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Review #1, by Kait Hobbit The Potter Family

27th December 2005:
Oh my good gravy... that was so sad, so bittersweet. I loved the begining, seemed like a perfect little family, and then Voldie shows up and ruins everything, ah well, wonderful/sad story!

Author's Response: yeah. i dont remember if this is the one shot or if its the one wiht the alternate ending. thankls for the review!

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Review #2, by PEMDAS The Potter Family

26th June 2005:
Oh, so sad and sweet at the same time! Great job!

Author's Response: thanks very very very much!!!!!!!1

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Review #3, by BarkImSnuffles The Potter Family

25th June 2005:
holly crap this is the greatest peice of crap ive ever read YES!! JK JK i totaly love it Katie. my heart leapt in saddness. it is now like 3 feet to my left beating rapidly as i just think about the poor potter family. I think Nichole should survive. then harry and her can reunite and she can fall in love with Ron!! yesssss.... that would be splended!! now party haredd you kick ass my little british BROAD!! LoVe To ThE MaX RENEE!!

Author's Response: haha thanks Reneeeeeeee Geeee. I'm totally going to wreite that story! i scared the crap out of you when i got an idea for it too! hahahah. Ich liebe du!

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Review #4, by Trisha The Potter Family

23rd June 2005:
Kates, what is there to say? You are just an unbelievable writer! This oneshot is amazing, per usual! I love how you captured the love of the Potter family before the tragedy. I absolutely loved the family interaction! It was so sad at the end. *tear. Aw, sigh, amazing writing sweetie!

Author's Response: Trishaaa thanks so much haha. I had to make them love each other before it allended. i couldn't just let them die on bad terms... even i'm not that mean! haha

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Review #5, by megan The Potter Family

22nd June 2005:
it was brilliant

Author's Response: thanks!

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Review #6, by CrankyAsian The Potter Family

22nd June 2005:
waaaahhh....*sniff* this was a beautiful prologue...haha damn harry's parents are frisky. I think the writing style is fantastic and you didn't make them too out of character, which is awesome. (Baby Harry is so cute!!) *shakes fist angrily at Voldemort* Grr to you!! GRR!!! *gets struck by a lightning bolt* O.O

Author's Response: haha yeah, those little love birds. i tried not to make them too out of character because that spoils EVERYTHING........ but yeah. Voldemort pretty much needs to die....... haha

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