more more more more~!!!!!!! pleze!!!!!

Author's Response: lol, i will! i'm going on vacation so i might be able to then : ) thanks for the reveiw : )

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Review #11, by harryluvshermione This is not happening

30th July 2005:
write more, sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author's Response: i've already started the next chapter, but in my notebook so i still have to type it all out : ) and thank you so muuch :D

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Review #12, by JOIN THE DARKSIDE! WE HAVE COOKIES! Into the Mirror

26th July 2005:

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Review #13, by Phoenixgirl443 Into the Mirror

13th July 2005:
I love it so far your a great author it's very interesting. Wheres my cookie? LOL

Author's Response: oo thank you! **feels special** i'm really happy that you like it! :) ... **gives a bunchie of cookies!!** lol

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Review #14, by LittleCrazyBlondie What A Mess

9th July 2005:
Wow...excellent! This is starting to get really interesting, I have to say that I don't really care for Harry much in this new world.

Author's Response: thanks :) i'm glad you like it, yeah i'm not too crazy about him either :)

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Review #15, by Ali Into the Mirror

7th July 2005:
Omg! I can't wait to read the next chapter!

Author's Response: i'm really hoping to get the next chapter out soon, thanks for reading and reviewing! :D

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Review #16, by the downfall of the rising Into the Mirror

5th July 2005:
Wow, I must say that you thought of a very different plot, which I like...Update soon!~Valerie

Author's Response: thanks! :) i'm hoping to get the next chapter out soon but i'm having a little bit of writers block :)

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Review #17, by LittleCrazyBlondie Into the Mirror

2nd July 2005:
Oh whoa!! This is getting reallly werid, but it's reallly cool!! I love it!! But I hope that Hermione doesn't stay with Harry too much longer in this odd world....i'm looking foward to a R/Hr fic!!

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Review #18, by LittleCrazyBlondie This Is Not Normal

2nd July 2005:
This cannot be good! It sounds like an evil twin thing or something... :)~. It would be rather interesting to travel into another world though...this is good so far! I shall be off to read Ch. 2 now...

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Review #19, by hermy89 Into the Mirror

30th June 2005:
i liked this one better than the last it was just a bit confusing

Author's Response: that's good :) i'm sorry if it was confusing, if you ever have a question just ask :) i'm happy you liked it :)

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Review #20, by hermy89 This Is Not Normal

30th June 2005:
i liked your story i thought that it was very creative and i liked it

Author's Response: thanks :) i'm really glad that you liked it! :D

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Review #21, by RonaMaeve Into the Mirror

30th June 2005:
That's a cool idea with the mirror and opposite worlds! Ha, Ron actually caring about house elves! That's not normal. Keep writing, its a cool idea!

Author's Response: thanks alot! :D yeah it's definatley not normal, lol :)

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Review #22, by HermioneG Into the Mirror

29th June 2005:
Like it! It's interesting, but for some reason, I want the Hermiones to switch back again. I really don't like how Harry is in this other universe. ;)

Author's Response: hey :) thanks i'm really happy that you like it :) i don't like harry in the other universe, he's no tos nice :) thanks for the review :)

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Review #23, by Anne This Is Not Normal

24th June 2005:
I actually like the idea. its creative and diffrent. I cant wait to see where you go with this story.

Author's Response: thanks! :D i'm really happy that you like it :)

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Review #24, by Joanie This Is Not Normal

24th June 2005:
its good so far but u could of added more

Author's Response: thanks :) yeah i started to think that about that after i posted, but i'm hoping the second chapter will be alot longer when i finish :)

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Review #25, by lizzy This Is Not Normal

23rd June 2005:
i liked it! something different and thats good!

Author's Response: thanks! i'm really happy that you liked it :) and thanks for the review :)

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