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Review #1, by pinky arrival to hogwarts

12th June 2007:
oh. you MUST update soon, this is a very good piece of work:D

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Review #2, by MrNingGlry someone different

10th May 2003:
This is really unique and different. heh well keep up the well written writing! ~Sherry~ p.s. thanks for reviewing \"Checkmate\" :)

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Review #3, by sarahriverhill someone different

9th May 2003:
This is Great! Please please continue! You have a great writing style! Thanks for reading my stuff!

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Review #4, by SkunkA someone different

4th May 2003:
oooh, intruging! I just hope this sin\'t one of those stoies that changes a character completely, and makes a cool bad sluthrin girl into a harry potter loving Gryffindore.....I hate those....Anywayz, good start so far, though you might want to proof read your work before you post it (i know I do, I can\'t spell for sh*t) Also, careful with how you use Krum\'s sister, make sure she has her own personality, and isn\'t just Victor with a pretty face. ps. Please make this a Draco fic, there\'s so few really good Draco fics out there, adn I think you could pull it off. keep writing! SkunkA(aka Athlana)

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Review #5, by SkunkA someone different

4th May 2003:
See what I mean about the spelling? Oh yeah, and thnx for R/R my story! peace

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Review #6, by Willow someone different

28th April 2003:
Ooooooooo! Great start. I thin Dragons should be made legal personally. Its not their falult they like killing things! Thanks for reviwing my story!

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Review #7, by sarak someone different

27th April 2003:
wow ur a reallly good writer, its starting out really good!!!! i cant wait till the next chapter!!!

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