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Review #1, by ariellem Hogwarts, here I come.

15th February 2011:
I like the idea that wizarding children go to a muggle school before Hogwarts, I think it would help around muggles when they get older. Another really good story!

Author's Response: Yeah, I thought Harry might like the idea of sending his kids to school with Muggle children, since he has seen the troubles prejudices on both sides cause and wouldn't want his children to believe any propaganda against Muggles.

Rose appears in a couple of my longer stories and I just felt like writing something from her point of view.


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Review #2, by Anony_Mouse Hogwarts, here I come.

30th May 2007:
That was really cute! Nice look into the brain of Rose and it's nice to know that with the muggle thing, things are as easy as they seem from James' POV. I'm curious, did James go to muggle school, too? Well, anyway, good job! There was one error I wanted to comment on, but I can't really remember it anymore. =)

Author's Response: Yeah, James did go to Muggle primary school too. Glad you liked this. It's just one of those things that came into my mind randomly and I just had to write it, even if it is rather pointless.

Pity you can't remember the error. I always like to know about any mistakes so I can change them. Thanks so much for reviewing.

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Review #3, by Hallie Dove Hogwarts, here I come.

22nd June 2005:
What?!?!? No more?!?!? Oh well. Awesome story and I hope you change your mind and decide to continue.

Author's Response: Yeah, sorry, I know I ended it really badly. I'll try and think of a way to continue it, but it was just something that was in my head and I honestly just wrote it as I was thinking. And then I got all I had to say said, and I couldn't think of how to finish up. Glad you like what there is.

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Review #4, by Peaches and Pie Hogwarts, here I come.

17th June 2005:
Good start but is James in Slytherin? I don' t know if I missed that or it wasn't said. TTFN

Author's Response: Thanks for the review. Glad you like it. As regards James, this is a kind of spin-off from my story The Son of the Boy Who Lived, which tells the story of James' first year at Hogwarts. No, he's not in Slytherin, but the reason I didn't say too much about him here is that I don't want to give away too much about the other story.

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