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Review #1, by ilovemalfoy Fallen

16th February 2007:
Wow wonderful use of lyrics
beautifully done
and great banner!

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Review #2, by Crunk_Queen Fallen

19th November 2005:
This is kinda poetic really. Sorta touching. Well written, really good.

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Review #3, by Felton_lover Fallen

12th November 2005:
well if it is not a one shot... plz add some chapers as its been ages ... thankz

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Review #4, by Kimberly Fallen

30th October 2005:
good chapter.

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Review #5, by Felton_lover Fallen

1st September 2005:
this one u havent updated in 3 monthz plz UPDATE SOON ......

Author's Response: Isn't this a one-shot?? o____O Hm. Well - either way, I've not updated anything for three months. Lol, thanks for reading anyway.

Author's Response: Oh gee its not, is it? *.* lol, sorry. I didn't realise, I may add more at some point :)

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Review #6, by CJ_Black Fallen

30th August 2005:
As I promised, I started reading all your stories. And I started with “Fallen”. This is a very sad story. I liked it a lot. Well, I wasn’t expecting less of you, not after reading “Jealousy”. For a one-shot, it was very well written. It was a sad story with a common subject, but still I enjoyed reading it. Too bad it was so short.

Author's Response: Darling stop! You're brnging tears to my eyes! XD . Honestly, you're like my favourite reader. *Sorry every over reader, hands out cookies* =P . Thank y'all, though. Much appreciated to know there's someone out there doing good ^_^

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Review #7, by Felton_lover Fallen

7th August 2005:
you havent updated in ages why ...................... every1 waiting for the next installment .............

Author's Response: Um, I thought this was a one shot, obviously I'm wrong lol. Thanks for reading =)

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Review #8, by george_granger Fallen

21st June 2005:
This was Awesome!!!!!! I like it how you've put it in 1st person mode, it makes it more interesting!!!!! Draco is MEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNN, i don't like him! But i like stories about him LOL! PLease HURRY UP with new chapter! Bi Harley :0)

Author's Response: Hello =D The new chap for Killer In Me? If so, sorry for the wait! Lol, Draco wasn't too evil in this, though, really... =). Thanks! Bye! ~Harley xxx

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Review #9, by wickedwitch92 Fallen

18th June 2005:
Whew!! You ROCK girl! You know what this kind of reminded me of? STAR WARS 3! I dunno if you intended that, or if it's just me...but anyways. I LOVE Sarah McLachlan(I saw her in concert!) I love the angst in this. *sob sob*

Author's Response: Really? I didn't intend that lol, I've never actually watched the film =). I love Sarah McLachlan too, shes cool. Thanks! I'm so happy u liked it! =D ~Harley xxx

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Review #10, by Spazelam (not signed in) Fallen

15th June 2005:
AHHHHHHHHH!!!!! And another KICK ASS story from a KICK ASS author! Harley You kick hard ass! Plus an awsome choise of song!

Author's Response: =D YAY! I'M A KICK ASS WRITER! =D Thanks! Cool, glad ya liked it! I don't know where got the song from, I heard it and thought it just had to be a song-fic. =) Thanks! ~Harley xx

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Review #11, by 12345678910 Fallen

13th June 2005:
the fic had a sad ending.

Author's Response: I know, I don't really tend to write happy fics do I? =)

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Review #12, by Jon Dee Fallen

13th June 2005:
wow, your really a great writer. I love how your so descriptive, i can really understand the emotions and feelings of everything thats going on in the story. Im a real fan of your writing so keep up the good work. =)

Author's Response: Thank you so so much! I'm so happy that you like it, wow, thanks! =D I'll try and keep writibng well, but I'm not sure if I can lol =) ~Harley xx

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Review #13, by KimMalfoy Fallen

13th June 2005:
Oh my god... Harley! This story was so good!! I'm crying like I don't know what right now... It... no... I don't have words! Wow.

Author's Response: Aw, Kim, you are too kind =D Thank you so so much! =) You've made me so happy!

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Review #14, by Tamzin Fallen

12th June 2005:
This was amazing! Ithought the song words matched the story perfectly!

Author's Response: lol thanks =)

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Review #15, by Tamzin Fallen

12th June 2005:
This was amazing! Ithought the song words matched the story perfectly!

Author's Response: Thanks, I heard the song and thought it would make a great songfic =)

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Review #16, by AngraMainyu Fallen

12th June 2005:
One word....amazing! It was really well written. I felt like I was there and I felt how she felt. Its awesome keep up the good work. ~Angra~

Author's Response: Thanks! =D I'm really glad you got it, and felt it lol! I'll try =) ~Harley xx

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Review #17, by Kitty17 Fallen

12th June 2005:
Yay I'm the first reviewer! Loved it =)

Author's Response: lol, thanks =)

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