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Review #1, by kanakmp The Hogwarts Express

8th February 2009:
when they was saying each others name at the end u should have add dark lord and ginny just for fun cuz that was funny

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Review #2, by Karkaroff An Uncertain Future

20th October 2008:
Brillant idea and I enjoyed reading this. Thanks for writing a cool story.

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Review #3, by tonic Relocations

9th April 2007:
okay harry learned how to be an animagus WAY to fast.

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Review #4, by Ranger Dragen Gryfindor vs. Slytherin

12th August 2006:
Another good chapter, but it Ron's own fralt, he should have asked Hermione first... keep up the good work.

Author's Response: That's right! Ron has a little problem with taking initiative lol... hopefully he will get the hang of things... not just in my stories, but in the real series as well... why won't he just ask Hermione out already?

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Review #5, by Ranger Dragen Questions Asked-- and Unasked

12th August 2006:
Oh boy... Harry and Ginny as Oneiromagis, now that's going to be fun, can't wait to see what happens next, keep up the good work.

Author's Response: Hehehe... yup... I don't think I flew with that story line as much as I would have liked to... but I hope you keep reading! Great reviews!

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Review #6, by HP_Fan The Hogwarts Express

14th July 2006:
Sorry to be picky but the Hogwarts express is red not purple. But nice chapter very amusing

Author's Response: Yes that is picky indeed... I was under the impression that the engine was a maroon color... you know... purple-brown? Look it up if you like... I don't care either way. I believe you can find a picture of the real train complete with color description on wikipedia if you'd like to see it for yourself. I'm sorry that bothered you so much....

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Review #7, by H2P2 An Uncertain Future

10th July 2006:

Author's Response: Thanky, H2P2... for the brilliant review! Hope you keep reading and enjoying!! :-D

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Review #8, by Blue Flame Relocations

8th July 2006:
i like it!! awesome writing!!

Author's Response: Wow! Thanks! I hope you continue reading and enjoying!

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Review #9, by PotterFanMom An Uncertain Future

29th June 2006:
Great job! You mimicked Rowling's style very well, and kept the characters very true to themselves. A very enjoyable read.

Author's Response: Thanks! I'm glad you thought so! I really tried to stay close to her style in this story... the sequel and beyond is just me trying out my own styles.. so be prepared! I hope you keep reading!!

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Review #10, by qwertyelf Relocations

12th June 2006:
loser! I love the griffin thing. Thatw as cool. But I dont think it hurts to be an animagus!!

Author's Response: I always thought it did-- when ur first learning tho... but then after you get used to it like Sirius or McGonagall you can change back and forth without even thinking about it.... maybe I'm wrong on that... idk where i got that from...

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Review #11, by dreamer An Uncertain Future

4th June 2006:
I just finished reading your was VERY good, one of the most well written i have read
i liked reading your ideas about wat u thought would happen in HBP they were interesting....well done...i'll read the sequel soon :)

Author's Response: Yay! Glad to hear it! I put a lot of thought into that plot line... nearly a year of my life has gone into working on that whole trilogy... and a lot of off time during the school year... so... I've had a lot of time to stew the plot line over in my head :-p

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Review #12, by Red An Uncertain Future

20th May 2006:
nice story... i'll go read the sequel now.

Author's Response: LoL... if you wanna wade through both-- more power to you! I always love repeat readers/reviewers from story to story.... it makes me feel like I really keep people wanting more... *heart swells with pride*

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Review #13, by 5QU1RR3L The Hogwarts Express

13th April 2006:
I love the part where they caught each other in the was amusing... :D

Author's Response: lol.. and i LOVE your login... squirrel.. haha... thats coolies :-D And thanks for reading-- I hope you keep it up! I wanna hear a lot more from you! ;-)

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Review #14, by Lord Moldy Wort An Uncertain Future

28th February 2006:
Wow! I really enjoyed it, ot was great. I'm just about toread the next one... hope u keep writing fics.

Author's Response: awwww thanks Moldy (nice name! :-p)... that really makes me feel good.. i hope you continue to enjoy.. i think they just keep getting better myself... i want to write so bad.. maybe by the time i actually get a spare moment to write a chpt i will have a lot of good ideas and motivation built up.... HOPEFULLY :-p but i wouldnt promise greatness... heck.. it might be really rusty and bad... but who knows?

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Review #15, by Jennifer Goodman An Uncertain Future

12th February 2006:
This was an awesome story...i cant wait to read the sequel!!!

Author's Response: Thanks Jennifer! Always love to read uplifting reviews like these!! :-D really makes me smile.. and I needded that this early in the mornin... lol

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Review #16, by luvv_me An Uncertain Future

5th January 2006:
wonderfull story!! luvd it!

Author's Response: Thanks! Hope you like my other stories as well.. they really keep you going, so I've heard :-p If you're a fan of James/Lily fics or fics based in the Marauder time period, I've got some good ones of those cooking too-- check them out on my author page!

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Review #17, by sammy An Uncertain Future

20th November 2005:
is there a sequal please contine it was absolute awesome

Author's Response: Yea.. actually.. there are two sequals :-p I'm glad you enjoyed it-- keep reading and let me know what you think!! :-D

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Review #18, by darthvengeful An Uncertain Future

14th November 2005:
Very interesting story. It was very enjoyable and had some good developments and twists

Author's Response: Wow! Thanks for sticking with it to the end! I love it when I get reviews all the way thru-- it really reminds me why I started writing fanfics..

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Review #19, by darthvengeful Hermione's Fear

14th November 2005:
Cool chapter

Author's Response: Thanks! One more to go...

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Review #20, by darthvengeful The Unexpected

14th November 2005:
Oh you are kidding????? Snape and Harry in the same house?? This is gonna be very very interesting

Author's Response: Hehe.. yea.. am I cruel or am I cruel? (Oh.. I'm cruel!)

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Review #21, by darthvengeful Half-Bloods and Full-Bloods

14th November 2005:
nice chapter

Author's Response: Thanks again! Always glad to hear that someone enjoys the story...

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Review #22, by darthvengeful Shadows in the Forest

14th November 2005:
nice twist

Author's Response: Yea.. but you saw it coming.. *throws in towel* I try to leave hints.. but you know.. :-p

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Review #23, by darthvengeful Auror Training

14th November 2005:
Very good not much of a training srssion though.

Author's Response: Yea.. I know.. I kinda flopped in that arena.. the whole training part was in the gray for me-- I wasnt really sure what he should be learning to do :-p Call it laziness and lack of creativity at that point in time.. but its back when I was posting a chpt a day so its not like I had time to dwell.. chpts to write and notta lotta time to write em in :-p

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Review #24, by darthvengeful Caught

14th November 2005:
Nice development

Author's Response: Thankee kindly sir *bows* hope you continue to enjoy...

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Review #25, by darthvengeful Padfoot Returns

14th November 2005:
mmmmmmm interesting..... I don't trust this.. I have a horrible feeling in my gut about Sirius

Author's Response: Yea.. thats that inner eye thing I was talkin bout.. I guess ur gut's a weird place to keep it-- but hey-- what do I know.. I've never had the gift... :-p

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