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Review #1, by TheBigOne Flight 1945-20

4th September 2014:
You know what would be weird is if both 9/11 and the 1993 Twin Tower bombings were a result of a group of dark Wizards using memory charms to make reporters think it was Arabs attacking as a *cover* story which is why there are so many holes in both the real stories and conspiracy theories.

That would be pretty typical to argue and argue without coming to a common answer if memory charms were placed to cover up the truth.

How does a Ryder Truck VIN number magically survive a bomb blast that takes out the entire World Trade Center parkade destroying everything else in its path?

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Review #2, by Whiteguy Revelations

3rd December 2012:
this was meant for last chapter. did you forget that harry has a fortune in gringotts that his parents left him so he wouldn't have to worry bout money? good story tho

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Review #3, by entropy Disgusting Dursleys

10th September 2011:
Perhaps my favourite Dursley scene ever. Well done.

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Review #4, by MusicLife2288 Epilogue: The Lightningbolt Scar

28th February 2011:
Its so sad for it to be finished, but you sure do have talent for writing! *wild chants of* SEQUAL SEQUAL SEQUL lol

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Review #5, by MusicLife2288 The Dork

28th February 2011:
Awww that was so sweet!!! Happy very belated birthday by the way :D

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Review #6, by MusicLife2288 Passion

25th February 2011:
Oo girl that was hot lol

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Review #7, by MusicLife2288 Watching

16th February 2011:
That sucks so bad, I've had a heats stroke before no fun, glad you're okay though and my best wiahes are with you, great work keep it up love

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Review #8, by elba Epilogue: The Lightningbolt Scar

30th December 2010:
Fabulous read, I really enjoyed going through all this story, thank you very much :)

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Review #9, by A reviewer Epilogue: The Lightningbolt Scar

8th August 2010:
Amazing work, you really pulled it very well . I hope you can write another series .

Keep up the great work..

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Review #10, by Dr. Draco Discoveries

19th June 2010:
If there are women out there like Billy I'm glad I havent met them. She is so foolish let go of this whole feminist thing it doesn't make her likeable just annoying I mean Amelia let it go and now I like her just fine even if she is a Mary Sue. Her and Harry are equals and thats super cool but Billy needs a bitch slap.

Author's Response: I agree with you to an extent. Sometimes characters elvolve, and evolution is necessary in order for plot to be realistic. I personally haven't met anyone whose personality didn't change, and that does include big-ticket beliefs such as feminism. I perfer to think Billy didn't "let go" but rather loosened up a bit on it.

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Review #11, by Lydia Epilogue: The Lightningbolt Scar

7th June 2010:
I read the whole series, and I absolutely loved your whole series. it was amazing. I loved reading it every second and it was just so much fun.

Author's Response: Well thank you.

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Review #12, by SalazarSnape Enemy Concealed

4th June 2010:
Seriously? More powerful than Harry? I mean really you might as well have written your own book instead of creating a Mary Sue...

Author's Response: This is my own book. I've said many times that the series is more about Amelia than it is about Harry. That is why towards the end of AIT2 and FFA you begin to hear the characters talking about Harry doing things that you don't see me telling you. Him dating other girls, him leaving Hogwarts on weekends to track down Horcruxes, that kind of thing. This is Amelia's story.

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Review #13, by screaming_madman Epilogue: The Lightningbolt Scar

9th February 2010:
Even thought, at times, your characters (the female ones) enfuriated me, I genuinely loved all of these stories. You have a wonderful writing style. Congratulations on a job well done.

Author's Response: (Infuriated. sorry, a grammar-Nazi) Thank you, I suppose.

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Review #14, by screaming_madman Reasons Beyond Understanding

8th February 2010:
Meatheads? In the Army? That's terrible, I will have you know that most of us are too busy killing and grilling the meat to allow any of it to become attached to our heads.

Author's Response: Lol I'm glad you find the humor in it. I understand, my boyfriend is in the infantry and was deployed to Iraq from March of 2008 to March 2009.

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Review #15, by screaming_madman Shock

7th February 2010:
Hell, that's my kind of fight!

Author's Response: Lol isn't it? These ones are strangely amusing.

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Review #16, by ashgal72 Epilogue: The Lightningbolt Scar

30th December 2009:
Claps. yay i'm done with the series and theres a happy ending! i loved your fan fics and thought (and still think) that they are really well writen and that a lot of thought was put into them. you should make another, but instead of harry it being his son james sirus (i know they didn't have him in the storys but..). Just an idea. I'm a horable writer but have great ideas, so if you need any help then please ask.

Author's Response: I am actually working on a sequel to this, but currently my computer is with Geek Squad (should be back in a day or so, after a few weeks of not having it) and I'll be able to continue working on it and hopefully post it soon. fingers crossed.

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Review #17, by MAD WOMAN Epilogue: The Lightningbolt Scar

26th December 2009:
It was a very good fanfiction!! I actually stick to it through the end despite the insane length. Good job!

Author's Response: Well thank you much, I am glad that you stuck it out through the monster-epic-ridiculously-long tale and enjoyed it.

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Review #18, by MAD WOMAN The Fight

25th December 2009:
i just wish that amelia would start telling harry everything so that they don't have to have stupid fights over unclear things.

Author's Response: Indeed. Teenagers, they are rather incapable of handling relationships *nods*

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Review #19, by ScorpiousRoseLover Close Call

27th September 2009:
Hey this is about that banner, and its fine if it takes a while...umm I sent all the info here b/c I don't have a myspace. If you can't work with it without a myspace just let me know:

Your Username: ScorpiousRoseLover
Your Story Name: Love Will Find A Way
Characters wanted on Banner: Scorpius and Rose
OC Characters wanted on banner (describe their appearance): -no other characters
Colours wanted on banner (if preference): Red and Gold (Gryffindor) and Silver and Green (Slytherin)
Quotes wanted on banner (if desired at all): The daughter of Ron Weasley and the son of Draco Malfoy…

Author's Response: done and done

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Review #20, by ScorpiousRoseLover Scars

25th September 2009:
since you make such awesome banners, would it be possible for you to create a banner for my story "Love Will Find A Way"? someone suggested to go to you for banners

Author's Response: I'll contact you on your page regarding a good way to get in touch with me. I might not be able to get it to you until the first full week of october, my next few days are going to be slammed with school/work/family...

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Review #21, by Morganlee Epilogue: The Lightningbolt Scar

18th September 2009:
You are bloody brilliant.

Author's Response: Well thank ya, luv

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Review #22, by author of seven Epilogue: The Lightningbolt Scar

7th August 2009:
GOD, I haven't been on this site in years. I felt like a bit of nostalgia so I came back to re-re-read the Auror Series, because nothing else quite compares, and... YOU'RE WRITING A SEQUEL TO THIS? :D You have no idea how happy I am.

Hurry up!!!

Hugs, Al

Author's Response: YOU'RE BACK!!! ZOMG!!! I missed you!!! And YES, I am writing an auror sequel. I've got quite a load of chapters done already but I don't want to start posting it until I've (FINALLY) finished WDFFIL.

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Review #23, by Kriti Epilogue: The Lightningbolt Scar

30th July 2009:
simply fab !
thats all ive got 2 say 4 dis entire series f urs ...! :D
i mean i strtd off wid ur 1st stry..n its like--after ws simply IMPOSSIBLE 4 me 2 stop...!
uve had me addicted 2 dis ENTIRE series 4 d past 6 days!
i must u r a fab writer n u rok!!!
i just luv d characters...d plot...d descriptions...d dialogues...d style of ritin...all of it is just aweesum !!!
so.kudos 2 ya ! ;) :D
keep it going !

Author's Response: Thanks, luv! I'm glad you liked it after sticking it out for so long. I'm working on a sequel, like what happens after. As soon as I finish WDFFIL I'm gonna start putting it up, I've got quite a bit of chapters saved so far...

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Review #24, by annette Epilogue: The Lightningbolt Scar

17th July 2009:
So i read all 3 of them before reviewing. I loved them all. i totally got so engrossed into your content it was addicting. I am actually going to watch the newest movie tomorrow with my family. So i wanted to say thanks for your imagination and keep up the good work. Hope all is well.

Author's Response: glad you enjoyed them and hope you like the new movie, i thought it was alright

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Review #25, by CMC The He/She/It

16th July 2009:
I'm so glad you talked about ROTC as a citizenship program. So many people misunderstand it as a recruitment scheme.

Author's Response: I was the battalion commander my senior year of highschool, so I know a thing or two about it :P

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