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Review #1, by Update please The Book of Merlin Revisited

3rd January 2010:
Can you please update it. i really want to know what happens!

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Review #2, by jmcinnj The Book of Merlin Revisited

9th April 2008:
Need more,please finish. You are doing such a great job of telling the story

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Review #3, by thisguy The Book of Merlin Revisited

2nd June 2007:
YES im jus so happy that u got another chapter out that i had to review even before i read it

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Review #4, by ? Destruction

16th November 2006:
that was an awesome chapter. cnt wait 4 the nxt one! desperately waiting.lol.

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Review #5, by Marcus Destruction

23rd September 2006:
Oh my goodness!!! You need to hurry up and update cuz this is too exciting. I was on the edge of my seat

Author's Response: Thank you for your kind words. You've encouraged me to hurry up.

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Review #6, by wantingtobe The Army of Darkness

17th August 2006:
OOOOOHHHHHH Nice I hope to see more of this soon Good HAS TO PREVAIL that means Harry has to live lol. good read I have read the other two and this is great. 10/10 x3 for the other stories =)

Author's Response: thanks a lot. I'm actually working on chapter 3. I'm in college but have some time. Expect an update soon, though factor in the amout of time it takes to validate.

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Review #7, by Ambur Black The Army of Darkness

8th May 2006:
I have read all the story in this series and this VERY disturbing. A possed Harry Potter what the hell that that mean!!!!!!!????????

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Review #8, by DUMBELDAVE The Army of Darkness

2nd November 2005:
Hey great chapter ! Please update soon DD

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Review #9, by Jasmine Evil has a New Face

18th October 2005:
I can't believe it. This is shockingly good!!!!!!!

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Review #10, by shade22 The Army of Darkness

13th October 2005:
cant believe noones reviewing :( its sucha good series please say ull continue!!

Author's Response: yes i shall continue

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Review #11, by shade22 The Army of Darkness

27th July 2005:
lol Ceaser my mna hes one slick evil dude.. hahah can't see how the good side will win :P can't wait for more :D update soon

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Review #12, by SilverPhoenix Evil has a New Face

27th June 2005:
So, I have found one of the last active members of the Shoutboard. Waht a remarkable story I must say. I might want to read the others in the triology first though. Oh, and if you ever become bored enough, Miscilies has been put back up, only this time I have planned it more carefully so it is more realistic and makes more sense. my friend dramqueen posts it for me. Good to know you're still alive, ~The Ever Mysterious SilverPhoenix~

Author's Response: OMG! SilverPhoenix! Wow everyone is poppin' up. Emmalena, Holly a while back. I'm glad you're doing Miscilies again I loved that story, and boredom want make me check it out I'd do it if I was excited or occupied. Great hearing from you

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Review #13, by DUMBELDAVE Evil has a New Face

16th June 2005:
It wasnt the chapter, it was great ! It was your Authors note . . apparently an Admin has seen it also . . . We do not allow review begging in chapters

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Review #14, by DUMBELDAVE Evil has a New Face

15th June 2005:
Look you know I like your stories and I will read and review everyone. BUT THIS IS A TOS VIOLATION and I wouldnt want you to get your story removed by doing this. DUMBELDAVE

Author's Response: Please tell me how i violated the TOS. I personally read it and found nothing in this story violating it in anyway. Please explain

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Review #15, by iwpotter Evil has a New Face

15th June 2005:
Thank you, and I will depending on reviews so I no whether or not i'm wasting my time. Don't want to be writing a story that sucks.

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Review #16, by graci Evil has a New Face

15th June 2005:
Just yesterday i was wondering if you had decided to write this third part so i i was pretty happy when i realized that you had posted the first chapter today!! I'm sure this part will be as exciting as the first 2. Update soon!

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