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Review #1, by gemdragonfly One-Shot

24th April 2006:
I liked it alot! I'm going to go off and try and make a H/D when there older one-shot....


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Review #2, by fan One-Shot

14th April 2006:
awwwwwwwww cuteness could have made it into a short story though and it would have been awsome =] i love slash fanfics well done//awsome story

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Review #3, by Candice_Sama One-Shot

8th March 2006:
Good job! It was short, but still good. Heh, "delectable..."

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Review #4, by QueenofAttolia One-Shot

1st October 2005:
Awww! *dies from happiness* brilliant. love it! do a sequel. *applauds*

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Review #5, by CharlotteMarie One-Shot

13th September 2005:
Awww! Kinda cute! ;) Wonderful job!

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Review #6, by DethenDavison1 Just won't log in One-Shot

7th July 2005:
*SQUEE* *SQUEE* *SQUEE* *IS slapped* OMG OMG! *Goes uber fanboy mode and glomps Prongs86* You are god, I bow at your feet, I kiss each blade of grass you touch, I spread rose petals in your wake, I dance the comalla at the sight of you or even the tarantella (the dance someone supposedly does when hit with "Tarantellgra") You are god, I bow at your fee- *Is shot*

Author's Response: *revives reviewer* now you are no longer dead. assuming of course that the shot killed you. if it didnt you are now healed. This isthe first tiem one of my reviewers had delcared me god. i think i quite like it. that is one of the reasons why you have been saved. and another is so that you can continue to read my stories. and review them. because i like reviews. they make me write even more stories.

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Review #7, by sergio One-Shot

20th June 2005:
Quick question....why ? why would u write something so non- creative and really really just shocked...i'll leave it at that.

Author's Response: wow my first semi flame! it was jsut an idea that smacked me. and to let you know, you are the first person who has reviewed who didnt like it. and i dont feel that it is stupid. i think its actually kind of cute.

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Review #8, by dansgirl88 One-Shot

18th June 2005:
it was good...cute~

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Review #9, by pottergurl One-Shot

18th June 2005:
i'm offended for two reasons! Not only did you not use me which you said you'd change one of the names to be one. And you didn't put me on your fav author's list! *mortally offended*

Author's Response: ok so now your on my fav authors list, and you got booted so that nina could be included. i'll include you another time.

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Review #10, by Nina_wife_of _Fres One-Shot

15th June 2005:
LOL it's exactly the same .... ::looks confused:: how the hell did that happen? I must go read it and ....::skips off to read the amazingness of the exact same review::

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Review #11, by Nina_wife_of _Fres One-Shot

14th June 2005:
Hey hun, great one shot!! I loved it lots. LOL I'm in your story ::does happy dance:: well kinda my email address is ::chuckles to self:: I liked this bit - “I always thought you turned gay because of how he looked at graduation.” “Well he did look absolutely delectable…” thought that was brilliant =D Anywho nice job ::puts thumbs up:: *Nina*

Author's Response: Why oh why did you leave the exact same review on here and Foreverfandom? there isnt even a word's difference! and so i shall repeat what i said there. I fugured you wouldnt mind being a part of the story. and that quote is one of my favorites. jsut a samll amount of brilliance that just popped into the story...

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Review #12, by Charlotte Dodge One-Shot

14th June 2005:
ok........ i cant really see draco or harry going gay but otherwise that was pretty good .

Author's Response: Well in my twisted mind i can, but then i like things that most likely wont happen and this definetly wont happen in the books.

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Review #13, by Dragon_F_Potter One-Shot

13th June 2005:
I thought it was a good story.I can never write one shots.Every time I try I end up with something that is at least 5 chapters long, most of the time, longer.

Author's Response: This is the first one shot i have ever finished. i have a few others in the works, all songfics, but theyre taking forever to get out

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Review #14, by cinnamonaltoids One-Shot

13th June 2005:
wow that was good. i want to know what happens do they hook up? dont leave me hanging!!

Author's Response: so i guess you want me to attempt a sequel? if the inspiration stirkes a may, but for now it will just be this.

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