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Review #1, by Pocketful On Being Late

31st May 2008:
As I said in your previous chapter, PLEASE WRITE MORE OF THIS STORY! I love this chapter, hilarious

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Review #2, by PocketfulOfSunshine__* Old and New

31st May 2008:
Love it! Please write the sequel to the bargain carrying on from this chapter. You're such a good writer!

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Review #3, by LeprechaunJV On Being Late

8th December 2007:
Excellent Humour so far. Would be great if continued upto completion.

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Review #4, by tilakbenith On Being Late

30th September 2007:
Very nice work! Am dying of anticipation! Please update soon!

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Review #5, by LadyIce On Being Late

7th September 2007:
This had to have been my favorite of the short stores for the bargain story! It was awesome.

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Review #6, by Livvy Potter On Being Late

7th August 2007:
I love it! I can just SEE the look on Snape's face...wanna make ron overhear something similar?

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Review #7, by Potter_Weasley26 On Being Late

24th July 2007:
I am missing this story. Please come back and update this soon.


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Review #8, by Luna Liano On Being Late

5th April 2007:
This is cool! *Dies of Laughter*

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Review #9, by jandl On Being Late

8th March 2007:
Aren't going to do the next chapter?

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Review #10, by Loony Pearls On Being Late

28th January 2007:

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Review #11, by Golden Trio On Being Late

17th January 2007:
Love this story and the first one!!!Keep writing!PLEASE?!?!?!?!?!

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Review #12, by Harrie On Being Late

28th December 2006:
Is this all?
This is simply wonderful!!

Please continue.

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Review #13, by helbaffy On Being Late

13th November 2006:

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Review #14, by Mini Marauder On Being Late

15th October 2006:
Please update this! I loved your first story and this is equally amazing!

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Review #15, by lari On Being Late

3rd August 2006:
i really like the first part of this story and i was wondering if you would have made another part because it was so good and this was really just wonderful!!!
i love your storys. i love the happy ending's with harry and ginny with a little hermione and ron. please keep writing!

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Review #16, by MagicalMuggle On Being Late

11th June 2006:
Thsi story is off to a great start and I loved your first fanfic. It is a very interseting and uique concept that I don't believe has been done before. (I've always wanted to write a Harry Potter fanfic myself, but it probably wouldn't be a good idea since I don't know the first thing about Great Britain.)

Author's Response: Don't let lack of knowledge stop you. I've never been to Britain, but conversing with Brits, healthy amounts of research and a strong desire to get things right made it easier for me. Thanks for leaving a review.

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Review #17, by hp Looking Beyond the Mark

3rd March 2006:
comon write a new chapter!!!!!!!!!!!!! im starting to get pissed off!

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Review #18, by hp On Being Late

25th February 2006:
write the next bloody chapter!

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Review #19, by bobby On Being Late

21st January 2006:
very good, enjoyed it quite a bit.

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Review #20, by xalphardx On Being Late

20th January 2006:
I have been thoroughly enjoying this, please keep going on with this, I would hate to see this plot never completed.

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Review #21, by Wookie13 On Being Late

20th January 2006:
Hey are you going to finish this story??? I've been hoping for an update on this for a while. I hope that you haven't abandoned it.

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Review #22, by hptrump On Being Late

18th January 2006:
I thought part of the Bargain was that have to conceive a child within 1 year? I have to go read that again.

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Review #23, by Jazzy On Being Late

7th January 2006:
This plot is fabulous. The original has to be my all time favorite Harry/Ginny fanfiction. It'd be great if you continued with the story, its wonderful. :-D

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Review #24, by Anna On Being Late

4th January 2006:
Im reviewung for the prequel and this story its great. I love it I liked the prequel because the chapters were very long.Hope you keep writing!!!Update asap!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Review #25, by EmeraldFire On Being Late

3rd January 2006:
Ahh brilliant! Was very funny :) Would definately be interested in more :)

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